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Leaf Curl On Pepper Plants Can Be Cured very easily, if you Know the Reason of the Problem. The Curling of Leaves is mainly a Natural Response to a specific Change of Condition, that a plant Manifest through it’s Leaves.

Bell Pepper Leaf Curl:-

Bell pepper Plants also expresses the leaf Curl problem, it is mostly Visible in the Smaller Seedlings. The Plant Shows Leaf Curls Due to number of Reasons, that are Explain Here:-

1-Poor Circulationย 

2-Light Effectsย 

3-Calcium Deficiency

4-Overwatering / Edemaย 

5-Viral Attack

Edema / Watering:-

The Number One reason of Peppers leaf curl is Over Watering or Edema. It is the Most common Problem that cause the Leaf Curls. When you are using a Soil mix with Poor Drainage, then the Water doesn’t Drains Out properly. Blockage of Water develops Stress on the Roots of Pepper Plants, and in result the Leaves Became Curled and Bubbly.

How do you treat plant edema?


To avoid the Edema, the first thing you have to make sure is to use a plantAnd the next thing would be Watering properly. Always Check the Soil Moisture Level before adding the Water. Add water only when the Soil is Getting dry. Don’t add water If the Soil is Already Moist.

Calcium Deficiency:-

Calcium Plays a Very Important Role is the Health Of Vegetable Plants, So including a Calcium Source in the Fertilizer became Extremely Important. When the Pepper Plant Not Find enough Calcium for it’s Healthier Growth, then it starts Appearing the problem through It’s Leaves.

It makes the Leaves to curl up and Also some of the blackish spot on the leaf. When you Find this Type of Symptoms, immediately use an Organic Source of Calcium like the Egg Shells to feed your Bell Pepper Plants.

You can Also Use , that Improves Calcium In Soil. Calcium deficiency is also the Common Reason of Leaf curl in bell peppers, So it is very important to make sure the Plant is Not facing the calcium Deficiency.

Intense Light:-

When the Pepper plant is Exposed to a strong a light effect, then the plant Shows Leaf curl problem. It is a natural response of Pepper plants to the Intense light.ย 

Too much light causes the Water Deficiency in the leaf that makes the leaves to curls in. If your Pepper plants are also placed In a Sunny spot with too much Sunlight, then you just have to change the Position.

Do chilli plants need sun or shade?


Bell peppers grows very well in a Sunny area, but the Sunlight of Summer is very much Stronger than other days. So, it become necessary to put your pepper Plants in better point. About a Sun of Low Intense Light (in Winter’s Sun), of 4 to 5 Hours is Enough of Peppers.

Viral Attacks:-

The Next most common reason of Pepper Plants leaf curl is a viral Attack. It looks very abnormal and dangerous, it hits the immune system of Pepper plant very badly. All the leaves Specifically the New leaves Became Curled and Bubbly.

The size of the leaves of Affected plant remains Smaller and Plant shows A Stunted Growth. This is due to the attack of Virus and the most Dangerous thing about that, it spreads from plant to plant.ย 

To avoid this type of Viral Attack, you can use an ย on all your plants as a Prevention. And it becomes extremely important to dispose the Affected plant, because it can damage the other plants of your house also. This type of Viral Attack are common in Peppers, so using a Pesticide became necessary.

Poor Air Circulation:-

Pepper Plants loves to have an open area with Air and Sun. But if you kept them in a Poly house or in between of Multiple Plants, then the leaves starts curling. Leaf Curling, Browning, Yellowing etc… All of them are the Symptoms, that you are Doing some thing wrong.

Pepper Leaves Curling Upwards:-

Too much Moist environment is not Suitable for all type of plants, the pepper plant doesn’t like Humidity. High Humidity Level Causes the Pepper Leaves Curling Upwards.

Curling of Leaves, due to Poor circulation of air is not so common, but it could be a reason of the problem. To avoid this, you have choose an open Area for Peppers, with ideal Sunlight and Air Circulation.

How often should I water my chilli plant?


Watering Properly is extremely Important to Avoid the Pepper Leaf Curl. Chilli Plants like a Slightly Moist Soil Media, for That First is you have to Choose a Good Quality, Well Draining .

The Other option Must be To Water the Chilli Plant Correctly. Always Wait for the Soil to Dry out a Little, then you Can Water the Plant.

Deep Watering Helps to Improve Many Functions in Chili Plants. Water the Pepper Plant Through a Gentle Shower over the Leaves & Soil.

How do you treat pepper leaf curl?

Pepper Leaf Curl Could be due to these Above Reasons, that Can Be Solved Very Easily. identify the Cause of Pepper Leaf Curl, then Make a Solution. It is Insanely easy to Cure the Problem, if you have the Reason.

Leaf Curl is mostly Caused by These Reasons, that You Can Prevent to Avoid the Pepper Leaf Curl.

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