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How To Grow Beetroots At Home? (SEEDS TO HARVEST)

How To Grow Beetroots At Home

Growing Beetroot From Seeds Is Super Easy, You can Just Follow this Post & get a Healthy Harvest. We Are Going To learn How To Grow Beetroot From Seeds in Containers, Discussing each & Every Useful Thing. So lets begin.

Basics About Beetroot Plantsโ€ฆ..

Beetroot Plants are Winter Annual Vegetable Plants. They Produces Such Roots That Are Used as Salad and in soup & Cooking. Beetroot Plants are native To Meditrenean Regions, & Likes a Cool Area To Grow. They Are Very Easy To Grow From Seeds, & Can Be Grown even In Containers Indoors as Well As Outdoors.

When Should We Sow Their Seeds?

The First & The Most Important For a Beginner To Grow Beetroots is To Understand Their Season. What Kind Of Season They Likes To Grow. So Beetroot is a Cool Area Plant, & have an Ideal Temperture Range of Around 10 to 24 degree Celsius, Between This temperature Range, They Grow Very Well.

Overall You can Sow Their Seeds In The Starting Winters, as Soon as The Temperture Drops To 24 degrees. Generally They Are Winters Veges, But In Colder areas, You Can Also Grow Them In Summers, As Long As The Temperature Is Below 24 degrees. Hope You Got The idea.

Discussing Seeds?

Beetroot Seeds

For Growing Beetroot From Seeds, Their Quality is an Important Thing, Make Sure The Seeds are Fresh & have Good germination rate. Also Choose a variety Compatible with your Countrys Climate.

Beetroot have a Few Varieties, Choose a Locally grown Variety Instead Of rare Or some International Varietes, This Will Ensure Best Results. Some Of The Good Beetroot Seeds are Also Added here To buy.

Which Seed Starter & Pot?

Growing Seeds Is Like an Art, You have To be creative WIth Everything, a Good Seed starter is Essential For initiating The germination Of Seeds, A hard & Compact Mixture can make This Very difficult.

So Choose a Suitable mixture To make Sure Good germination, You Can also Try The Recipe Added Here. For Pot, you can Choose any Container, that have Drainage holes, & Some Space For The Seedlings.

Sowing The Seedsโ€ฆ..

Sowing Beetroot Seeds

Place the Beetroot Seeds Over The Soil Media, After making It Moist, keep Atleast 2 inches Gap Between Two Seeds.

Sowing Beetroot Seeds

Cover Them With Cocopeat, Dont Bury To Deep Just as Deep as The Seed is Thick. Gently water The soil media.

Sowing Beetroot Seeds

Make Sure The soil is Fully Moist, first Watering is very Important. Place This Pot in a Well lit area, away From Direct Sunlight.

After 10 daysโ€ฆ.

Beetroot Seedlings
After 10 days…

After a Few days, You Will see Some of The seeds Will Poop Out. You can See The seeds cover are Still On The plant, Its because The temperature is a Little Unstable Here, but it Will Get Better.

After 21 days(Transplant)โ€ฆ.

Beetroot Seedlings
After 21 days…

After a few Weeks, Your seedlings Will be Fully Grown & mature, They have a Few leaves Now, At This Stage We Can Shift Them into Their Final Place. I am Choosing this wider Grow Bag.

Its Best For a Beginer as They have No Chance of Water logging. They are Linked Here, Use Any Container Just make Sure its Atleast 5 to 8 inches Deep as Wide as Possible. For the Soil use a Well Draining mixture, Simply use The Potting mix added Here. Its made At Home & Works amazing.

mature beetroot Seedling

Gently Get The Seedlings Out of The Pot, make Sure They have been Watered Before, & do This procedure At The Evening Time. so This is Our small Beetroot Plant, Ready To be Transplanted. make a hole In The Soil & bury It upto The Crown Of The Plant.

Transplanting Beetroot Seedlings

Crown is The Place From Where all The leaves are growing. gather Some Soil Around The Plant To Provide Some Support.

Transplanting Beetroot Seedlings

This Way You can Transplant each seedling Every 4 inches apart.

Transplanting Beetroot Seedlings

Afterwards, You can Water The Soil, Make Sure not To Through Water over Seedlings, because if they Keep In Touch With The Moisture, They Can Rot & Die.

After 34 Days….

Young Beetroot Plants
After 34 days…

After a Few days, You Will See Your Plants Will Recover From The transplant Shock, & Will Be Own Their Own Feet. Now The Growth Will be fast, You dont Have To care So much. Just keep the Growbag In Full Sun area, & Water carefully.

After a Few more days, Now You can See The Beetroot Plants are even Bigger, & growing Well. at This Stage Keep An Eye On Aphids Attack, or Other Pest. Also make Sure The soil is Not Wet all the Time, it Should be Drying out Time To Time.

After 40 days(Fertilizing)โ€ฆ

mature Beetroot Plants
After 40 Days…

After around 40 days or So, Your Plants Will be Big Enough To be fertilized again, You Can Start Fertilizing Them As Soon as they are 1 month Old, But i have The Compost Added in The Soil While The Transplant.

fertilizing Beetroot Plants

For fertilizing Them, use a Nutrients Enrich fertilizer, As Though The Beetroot Plants are moderate Type Of Feeders, So Keep Using a Good fertilizer Every 2 weeks.

fertilizing Beetroot Plants

You can also Use This Homemade Organic fertilizer, its made Just For vegetable plants, Detailed Guide On This Fertilizer is Added Here. Must Check it Out & fertilize Your Plants Every 2 Weeks.

After 54 Days….

mature Beetroot Plants
After 54 days…

After a Few weeks, Our Beetroot Plants Will be Fully Grown, They Have Shinny & Multicolor Leaves That Also Give Them a Beautiful Look. The healthier, Shinny Leaves are the Signs Of Growing & Thriving Plant, Beetroots Likes a Sunny Area, To Express Their True leaf Colors, so Provide them atleast a 3 to 5 Hours of Direct Sunlight.

& To Avoid Any Pest attack, You Can Use neem Oil Spray every week at The Evening Time as a Prevention. To Know How To make a Pesticide At Home, Follow The Guide Added Here.

After 74 days….

mature Beetroot Plants
After 74 days….

After 2 to 3 Months, Beetroot Plants Will be Fully mature & Will have a Bulb Growing Under Them. You Can See That By Removing some of The Soil. You can Let It Grow as long as Its Under The Soil, Once the Bulb Pooped Out of The Soil, It means its Ready To Harvest.

After 110 days(Harvesting)โ€ฆ.

Its Around ending Springs, & Now Is Best Time To Harvest Our Beetroots, If we Dont Harvest Them They Will start Flowering. So Carefully Pull It Out from The Base of The leaves.

Homegrown Beetroots
After 110 days…

& here is Our First Organic Homegrown Beetroot. This way Gently Harvest all The Beetroot Bulbs.

Beetroots Grown In Pots

Some of Them Are Also Small In Size, but Thats a Normal Thing Not Every Plant Grow Well.

Homegrown Beetroots

The Size of The Bulbs Depends upon Soils Looseness, Pot size, & The Coolness In The environment.

Homegrown Beetroots Harvest

So This is Our Final Harvest of Beetroots Grown From seeds At Home. The Bulbs are juicy & tasteful Inside as Well, Because We Have Used a Good fertilizer, During Its Growing Stage.

Common Problems..?

Yellow Leaves on Beetroot Plants

Some Common Problems You may face While Growing Beetroot From Seeds, is Their Yellowing Leaves, That’s Just a Natural Thing. Just Make Sure The Soil, Sunlight Watering etc are all On Track.

For The pest Related Issues, You Can Use Neem Oil, But That Alone Might be Not Enough If You have a Vegetable Garden, So For That You can Follow Up an organic & proven pest Control technique from This Ebook, Its Linked here To Buy.

So its all About Beetroots, To Know How You can grow Turnips at Home, From Seeds Checkout This Detailed Guide.

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