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How to Grow Turnips At Home From Seeds? (With UPDATES)

Growing Turnips At Home Is Super Easy, You Can Start Them Using Their Healthy Seeds at The Start of Winters, & Within a 2 to 3 Months, Healthy Fresh & Home Grown Turnips Will be Ready To Harvest. In This Post, We will Talk all About How To Grow Turnips at Home, From Seeds With all The Step By Step Details & Updates, So Keep Reading.

Origin & Basics of Turnip Plantsโ€ฆ

Mature Turnip Plants

First Lets talk a Little About The Basics Of Turnip Plants, So Basically They Are Native To Eastern, Western Euorope & Asia, Where They Grow Very Commonly. Turnips are Known Because of Their Edible roots, That are Used In Salad. Its Basically an Outdoor Plant, But Can Be Grown Indoors In Controlled Conditions. Turnips Are Annual Vegetable Plants, Grown Worldwide In coolder Months Of The year.

What is the Best Time to Grow Turnips?

First And The Most Important Thing To grow Turnip seeds Is To Sow Them In The Right Time Of The Year. Seeds Have a habit That they Grow as Soon as They Get The Ideal Temperature & Moisture, Regardless Of its Summers Or Rains, But For The Healthy Life of Turnip seedlings after The germination, Growing Them In The Right season is Very Important.

Turnip Plants Likes a Cool Area To Grow, With an Ideal Temperature of 10 to 25 degree Celsius, That Means You Should Sow Their Seeds at The Start Of winters, So They Have The Whole Winters To make Healthy Bulbs. So The Best Time To Sow Turnip Seeds is early Winters.

Choosing Best Seedsโ€ฆ.

Turnip Seeds

Another Important Thing To grow Turnips at Home, Is To Choose Healthy, & Good quality seeds. What Type of Variety You will Sow, That Type of Harvest You Will get. So Here Choosing hybrid & high Germination Turnip Seeds is Important.

Also make Sure The seeds are Fresh, & Are Compatible With The Climate of Your Area. rare Varieties are Sensitive & Hard To Grow, So if Your Just Starting With Turnips, Try To Choose Local turnip varieties, That Have Good Germination Rate. Some of The Good Turnip seeds are Also Linked Here, To Buy.

Preparing Soil media & Pot!

Soil Mix For Seedling

Another Most Important Thing To Grow Turnip Seeds at Home, Is Your Seed Starting Mix. Seeds Are Senstive To The Soil Mix, A Poorly Draining & Hard Mixture Can Effect The Germination of Turnip Seeds Very Badly, As Though Turnip Seeds are easy To Grow.

But Still Choose a Well draining, loose & a Soft Potting Mix. This Will Help Your Seedlings To Come Out Very Healthily. For Making a Seed Starter at Home, Using Simple Ingredients, Read The Article From This Link. For The Pot, any 5 To 6 Inches pot Works well, as We Will Transplant Them Later. Some Good Pots are also Added Here.

Sowing Turnip Seedsโ€ฆ.

Turnip Seeds

For Sowing Turnip Seeds, Water The Soil First.

Sowing Turnip Seeds

Sprinkle Or Place The turnip Seeds Over The Soil, Make Sure They Dont Overlap. Place Them With Proper Distancing.

Sowing Turnip Seeds

Cover Them with a Fine Layer of Same Seed Starter, or Cocopeat.

Sowing Turnip Seeds

Now Water The Soil Very Gentle, Use a Spray Bottle. You Can Place this Pot In a Very well Lit area, Not In Sun and Not In Shade. Just a Semi Shaded Works Well.

After 6 days(Sunlight)โ€ฆ

Turnip Seedlings
After 6 Days…

Within a Few Days, You Will See The Tiny Turnip Seedlings Will Poop Out. At This Stage, Light Is Very Important, Otherwise They will Get Leggy & Die, So Make Sure of a Bright Well Lit area.

After 17 days(Transplant)โ€ฆ.

Mature Turnip Seedlings
After 17 Days….

After around 2 Weeks, Now The Turnip Seedlings Have a Few true Leaves & Now They are Ready To Transplant. For The Pot I am Using This Grow Bag, With 5 to 6 Inches Of Depth & 12 to 15 inhches Of Width, They are also Linked Here, If You Like To Buy.

For The Soil mix, I am Using This Loose & Fertile Soil Mix. You Can also buy a Good Mixture From Here. Now Gently Get The roots Out Of The Pot. So Here We Have The Root Bowl. As You Can See They Were Growing Very Well Down There.

Transplanting turnip Seedlings

Simply Separate Each Seedling, With Out Damaging The Roots. Make Sure You Are doing The Transplant At The Evening Time.

Transplanting Turnip plants

Now Make A Hole In The Soil & Put The Turnip Seedlings, In the Hole upto Crown Level. & Gently Cover Its Trunk With The Soil. Covering The Soil Upto The Crown Of The Plant is Very Important, Otherwise The Bulbs Wont Form, So follow This carefully.

Transplanting turnip Seedlings

This way Plant Each Turnip Seedling, Leaving Around 3 to 4 Inches of Space between Two Neighbooring Plants.

Transplanting turnip Seedlings

After Planting, Water The Soil, Dont Through Water Over The Seedlings, Just carefully Make The Soil Moist. & Place This Grow Bag In a Shaded area Away From Sun For a Few days.

After 30 days(Sunlight)โ€ฆ.

Healthy & Mature Turnip Plants in Sun
After 30 days…

Within a Few More Days, You WIll See Your Turnip Plants Will Be Own Their Own Feet. At This Stage, You Can Move Them Back To a Sunny Spot. Sun Is Very Essential For Their Healthier Growth, Otherwise Yellow Leaves Can Appear, So Be Careful. Water The Plants only When The Top Layer of Soil Dries.

Healthy & Mature Turnip Plants
After 37 days…

At This Stage, You Can Also Start Fertilzing Them Using a Powerful phosphorus Enrich fertilizer.

Vegetables Fertilizer In Spoon

This is The Fertilizer i have Made, Specially For Vegetable Plants, Using Some Powerful Ingredients. Detailed Guide Is Linked Here, Must Check It Out. & Apply On Your Turnips Every 2 Weeks.

After 52 Days(Pest Attacks)โ€ฆ.

Mature Turnip Plants
After 52 days…

After Around 40 To 50 Days, Your Plants Will Be Fully Matutre Like This. They are Over The whole Grow bag, But The Bulbs Havenot Formed Yet. We Have To be Patient, As Growing Is All About Patience & learning.

At This Stage Of Turnips Growth, The Season Will Be Very Ideal For Aphids Attack, So Here I am Going To Apply a Pesticide, Over These plants. You Can Use Neem Oil Spray, That You can Easily make At Home, Detailed guide is Linked Here.

Pests Attack Can Be Really Harmful, Sometimes. So for This I have an Ebook, On a Proven Pest Control Technique, To Control all Type Of Pests Over Your Whole garden. Its Linked Here, Must Give It A Try.

After 78 Days(Harvesting)โ€ฆ

Mature & Ready To Harvest Turnips
After 78 days…

After a Few More Weeks, Your Turnips Will Be Fully mature. Once They are Ready, They will Poop Out Of The Soil. So Here Can Harvest Them. Simply Grabe From The base of Leaves, & Gently Pull It Out Of The Soil. So This Is Our First Homegrown, & Fully Organic Turnip bulb.

Harvested Turnip bulb

This Way You Can Harvest all of Them One By One.

turnip plant With no bulb

See This, The Trunk Of This Turnip Plant Wasnot Under The Soil, So The Root Havenot made any Bulb. Hope You Get What You Have To Do While The Transplant.

Final Harvest of Turnips

So This is Our Final Harvest of Turnips, Grown At Home In Pots. You Should Try This Too, Its Very joyfull journey, To Grow Food At Home. Only Common Problem You Will face While Growing, Turnips is Their Yellowing Leaves, That’s Just Because of The Season Intensity, Nothing To Worry Of.

Another Best For Beginners Vegetable Plant is Lettuce, That Is Super Easy To Grow , Here is a Detailed Guide On Growing Lettuce At Home, Must Check it Out.

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