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How to Make a Seed Starting Mix at Home? (99% Germination)


In This Post, We Will make The Best Seed Starting Mix, Using Very Simple Ingredients. & This Mixture Works Really well To Grow Any Type of Seed, Without The problem of Fungus, & With a High Germination Rate.

What type of Mixture Seeds Requires?

First of all of It Is Important To Know What Type Of Mixture Seed Requires To Start Their Germination. So Its Very Simple, Seeds Germinate As They Get Ideal Temperature & Some Moisture. Ideal temperature Matters From Seed To Seed, But The Major Role of Soil is To Provide a Good Moisture To Seeds, So It Can Sprout.

Your Best organic seed starting mixย Must be Well Draining & Loose. Too Much Weight Of Soil Over The Seed Can Effect its Germination, & In The Same Way A Water Blocking Mix Can Also Affect Seed Germination.

Too much Moisture Holding Seed Starter Can Cause Such Type of White fungus On The Soil & Green Algae Over it. These things Don’t let the Seed To Germinate. So Our Mix Should Be Well Draining, Water retentive & Loose.

Benefits of This Seed Starter;-


So This Is The seed Starting Mix, That Has all of These Qualities. There are Some benefits of This mixture, You should must Know About.

  • Biggest Benefit is That It Makes the Seeds To Germinate Ina Very Healthy Way. You Will Definitely Find a relatively Improved Germination of Seeds, in This Mixture.
  • The Chance Of Fungus Attack On Seeds Is Very Less In This Mixture.
  • The Roots of Younger Seedlings spread In This Mixture Very Quickly, Because Its very Soft & Loose.
  • This Mixture Also have a good drainage System, It Holds A Very Optimum Amount of Moisture For Seeds, & Drains Extra moisture Very Efficiently.
  • This Seed Starting mix also Have variety of Nutrients, That Keeps The Seedling very Growing until its Transplant.

How to Make This Seed Starting Mix?

So To Achieve These Benefits, We Have To Follow Up The Right Ratios Of The Ingredients, That i am Going To Show You. All of these Ingredients are very easily Available, You Can Also Buy Them From Here.

Construction Sand 20%:-


The First Ingredient in Our Seed Starting Mix is The Best Thing To Improve drainage. Sand Drains out Extra Moisture very Quickly & Keep The Fungus out Of Your Mix. Make Sure You are not Using Sea Sand, as it Is very Salty & Not Good For Growing Seeds.

Soil 20%:-


The Next Ingredient Is Your Simple Garden Soil. But Here You have To make Sure Your Soil doesn’t Have Any Type of Insects Or Pests. Soil is Very Useful To provide A Wide Range of Trace elements To Your Seedlings.

But If You are Not Sure About The Quality of Your Soil, then Dont Worry, Just spread The Soil in The Sun For a Few Days. it Helps removing any Chance Of Pests & Insects, May be present in Your Soil.

Cow Dung Compost 30%:-


Another Ingredient in our Seed Starting Mix is the Rich Source Of Nutrients, Which is Cow Dung Compost. The Big Part of Cow Dung Compost is the Nitrogen, That Is Extremely Important for Smaller Seedlings because It Promotes The Growth of Leaves & new Branches.

Cow dung is a High Dose Fertilizer, That’s Why You Should Use It With a Proper Method. A detailed Guide on Cow dung Uses is Linked Here, Must Check It Out. Here You Can Use Cow dung Compost, But Follow The Right ratios, For the Most Effective Results.

Cocopeat 30%:-


We are also Adding Some Part of Cocopeat In This seed Starter, because Seeds Loves To Be Sown in a Soft Mixture. overuse of Cocopeat can Cause an Overly Wet medium, That Can Be Very Bad. So Follow up The Similar Ratios Shown On The Screen.

So Here We have All our Ingredients, Mix Well & Our Homemade Seed Starting Mix is Ready to Use.


You can Grow Any Type of Seed is This Mixture & They Will definitely Grow Really Well. For a Readymade Seed Starting Mix, You can Get It From Here. & For Making a Succulent Potting mix at Home, Check it Out Here.

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