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A Comprehensive Guide On Lantana Plant Care! (10X BLOOMING*)

A Comprehensive Guide On Lantana Plant Care! (10X BLOOMING*)

Lantana Plant is a Hardy Flowering Plant, That Also Produces Very Unqiue Flowers. So In This post, We Will Discuss All About Lantana Plant Care tips, Following These Tips Guarentees a Blooming Plant, So Follow Point By Point.

What is The Growing Season Of Lantana Plant?

Lantana Plant Flowers

The First & The Most Important Thing In Lantana Plant care Is Understanding Their Growing Season. So Its a Summers Flowering Plant, That Have an Ideal temperature Range of 20 to 30 degree Celsius, In This Range It Grow Very Well.

Overall Its growing Season Starts In The Early Springs & Continues Over The Whole Summers, In Winters Lantana Plant Goes under a Dormancy Condition, At This Time Its Growth Stops & May be Some Of Its Leaves Turn Yellow & Fells Off. But That Normal, Just Keep It Under a Bright Shade.

Overall You Can Plant it, Prune It, Fertilize It in Summers, While Avoid all of This in Winter.

What Type of Soil Works Best For Lantana Plant?

Best Soil Mix For Lantana Plant

Another Important Thing In Lantana Plant Care guide Is Its Soil Mix. Lantana Plant is a Very hardy & a Wild Plant, That never Stops To Grow even When The Soil is a Little Hard or Compact, But a Water Blocking Mixture Can Put it under a Shock, Where It Completely Stops To Grow & Shows Us Yellow Leaves.

So Ideally You Should Make Sure The Soil You are Using For lantana Plant is Well draining a Little Loose, You can Mix 1 Part Sand Or Cocopeat In Your 3 Parts of Lantana’s Soil, To Make it Well draining, or You can Use This Homemade Mixture, It Works Best For Lantana Plant, Article On This Is Added Here, Must Check it Out. & Make Sure The Moisture Never Stays too long in Your Soil mix.

How To Water Lantana Plant?

Lantana plant

Another Common thing To Understand In Lantana Plant Care Is a Proper Watering Technique. Its Very Simple, Its a Summers Plant, So Soil Will be drying Out Time To Time, & Whenever You See The Soil is Dry a Little Bit, Water it Frequently, Just Never Water When The Soil is already Moist.

Place It Where It Should Be!

Lantana Camara In Sun

Another very Important Thing in Lantana Plant care is to Place It Where it Should be. So Lantana Plant is a flowering Plant, Obviously It Loves Sunlight, You can Place It an Area That Receives minimum 3 to 5 Hours of direct Sunlight.

& In Hot Summers, Like In June and july, If The Sun is too Hot, Yes You can Temporarily Move It to A Less Sunny Area, otherwise Its a Sun loving Plant. Deficiency of Light Will Appear In The Form of Less Buds & Flowers, Stunted & Leggy Growth & Pale Yellow Leaves. So make Sure of a Sunny Spot.

Use a Big Size Pot?

Lantana Flower Buds

Another Important thing In Lantana Plant Care is Its Pot Size. Some Varietes of Lantan Plant Grow Huge & Requires a Big Size Pot, & Basically They are Grown In The Ground. So First of all Make sure The pot You have Is big Enough for your Lantana Plant Or Not, You can Choose a 10 to 14 inches of a Pot, For Medium Size Plant.

Small Plants Can Survive In Smaller Pots, But Its better If You Give Them a Good Size Grow Bag, Right From The Springs, So It have The Whole Summers To Grow New Roots & Shoots. Grow Bags are also Added Here To buy. Dont repot It in Hot Summers, Wait For a rainy day, Or MoonSoon Time.

Feed With This Fertilizerโ€ฆ.


Another Very Important thing in Lantana Plant care Is Its proper Fertilization. Lantana Plant is a Moderate Feeder, That requires Normal fertilization, Means Not So Much & Not So Less. shortly, Use a Balanced nutrients Enrich Fertilizer Atleast Twice a Month Specially In Its Growing Days.

You Can also Use This Homemade Fertilizer, Made Just For Flowering Plants, According To Their Requirements. Detailed Guide On This Fertilizer is Linked Here. Must Check it Out & apply It Every 2 Weeks.

Timely Pruning?

Pruning Lantana Pant

Another Growth Boosting Thing In Lantana plant care is Its timely Pruning. Lantana Plant is a fast Growing Plant, That Grow very Long Branches, Which Can make It leggy & D Shaped, Also It Affects The Flowering of Lantana Plant. Therefore its Best if You Use regular pruning Routine, Specially If Its Growing in the Ground.

In Pot, They Grow Slow, But Pruning Still can Give Us Many benefits. Simply Chop off 1 inch of all The Growing Shoots, This Will Encourage multiple Branches On The Plant, Which Results In More Flowers. Hope You Got The Idea.

Common Problems & Their Solutions!

Lantana Plant Yellow Leaves

Common Problems Of Lantana Plant Includes, Their yellowing Leaves, Stunted Growth, Less Flowers Etc, For That feel Free To Checkout a Detailed Article From This Link.

Pest Like Mealybugs, aphids, Mites, Etc all Can Attack On Your Lantana Plants, stronger Plants Can Fight, But To Be Safe You Can Follow a Weekly Neem Oil SPray Routine On Your all Plants as a Prevention. Detailed Guide On Neem Oil , Common Pests & Their Treatments Is also Linked Here, You Can Check That Too.

So its all About Lantana Plant care, Here is a Detailed Guide On Hibiscus Plant Growing Tips, Must Check it Out.

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