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How to Save a Jasmine Plant in Winters? (4-Steps) – Jasmine Winter Care!


Growing Jasmine Plants is Very Simple, if You Follow Up a Few Easy Points. In This Post We Will Talk About How You Can Save Your Jasmine Plant In Winters From Drying out. It Happens Very Commonly, There are a Few Causes of This Problem & Following This Post, We Definitely Help You Overcome This Issue. So Lets Start.

Why Jasmine Plant Dries in Winters?

So First of All It Extremely important Tom Know, Why Our Jasmine Plant Dries Out In Winters. So As We Know Jasmine Plant is a Permanent Summers, Flowering Plant & Winter Season Is Its Dormancy Time. Jasmine Plant Grow Very Slowly In Winters.

That’s Why SomeTimes The Extreme Decrease In The Temp. Can Cause Many Problems. But Here we have Follow Up a Some Important Steps To keep It Out Of any Problem. If We Care Our Jasmine Plant Correctly, It wouldn’t Die & Pass the Winters Very easily.

How Should We Care Jasmine Plant To Protect It From the Winter Season?

To Protect The Jasmine Plants From The Hard Days Of Winters, Following are The Some Cares, you Should Follow.

Move It Indoors:-


The Most Important Thing In Jasmine Plant Winter Care is To Move The Plant in a Shade. Jasmine Plants is a Sun Loving Plant & Thrives Very Well in a Hot Area. But In WInters, The drop Of Temperature, Cause a Stressed Condition On The Plant. & In Result It Starts Showing Browning & drying Leaves.

So That’s Why If The Temp. is Below 10 Degrees, You Should Move It IndoorWatering

Water Very Carefully:-


The Biggest Reason of A Dying Jasmine Plant in Winters Is Because Of Watering. In The Winter Days, the Soil Dries Out Very Rarely. & Watering Again & Again Can Cause A stressed Condition On The Jasmine Plant. That’s Why You Should Water Very Carefully. Keep Checking the Soil & Water Only If The Soil Dries a Little.
Blockage of Moisture In the soil Can Be Fatal For The Jasmine Plant. You Can also Use a good Soil Mix, to Prevent Water Blockage. A well-Draining Soil Mix Will Solve Your Problem, Its Added Here. But For Now Just Keep The Soil Draining & Change The Soil as The Springs Comes.

Don’t Damage The Roots (no Repotting, Pruning, Propagation etc):-


The Another Important Thing In Jasmine Plant Winter Care is to Avoid Any Type of Root Work. If You are Planning To RePot Your Jasmine Plant, Than Try To Do It In The Spring Days. Because Its The Best Time FoEffect

In the Same Way, Pruning & Propagation of the Jasmine Plant Must Be Avoided As Well. Their Best Time Is In The Season & Detailed Guides Are added Here. But For Now, You Should Avoid Them.

Don’t Fertilize Again & Again:-

Effect Of Over fertilization….

Describing Fertilizers In jasmine Winter care is also Very Important. Because The Deficiency of Trace Elements In the Soil can also Cause Browning Leaves. For Which, You can add a Fertilizer Or use a Fertile Soil Mix Instead. As Jasmine Plant does not Requires a High Dose of Nutrition in The Winter Season, that’s Why You can use A low dose fertilizer Like Cow Dung Compost.

But If The Whole Plant is Drying, Than It Could be an Effect of Overfertilization. Organic Fertilizer Doesn’t Cause this Thing, Mostly Chemical fertilizers causes Such Issues. Therefore You Should Avoid Fertilization In The Winter Season. In the off Season, Jasmine Plant doesn’t Require Much Nutrients To Grow.

A Single Dose of a Good fertilizer Once a Month is More Then Enough. For That a Detailed Guide On Jasmine Plant fertilizer is added Here, Must Check it Out.
So its all about Jasmine Plant Winter Care, Follow Up These Points & Your Jasmine Plant Will be Ok.
For any Question Leave a Comment Below. & Check Out This Video, To Know About The Complete Method Of Jasmine Plant propagation.

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