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Making the Best Organic Fertilizer for Jasmine Plant!

Making an organic & Powerful Fertilizer For Jasmine Plant Requires a few Very Useful Ingredients, that will be available around You Very Frequently. otherwise You can Buy Them Here!

The Best Fertilizer For Jasmine Plant:-

Jasmine plant is a Summer season flowering plant that grows very fastly and also produces hundreds of blooms. A Good Fertilizer Is Very much Responsible For the Fast Growth Of Roots as well as Younger Buds & Shoot.

What Type of Fertilizer Do Jasmine Plant Requires?

It is a heavy feeder that requires variety of nutrients to produce lots of blooms. A Powerful Organic Fertilizer With Multiple Benefits & Nutrients Works Perfect To Feed Jasmine Roots. For this, I have different components that i will show you one by one, But Before That lets Know about Few Very Useful Benefits of Using This Organic fertilizer For Jasmine Plant.

Benefits of Jasmine Fertilizer:-

Following are the Some Benefits of Using this fertilizer On Jasmine Plant:-

  • More Root Growth
  • Less Effect of Insects
  • Stronger Immune System
  • More Buds
  • More Flowers
  • New Growth On The Plant


These Organic Components Must be Available Around You Otherwise, You Can buy Them Here:-

  • Compost
  • Tea Wastes
  • Egg shells Pieces
  • Mustard cake Powder

Tea Powder:-

As It is a Flowering plant. Therefore, it requires acidic soil and for making the soil acidic. I have an important ingredient that is the tea Powder.
Tea Powder have tannic acid that makes the soil acidic for the plant. I am using tea powder in dried form and make sure the tea waste is dried in sun for one day. An acidic Soil Mix is Very Useful To get faster Absorption Of Nutrients in the soil And More Growth of Buds & Flowers.


The other component For making The best Fertilizer For Jasmine Plant Will be Compost. that You Can prepare at Home From the kitchen wastes and the video of making Compost at home is added Here.

Compost is very much helpful to provide variety of macro nutrients like Zinc, carbon, magnesium, iron, and so on to the plant. Jasmine plant blooms very healthily if you provide these type of macro nutrients to the plant time to time. You can also buy Compost from Here:

Mustard Cake:-

The next ingredient For making The best Fertilizer For Jasmine Plant is very much important to get more and more blooms from the Jasmine plant, that is Mustard cake powder. Mustard cake powder is very much Beneficial for all type of Flowering plants. I am adding it in powder form so it can dissolve in the soil fastly.

Egg Shells:-

And the last ingredient For making The best Fertilizer For Jasmine Plant is the rich source of calcium, that helps your Jasmine plant to possess a healthy immune system. I am also using the eggshell pieces in Crushed form.
They have the Other Micro Elements As well. All Of these Nutrients Works Together & Provide Our Jasmine Plant A very Powerful Combination of Nutrition.


Compost = 40g (1Cup)
Tea Powder = 2 Tpsp
Egg shells Pieces = 2Tpsp
Mustard cake Powder = 5 Tpsp

How to make This Fertilizer For Jasmine Plant?

Mix all of them properly and our fertilizer is ready to use.
Dig the upper layer of soil and let it dry for one day Sprinkle a this Organic Jasmine fertilizer in every 8″ pot.
Mix with the soil instantly add water. After adding this organic fertilizer on your jasmine plant, Now You Can Put Your Jasmine Plant in a Sunny Space For maximum Blooming.
Because it is an organic fertilizer, therefore it requires a little bit of time to show its amazing results so be Patient. You Can Apply This Fertilizer On Jasmine Plant Every 15 To 20 Days, Specially In Their Growing Season.

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