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How do you take care of Vincas in the Winter?

Vinca plants care in Winterย is very easy, you just have to provide some basic Things to your vinca plant, that Makes it Blooming and well growing.

I have added some Precautions for the vinca at the end, that you should must know to keep your Vinca plant Alive and well Growing.ย 

Does vinca like sun or shade?

As the Winter season starts, the temp. of environment starts decreasing day by day. And the Sun also changes it’s Rising and Setting time.

Vinca plant is a Sun loving plant, but in Summer’s sunlight it doesn’t grows very well.

But in Winter’s Sunlight it grows Very well. You can place your vinca plant in Full sun for the whole day. Vinca plant loves to have a full day of Direct Sunlight, and it also produces lot’s of BLOOMS.ย 

The lack of sunlight also causes Yellowing of Leaves and a stunted growth in Vinca Plants. So must give full day Sunlight Exposure to your vinca plant.ย 

How to often water to your Vinca?

Vinca plants Care in Winter is a easy to care plant, that requires only a moist Soil to grow Constantly. For that you can add water on alternate days specially in winters. But if the Soil is still moist after 2 days, then wait to let it dry. Watering of vinca plant also depends on Soil mixture.

Make Best Soil mix for Vinca Plants..!

In the winter soil inย the water dry outs more fastly. Therefore , water the vinca plant only when the Soil is little dry.

Vinca Plant Winter’s Care Guide:-


In winter season, the Vinca doesn’t produces lot’s of BLOOMS, because mostly the temp. keeps on decreasing that Don’t let it bloom Properly. So don’t aspect lots of flowers from your vinca plant in winters

Why are the leaves on my Vinca turning Yellow?

May be some of the leaves of Vinca plant also fells off, so don’t worry. It is due to Temp. Effect and you can place it in shade to protect it from the frost. It will automatically starts to produce Vinca flowers again as the Spring season starts.

Don’t Fertilize Vinca:-

Winter season is the Dormancy time for the vinca Plant due to low temp. Therefore it doesn’t takes nutrients from the Soil.

In the Winter season, the vinca plant is already in stress and it is not a proper time to fertilize your Vinca. You can add fertilizer in the Whole Summer’s, but not in Winters.

Can vinca survive winter?

Most of the Vincas Survives in the Winters, (at the 17ยฐ C) Vinca plant dies. In the Asian Climate, they often grown all around the year. To save them, you can place them indoors in Severe Cold Environment.

Why do my Vinca keep Dying?

1-Temp. Effects:-

Vinca plant is an easy to care plant, that dies in Winter’s, if the temp. decreases up to 10 to 15ยฐ C. If the temp. also goes so down on your side, then you can place it in shade to protect it from the frost.

2-Hybrid Vinca Varieties:-


Some of the Vinca plant varieties also dies in winters that are known to be hybrid. The Hybrid Varieties of vinca plant commonly have two shades of colours.

These hybrid Varieties of vinca Rosea have only about 7 to 8 months of age. After they produces Flowers and seeds, they starts to die automatically.

Because they have completed their life cycle, you can sow their seeds again in Springs. But there are also have some Simple Varieties, that grows all around the year and even more.

Repotting Vinca Plant in Winter’s:-

Vinca plant can be repotted in the whole growing season (Summers). But in winters, vinca plant should not be repotted. Because it is already in shock due to low temp., and if you get it out of the Pot, it will definitely Dies.

So, Never repot your Vinca Plant in winters. You can wait for The Spring Season to Repot your vinca.

Repotting your vinca plant in the hot Summers and Cold Winter can kill the Plant, So be careful while repotting.

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