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Hibiscus Leaf Curl Problem? Causes & Their Fixes!

Hibiscus Leaf Curl Problem? Causes & Their Fixes!

The Curling Leaves of Hibiscus Plant Can be very harmful, It Mostly Happens Due To certain Reasons, & Fixing These Reason Will Automatically make Your Hibiscus Plant Healthy Again, The New Growth Will Be Totally Normal, & Green. So Lets Know About These Causes of Hibiscus Leaf Curl Problem & Their easy Solutions, So Keep Reading.

What is Leaf Curl Problem?

Hibiscus Leaf Curl Problem is One of The Common hibiscus Plant Diseases, In This Condition, Mostly The New Growth of the Plant, Appears To Be Curly & Abnormal. The Leaves Will Be Smaller & Curly, The Plant Hardly Grow Any Buds & Flowers.

That Means it’s Attacked By The leaf Curl Problem, & Here You Need to Understand A Few Things. & Solve This Issue, Otherwise The Plant can Die, as Well As The Problem may Spread To Other of Your Plants.

1-Viral Infection (Pests)โ€ฆ.

Hibiscus Leaves Curling Problem

The First & The Most Common Cause of Hibiscus Leaf Curl Problem is The Viral Attack. Your Hibiscus Plant is attacked by a Virus, That is called as leaf Curl Virus. its Common In Tomatoes, Hibisus, Peppers Etc.

One Of The Major thing That Transmits The Virus to The Plant is The pest Attack. Means The Pests Like Aphids, leaf miners & White Flies Carry This Virus Inside of Them & when They attack On a Plant, They Also Transfers The virus In The Hibiscus Plant Body, The Virus May takeover The Plant Growth & health.

But Sometimes its Naturally Defeated By The Immune System of a Plant, But if The pest Attack Is Severe, Then Your Hibiscus Plant Will definnitely Show You Curly Leaves.

The Solution of This Issue is Simple, By Reducing The Effect of Pests, We Can Solve This Issue. As Soon as The pests go away From Your Plants, It Will Starts On Recovering. Sometimes The Virus Attack is Very Severe & if So, Your Plant Most Probably Wont Survive.

All You can Do Is To apply a pesticide as Soon as You See any Signs of Pests attack. You can use Neem Oil Spray, That You can Also Make At Home Using The Neem Oil. Detailed Guide On That is Also Added here. Must Check it Out & Start Using It as a Prevention.

2-Humidity Riseโ€ฆ.

Hibiscus Curled Leaves

Another Common Cause of Hibiscus Plant leaf Curl Disease is The Environmental Stress. When Hibiscus Plant Is Under a Severe Shock, It May Show You Curling Leaves. This Shock Could Be Due To Repotting, Or Very High Humidity.

As Though Hibiscus Plant is a Humid area Plant, But If The Humidity is High & Air Circulation Is Also Poor, The Chance of Leaf Curl Problem is Very High. Simply What We Can do Is that, make Sure The Air circulation Around The Plant Is Good.

Humidity is Not The Issue, But Air Circulation is, So make Sure The Plant is shock Free, You Can follow a Proper Repotting Method, So Your Plant Recover Faster, There is a SImple Guide On That linked Here If You Like To Try.

3-Nutrients Shortage?

Yellow Hibiscus Leaves

Another Common Cause of Curling Hibiscus Leaves is The Nutrients Shortage. Every Plant Element Have a Specific Role in The Plant Body, & When its Deficient, Plant Show us Certain Type of Signs, Like Magnesium Deficiency Appears With Pale Yellow Leaves, While Calcium deficiency Appears With Black Spot & Sometimes Curling leaves.

So here Calcium deficiency Could Be an Issue or Phosphorus Can Be an Issue To, Becaue It also Causes Curling leaves. So Overall The proper Solution Is to Keep All The Required Element Available To The Plant. You can Do This Thing By Simply Using a Balanced Fertilizer.

That Not Only Contains Npk elements, But also There Should be a source of Microelements In it. You Can Simply use This Homemade Fertilizer, It Will Provide Your all Plants With all The Required Nutrients. Detailed Guide On This Is Linked Here.

4-Soil Compaction!

pointing Soil Mix

Another Cause of Hibiscus Plant Leaf curl Issue Is The Compaction of Soil. Soils Compaction Also Causes Yellowing Leaves, A Stunted Growth Etc. So Its a fundamental Thing To Grow any Plant, An Ideal Soil Media Is That Which is Loose, Well Draining & fertile.

In Such a Mixture Not Only Hibiscus Plant, But Also other Plants Grow Very Well. Compact & a Hard Soil Mix Puts a Shock OnThe Plant, Which Appears By Curling of leaves, So Here You can Use This Potting Mixture, Its Made at Home, Article On This is Added Here, Must Check It Out.

5-Roots Boundingโ€ฆ.

Leaf Curl on Hibiscus Plant

Anothet Common Cause of Hibiscus Plant Curling leaves Is The Roots Bounding. When The Roots Dont have Enough Space to Grow In The Pot, This thing Also Cause a Kind Of Stress On The Plant, Which Appear Through Yellowing, & Curling leaves.

So Here You Simply Need to Make Sure The Roots arenot Bounded. You Can Check The Drainage Hole, Or Just Remember The Last Repotting Date. Hibiscus Plant Requires a big Size Pot To Grow, So For That You Can Choose a Grow Bag, That Will Also Keep The Overwatering Issues In Control. You Can Buy The Good Size Grow Bags From This Link & Repot Your Plant Every Springs.

6-Seasonal Changeโ€ฆ.

Hibiscus Plant Leaf curl problem

Sometimes The leaf Curl Problem isnot a Big Issue, It Is Just Happening Due To The Sudden Change of Temperature, Which Will be Ok As Soon as The Plant Adjusts In The New Environment.

Change of Season Also Turns The Hibiscus Leaves Yellow, & It happens Mostly In The Starting Winters. So keep a Good Care of Your Hibiscus Plant In Winters, As Though its The Resting Time Of The Plant. You can Simply Follow a Few Winter care Tips, Follow This Guide.

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