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How To Care the Hibiscus Plant In Winter Days?

How To Care the Hibiscus Plant In Winter Days?

Hibiscus plant Can be Grown As a permanent Plant, If We Keep Its Good Care in Winter Days. In this Hibiscus Winter Care Guide, We Will Discuss Every Useful Thing To Get Your Hibiscus Plant Growing. In Winters, The Temperature is not Suitable For The growth of hibiscus Plant, & Mistake Can Cause Harmful issues. So lets Know What is The Best Way To Care For Hibiscus Plant In Winter Days.

Watering Hibiscus In Winters:-

How To Care the Hibiscus Plant In Winter Days?

The Most Important Thing In Hibiscus Plant Winter Care is The Correct Watering Technique. In Summer Days, The Hibiscus Plant is Growing Fast, & Requires comparatively a good amount of Moisture. But In The Winter Days, The Moisture Hardly Evaporates, Therefore Regular Watering Can Cause Root Stress.

What is The Best way To water Hibiscus Plant in Winters?

The Best Way To Water Hibiscus Plant in Winter Days is to let The Upper Layer of Soil to Dry Out, Then You Can Add Frequent Amount of Water. Hibiscus Plant Loves a Deep Watering, Therefore Add a Good amount of Moisture In The Soil. But There is an Other Problem, that is Your Soil Mix.

How To Make The Soil well Draining?

How To Care the Hibiscus Plant In Winter Days?

If Your Soil Mix is Not Draining Out The Extra Moisture, It Will Definitely go Bad, & Cause such type of Yellow Leaves. Therefore Your Soil Drainage is also Very Important, It Is very Easy To make The Soil Well Draining, Simply add a Part of Sand or Perlite In 3 Parts of Your Regular Potting Soil. Otherwise a Ready To use Potting Mix is also Added Here. You Can Check Out That Too. Just Make Sure The Water is not Staying Long in the Soil mix.

Temp. Effects:-

In The Summer Season, The Temp. is Very Favourable For The Hibiscus plant & In Results It Grow Fast as well. But in The Winter days, The Temp. Drops Up to 15-20 Degrees, That Makes The Hibiscus Plant to Go under a Dormancy Condition. Now The Plant Stays alive, But Would not Grow. & It also Results Yellowing Leave, & no Growth.

How to Protect The Plant From Severe Temperature Shock?

If The Temp. Goes Really Down in Your area, You can Move Your Hibiscus Plant in a Shade or Inside Your Home. But after the Winters, The Hibiscus Plant automatically Comes Out of The Dormancy & Grow Back.

The Best Location For Hibiscus:-

How To Care the Hibiscus Plant In Winter Days?

Hibiscus Plant is a Summer Season Plant, & Loves a Full Day of Sunlight, But in winters You can put it in a Bright area. As The Sun Hardly Comes Out in The Winter Days, Therefore The Hibiscus Plant Cant Get Enough Sun & Grow Slow as Well. This Deficiency of Sun Makes The Leaves Yellow & the Chance of Pest attack to Rise.
Here is What You Can Do:-

  • Choose a Bright Area
  • Keep the Leaves Checking
  • Use Pesticide In Case of Pest attack
  • Provide Sunlight If Available.

How you Should Fertilize Hibiscus Plant In Winters?

How To Care the Hibiscus Plant In Winter Days?

For a Correct Hibiscus Plant care In Winters, Fertilizer also an Important Aspect. As Hibiscus Plant is a Summers Flowering Plant, & Requires a Lots of Nutrients To Produce Healthy Blooms. But In Winter Days, Nutrients are not Required on Regular basis, Because it is The Off Season of Hibiscus. Over Use of Fertilizers Will Cause burning of Leaves & a Stressed Condition on The Hibiscus. You Should use a Fertilizer Only Once in a Month. A Single Dose of Our Homemade Organic Npk Fertilizer Works Really Well. It Contains all The Required Nutrients, That Why A Perfect Choice for Hibiscus Plant As Well.

Hibiscus Winter Problems & Diseases:-

How To Care the Hibiscus Plant In Winter Days?

in Overall Hibiscus Plant is Soft leafy Plant, & Have Many pest enemies. & in Winter days, The Chance of These Pest & Insects is also very High, So Keep Checking The Leaves of Your Hibiscus Plant & Use a Pesticide Immediately, if Required. A Complete Guide On Pesticides In Added Here.

Most Important Winter Precautions:-

As Hibiscus Plant is Hardy Plant & Can pass the Winter Season Very Easily, But There are a Few very Important Points, you Should Consider In The Winter Days.

  • Don’t Prune Hibiscus Plant. (Pruning Guide)
  • Avoid Re potting in off Season. (Repotting Guide)
  • Don’t try To Propagate Hibiscus in Winters.
  • Avoid adding To many fertilizers.
  • Keep Checking For Any Pest Attack.

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