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African Daisy Flower Plant Care Guide! (7-SECRETS*)

African Daisy Flower Plant Care Guide! (7-SECRETS*)

The Flowers of African Daisy Plant Have Many Colors, & Its a Perfect Winters Flowering Plant, Because Its a very Hard To Kill Plant. In This Post, We Will discuss All About African Daisy Plant Care, Covering Every Useful Thing To Maximize Its Growth.

Origin & Basics About African Daisy:-

african Daisy Flower Plant

African Daisy plant is a Winters Annual Flowering Plant Native to South Africa, Where its Grown As an Ornamental Plant. Its a Very Common Outdoor Plant That can Also be Grown In Indoors, With Proper Care.

Some of Its Other Common Names Includes, Daisy Bush, Osteospermum, Cape daisy Etc, It have Many Color Varietes With an attractive Look, There Flowers Are Non Fragrant & Looks Like Sunflowers, But its a cool area Container Plant. African Daisy Plant is non Toxic to Kids & pets, & Its also Non Edible.

African Daisy Seeds

You Can Start Them By Their Seeds at The Start of The Season.

African Daisy Seedlings

But The Best Option Would be Buying Their Younger Saplings From Nursery.

Transplanting African Daisy Seedlings

They are Very Easily available during Winters & Springs.

Transplanting African Daisy Seedlings

You Can Plant Them in a Good Size Pot At The Evening Time.

Young African Daisy Plants
After 7 days…

& Within a Few Days They Will Be Growing again.

African Daisy Plants In Sun
After 34 days…

Now They Will Continue To Grow & Bloom. If You Keep Their Good Care. So For That Follow These Care Tips.

Buds of African Daisy Plant
After 43 days…

1-What is Its Growing Season?

African Daisy Flowers
After 51 Days…

The First & The Most Important Thing in African Daisy Flower Plant care is Their Proper Seasoning. Understanding Their Season Will Help us Know, When & How Much growth should We Expect From Our Plants.

In an Ideal Season, These Plants Grow Very Effortlessly, Many Less Problems appear on Them & Flowering Will be Better As well. So For african daisy Plant, around 18 to 24 degree Celsius Temperature Is Ideal. In This Temp. range, They Grow Very Well.

Starting From early Winters Upto Ending Springs, This Temp range is Natural, Specially in Asian Countries. So You Can Grow Them During Winters & Springs, But In Summers As Soon as The Temp. is Above 24 degrees, African Daisy Plant Slow Downs Its Growth & Then Ultimately Dies, Due To Excessive Heat.

Overall it Likes a Cool climate, so If You Live In a cold Climate Area, You might be Able To enjoy Their Lifefull Blooms, Over the Whole Year. hope Got The idea.

2-What Type of Soil Mix It likes?

Soil Mix of African Daisy Plant

Another Important Thing In African daisy Plant Care is Their Soil Quality. Even Though its a hardy Plant That Can Be Grown In Variety Of SOil Mixes, But You Will Find The Best Growth in a Slightly Loose & Well Draining Mixture. African Daisy Plants Also Likes a slightly Acidic mixture.

So Overall try to Use an Ideal Mixture, Dont Worry You Can Make It At Home, Using a Few Ingredients. Detailed Guide On This Mixture Recipe is Linked Here, If You Like To try, Just Make Sure Your Soil mix is Not Blocking The Extra Moisture From Draining Out.

How To Water African Daisy Plant?

Dry Soil Of African Daisy Plant

For Watering This Plant, Simply Let The top Layer of Soil To Dry out a Bit & Then Water, Dont Water if The Soil is Moist. Otherwise Problems Like Root rot, Yellowing Leaves etc Can Appear on your Plants. yes a Good Mixture Can Bear a Little Up & Down In Watering, but you Also have To be careful.

3-Pots Size?

African Daisy Flower Pot

Another Thing in African daisy Plant Care Is Their Pot Size, So These Plants Are Growing in a 5 Inches of Pot, & Growth Is Normal. Its a Seasonal Plant, & The Size of Pot is Not a Big Issue.

You Can Choose at least 5 to 8 Inches of a Pot For a Single Plant, & Try To Choose a Clay Pot, Because They Are best For a good Drainage. You Can Also Explore Some of The Good Pots From This link.

4-Where To Place African Daisies For Best Growth?

african Daisy Flower In sun

Another Important Thing in african Daisy Plant Care Is Their location. In an Ideal Spot, Every Plant Grow Very fast, Less Problems Appears & More Flower Grow too. So For african Daisy flower plant, You Can Choose a full Sun Area, With at least 4 to 5 hours of direct Sunlight.

african Daisy Flowers

Proper Sunlight is Essential For Their Healthier Growth, So Make Sure of It, Deficiency of Light not Only causes a Stunted Growth, but Also The Flowering Health of The Plant will be Affected & the Chance of Pests Attack Rises.

So Overall A Sunny Area is Best For african Daisy Plants, & To Explore More of Such WInters Flowering Plants, You Can Follow a Detailed Article From Here.

5-Use This Fertilizer Regularly!

Fertilizer For African Daisy Plant

Another Big Thing In African Daisy plant care is Their Proper Fertilization. its Important Because The Plant Need Nutrients To Grow Flowers, The Flowers & Leaves Are Made up Of These nutrients. & If There Is No Nutrition in The Soil, The Plant grow Abnormal & Small Size Flowers.

While a Nutrients Enrich Soil Mix Helps the Plant To Come Up With More, Big size & Vibrant Flowers. The Best Stage To Provide Your Plants a Fertilizer is When They Are Young & Growing, You Can use This organic fertilizer, That is Made Just For Flowering Plants,

According To Their Requirements. Detailed Guide On This Fertilizer is Linked Here. Must Check That out & fertilize Your Daisy Plants, Every 2 weeks In Its Growing Stage.

6-Pinching & Dead Heading Uses?

Dead Heading African Daisy flowers

Another Important Thing For African Daisy Plant Care Is Their Dead Heading. Seasonal flowering Plants grow, So They Can Make Seeds For The next Season, That’s Their Purpose of Life, & Once Its Achieved, The Plant dies Automatically.

Dead Heading African Daisy flowers

So By Removing These Spent Flowers, We Can Prevent The Seed Formation & Enjoy Their Blooms For a Little Longer. While Making The Seeds, Plant’s Whole energy Goes To Seed Pods, & hence Very Less New Buds Appear on It. So Cut off the Spent Flowers whenever Needed.

How To Collect The Seeds of African Daisy Plant?

African Daisy Seedpod

For Collecting The Seeds At The End of Its life Cycle, Means In The Ending Springs, Simply Let The Seed Pods grow.

African Daisy Seedpod

Within a Few Days, These seeds Will turn Into Blackish Color & These Seeds Pod Will be Fully Opened.

African Daisy Seeds

Only With a Gentle Rub, All The Seeds Will be On your Hand. These Are The Seeds of african Daisy Plants, You Can Store Them in a Dark & Dry Area, For Around 2 to 3 Years, Or You Can Grow Them in upcoming Winters.

& To Learn More of Such Useful Flowering Tricks, You Should Follow This Detailed E book, Its Linked Here to Buy.

7-Common Pests & Problems?

Yellowing Leaves of African Daisy Plant

Common Problems of african Daisy Plant Includes, Yellowing & Drying Leaves, Powdery Mildew & Root Rot, All Happens Mostly Due To Watering Logging Issues, So Be careful, Use The Mixture Added Here.

For The Pest Related Issues, Its a Resistant Plant, But To Be Safe you Can use a Weekly Neem Oil Spray Routine. Aphids & Whilte flies are Their Common enemies, So a Article On Neem Oil pesticide Is Added Here. Must Check it Out.

Its all About African Daisy Plant Care Guide, its a Seasonal plant That Dies No matter How good You Care, So here is a List of Long Living Flowering Plants, If You Like To Know.

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