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How To Make The Best Fertilizer For Flowering Plants? (EASY INGREDIENTS)


A Good Fertilizer Plays a Big Role In Keep Your Flowering Plants Healthily, As Well As Blooming. In This Post, We Are Going To Make The Best Fertilizer For Flowering Plants, With The Help Of Very Useful & Easily Available Ingredients.

What Type of Fertilizer Flowering Plants Like?


Flowering Plants Have Produce Buds & Flowers, Beside Leaves, So That’s Why They requires much more Nutrition Than any Other Foliage Plant. A Nutrients Enrich, Slow Release Fertilizer Can Work Well. But Our Fertilizer Should Also Have an Acidic Effect On The Soil, As Flowering plants Like an Acidic Medium To Grow in.

What Are The Benefits of This Homemade Flowers Fertilizer?


Here is Our Best Fertilizer For Flowering Plants, Because It Have a Large Range Of Nutrients, & It Also Have an Acidic Effect On The Soil, That Keeps The Plant Very Blooming.

Regular Application of This Homemade Organic Fertilizer Not Only Boost the Flowering, Also Keeps The Soil Well Draining, number of Leaf Problems Away & Enhances the Bright Color of Your Flowers.

How To Make The Best Fertilizer For Flowering Plants?

So Considering These benefits, It Can be Our Regular Flowering Fertilizer. To make this Organic fertilizer We Need a Few Ingredients, That Are Linked Here To Buy.

Tea Powder – 1 Tbsp:-

Tea Powder 1 Tbsp

The First Ingredient To Make The Best Fertilizer for Flowering Plants is the Tea powder. Tea Powder Contains a Good Amount of Nitrogen, That Promotes Leaf Growth. It also Have An Acidic Nature That balances The Soil’s pH. You Can Also take Used Tea, But Here You Should Wash It, Let It Dry In the Sun & Then use.

Cow Dung – 10 Tbsp:-

Cow Dung 10 Tbsp

Another Ingredient in Our Homemade Flower Fertilizer is the Cow Dung Compost, That Is The Best Source Of Hundred Of Nutrients. You Should not Use Fresh cow dung, because It can be Really Harmful.

Cow dung is a Very Useful Fertilizer, But Only if You Use It in a Correct Way. You Should Checkout a Guide From Here, Before Applying Cow dung in any of Your Plants. But Here Just Follow The Right Ratios, & It Will be ok.

Compost – 5 Tbsp:-

Compost 5 Tbsp

The Another Ingredient is The Compost, That Also Contains trace elements. Compost Also have an Acidic Effect, & it keeps The Overall Growth of The Plant very Stable As Well.

Compost also Makes The Soil More Porous & Well Draining, & You can Make Compost Out of Your Kitchen Waste, Complete Guide is Linked Here, You Can Check Out That.

Mustard Cake Powder – 2 Tbsp:-

Mustard Cake Powder 2 Tbsp

Another Ingredient For Making The Best fertilizer for Flowering Plants Is the Mustard Cake Powder. It Is Very Known To Boost buds & Flowers Over The Plant, That’s Why We Are Adding it In our Fertilizer.

Mustard Cake Powder Also Improves Soil’s Drainage & Improves The vibrant Color of Flowers. It Added Here, You Can Buy From there.


Mix All Of These Ingredients, & Here is Homemade Fertilizer For Flowering Plants Ready to use. It Is Still very Important To Apply This Fertilizer Correctly, So We Can Get Most out of It.

How To Correctly Use This fertilizer?


First Let the Upper Layer of Soil To Dry Out a Little, Then Add a Dose of This Fertilizer, That Depends On Plant Age & Container Size. (Dosage;-2โ€“3 Tbsp For a 4โ€“5โ€ณ Pot, 4โ€“6 Tbsp For 8โ€“10โ€ณ Pot & So Onโ€ฆ.)

Add Frequent Amount of Water & Let The Plant in Full Sun, For Its Maximum Growth. Apply this fertilizer Every 10 to 15 Days in The Season, At The Evening Time.

On What Plants Can we Use This?

After 30 Days Of Applying This Fertilizer on Petunia Plants…

So This is The Result of This fertilizer, Every Plant Is Blooming, Regardless of a Small Pot. You Can Apply This fertilizer on Almost every Type of Flower Producing Plant.

Just Use a Little Bit of Higher Dose To Apply On Heavy Feeder Plants, Like Hibiscus, Tomatoes, Roses & So On. A Professional flower Booster is also Linked Here, in case If You Want To Buy A Ready to use fertilizer.
As Flowering Plants Have Soft Leaves, That’s why Pests Attack them Very Frequently, & They Can Spread As Well. So Here is The Complete Guide on Neem Oil Pesticide, That Is the Best Way To Cure & Prevent These Pests.

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