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A Complete Guide on Ice Plant Care! (7-Tricks*)

Ice plant is Flowering Succulent That Produces Very Unique & Beautiful Flowers, & Growing Them Is Super Easy, You can Just Folow This Post & The Growth & Blooming of Your Ice Plant Will Be Maximum. In This Post, We Will Discuss About Ice Plant Care Guide, Including Each & Every Improtant Thing, So Keep Watching This Post.

Origin & Basics About Ice Plant:-

Ice Plant Flower

Ice Plant is a Winters Annual Flowering Plant Native To South Africa But Can Be Grown in All Warm Climate Areas. They Are Very Hardy Plants, & Mostly Used as a Ground Cover. The Scientific Name Of Ice Plant Is Mesembryanthemum crystallinum & Its also Called as Diamond Plant Or Common Ice Plant.

Basically its a common Outdoor Plant, But Can Be Grown Indoors, Its a Non Toxic Plant That’s also Edible with a Salty Taste. Their Leaves & Stem Both Have Such Type of Crystallic Appearance Thats Why Its Called as Ice Plant.

Ice Plant have Many Varieties With Many Color Options, Which makes It a Best Drought Tolerant Ornamental Plant. The Common variety of Ice Plant Posses Single Petal Flowers, While Double Petal Flowers are rare, & Not For a Begginer, This Common variety Grow very easily, So Start From This.

You can Grow This Beautiful Plant, By Their Tiny Seeds at The Starting Winters, But The Easiest Option is To Buy Their Mature Seedlings During Winters, Or Springs You can easily find Them. For Growing Them From Seeds, Follow the Guide added Here, & Once You Have This Plant, Follow These Care Tips To Enjoy an Endless supply of Ice flowers.

1-Proper Seasoning Is The Key!

Ice Plant Flowers
After 63 days…

The First & The Most Important Thing In Ice Plant Care Is To Understand Their Season of Growth. as its an Annual Plant, that have an Ideal temperature Range of 15 to 27 degree Celsius, During This Temperature Range This Plant Grow Very Well.

Their Growing Season Starts In The Early Winters, & Continue Over Whole Winters & Springs. But In The Starting Summers as Soon as The Temperature exceeds to 27 degrees, Ice Plant Starts To Dry Out & ultimately Dies. Its Because This Plant Cant Survive In so much heat.

If Summers Are Cool In Your Country, Then It can Grow Even In Summers. Overall Its a Cool Area Plant, *& Grown In winters & Springs. So Follow The season To Grow Its Seeds, Or Transplant it or fertilize it Whatever.

2-Use a Well Draining Mix!

Soil Mix For Plants

Another Very Important Thing in ice Plant care is Its Soil mix. its a Succulent Type of Plant, That Stores alot of Moisture Inside of its leaves, & Here A Water Blocking Mixture Is Your only enemy.

They Loves a Well Draining & Loose Soil mix, The Soil Media Should Not Be Holding to much Moisture for a Long Time, Otherwise Their Stems Can Rot, & The Plant Can die. Simply use a Well Draining & Loose Mixture, Its Not Difficult To Make Such a Mixture.

You Can Follow This homemde Recipe That works Just Fine. Detailed Guide On This Soil Mix is added Here, The only Important Thing is that Moisture Should Be Draining Out Time To Time.

How To Do The Watering Correctly?

Ice Plant Flower

With a Good Soil Mix Our problem Doesnt End here, No Matter How Good Your Soil Is, Watering Should Be In Your Control. The Easiest & Most Simple Rule is Let The Upper Soil layer to dry Out & Then water. If Your Whole Soil Is Dry, Still This Plant wont Die, But Overwatering For only a Single Time will Definitely Kill It.

So Just Check the Upper Soil Layer & Then Water, Otherwise Just Wait. a Cheap potting mix is also Added Here, if You Like To Buy.

3-Use This Fertilizer!

fertilizing Ice plants

Another important Thing in Ice flower plant care is its proper fertilization. as Though its an Annual Plant That will definitely Produce alot Of Flowers, When The Ideal temperature Comes, But a Good Fertilizer Can Also Promote a Better Flowering On The Plant, The shinnier Color of flowers Will be visible, if The Plant is fertilized.

fertilizing Ice plants

Ideally a balanced fertilizer Twice a Month can Work Well. Simply Use This Homemade Flower Fertilizer, Its best For Flowering Plants, Detailed Guide On This fertilizer Is Added Here, if you Like To try. Otherwise Just Use any Fertilizer every 2 Weeks. Deficiency of Nurtients Can also Appear In Thr Form of Yellow Leaves, So must Use a fertilizer.

4-Pot Size?

Another Important Thing in Ice Plant care is How Big Pot is Good For Them. Its An Annual Succulent Plant, & Have a Small Root Structure, That Dont Require So Much of Space, but Make Sure of drainage Holes.

ideally You Can Use a 5 inches Of a Pot For a Single Plant, But deficiency of Space Wont Cause a problem, For Example, Look at This Pot, It Contains Around 20 to 30 Ice Plant That are Not So big, But they Are Growing. So Its Better to Give It an Optimum Size Pot, Some Of Them Are Also Linked Here To Buy.

5-How Much Sun is Good For This Plant?

Ice Plants Full of Flowers
After 77 days…

Another Big Thing in Ice Plant care is its Sunlight Requirement. So Here Its a Flowering Plant, Obvisously its Loves a Good Sunny Area. While Deficency of light Will Cause leggy & dull growth of The Plant, So You Should Provide them atleast 3 to 4 hours of Sun & More Than That will Be Even Better.

Their Flower Opens only In Sunlight, So Its a Sunloving Plant. Sunlight Keeps Pests away, makes The Soil To Dry, promotes Buds & Flowers etc. So Overall Sunlight is Essential, So Make Sure of It, Shaded Area isnot Going To work For This Plant.

To Learn more of such Secrets To Boost Flowering On Any Plant, You Should follow This Ebook, It’s like a mastering Guide, Its Linked Here To Buy.

6-Dead Heading?

dead Heading Ice plant flowers
After 84 days…

Another Important Thing in Ice Plant Care Is dead Heading. Ice Plant is an Annual Plant That Makes Seeds As Soon As Possible, Its Important For Its rebirth In The Next Season.

So Once The plant strats To Make Seeds, The Flowering Of The Plant Reduces, & By Removing The Dried & Spent Flowers, We Can Push The Plant To Keep producing More Flowers. simply Cut Off The Dried Flowers, Whenever needed.

7-Common Problemsโ€ฆ?

Ice Plant Flower

Common Problems Of Ice Plant Includes Their Yellowing Leaves, Leggy Growth, Stem rot & Root rot. Overall Keep The Soil Good, Water Draining, Sunlight Coming & These Thing Wont Be a Problem For You.

Generally Ice Pant is a pest Resistant Plant, But Sometimes You May Find Aphids Or Spider mites Attacking On it, So For That You can Use Neem OIl Spray At The Early Morning Time, Hopefully They Will go Away.

So its all About Ice Plant Care guide, Follow it Point By POint & Succes Will be Guarrented. Overall Its a perfect flowering plant, but the Only Dishearting Thing about Ice Pant is That It Dies As The Season Ends, So Here is a List of permanent Flowering Plants, That lives For years With Consistent Flowering. Must Check It Out.

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