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A Comprehensive Guide On Tuberose Plant Care! (5 Tricks*)

A Comprehensive Guide On Tuberose Plant Care! (5 Tricks*)

One of the Fragrant Flowering Plants Is The tuberose Plant That Grow Such Type of Beautiful Flowers. & In This Post, We Will Discuss About Tuberose Plant Care, How To Grow Tuberose Bulbs Step By Step & Much More, So Keep Reading.

Tube Rose Plant Basicsโ€ฆ.

Tuberose Flowers

TubeRose Plant is a Summers Flowering Plant Locally Grown In Tropical Climate Areas Like India, There Main beauty is there Refreshing scent, Which Can Fill Your Whole Garden With a Pleasant Smell.

They Basically Grown In The Ground, But Can Be grown In Pots With proper care, Its a Permanent Plant, Which can Survive For year With You, One Exciting Thing is That Their bulbs also Divide Under The soil, So You Can Multiply Them That Way Too.

How To Grow Them?

Tuberose Plant Bulb

For Starting Tuberose Plant At Home, You Can Buy Such Bulbs From a Garden Shop, They are Also Linked Here, If You Like To buy, Try To Choose Bigg Size & rigid Bulbs, Because They Grow Stronger Plants.

You Can Sow These Bulbs When Their Growing Season Starts & If You Like, You Can also Buy Their Mature Plants From A Local Nursery, They Are available In Summers.

1-What Is Its Growing Season?

Tuberose Flowers

The First & The Most Important Thing in Tuberose Plant care is Understanding Their Growing Season. Tuberose Plant is Warm Area Plant, Their Growing Season Starts In Early Springs & Continues Over The Whole Summer Months, In The Moonsoon Time, They Grow a Stick & Grow such Flowers.

Their Flowers Stays Fresh & Fragrant For Almost 2 Weeks. Once The Summers Are Over & The temp starts On decreasing in WInters, Tuberose Plants Shows a Stunted Growth & Starts To Dry Out.

You Can Either Save Their Bulbs In a Dry Area, Or You can Move Tuberose Plants Indoors Somewhere a Little Warm. Hopefully They will Grow again In Next Springs.

2-What Soil Should We Use?

Loose Soil Mix For Plants

Another Important Thing To Grow Tuberose Flowers in Their Soil media. In a Hard & Compact Type of Mixture, Tuberose Bulbs cant Breath & Grow, So They Shows Very stunted Growth. While in a Well Draining & Slightly Loose Soil Mix, They Can Grow Very fast, producing Green Healthy Leaves & Flowers.

Just Make Sure The Mixture You Are Going to Use is Not Water Blocking, & Not So Compact. You Can also use This Homemade Mixture, Made With Simple Ingredients. Detailed Guide On This is Linked Here.

3-Which Pot Works Best For Tube Rose Plant?

Black Grow Bag

Another Important Thing in Tuberose Plant care is Their Pot Size. as You Know they have Bulbs Or Tubers Growing Under Them, So in a Small Pot, They Cant Divide & Multiply, So a Wider Grow Bag is Essential.

Also in a Small Size Pot, Tuberose Plant hardly Grow New Roots, Which results in Lesser Flowers. You Can simply Choose a 8 to 10 Inches Deeper Grow Bag With a Good Width, They are Also Linked Here to Buy.

Planting Tube rose Plantโ€ฆ.

Planting Tuberose Bulbs

For Planting Tuberose Bulbs, Simply Fill Half Of The Grow Bag, Like This & Place Your Bulbs equally apart From One Another, Place The Root Side Down. You Can Also Buy Tuberose Bulbs From This Link. Now Cover Them With Same Soil Media, Upto Their head.

Tuberose Plant Bulbs Planting

Dont Worry If You Place Them Upside Down, still The new Shoots Will find their Way out Of The Soil.

Planting Tuberose Bulbs

Now Water The soil, Until Its A Little Moist. Dont make The Soil Wet, Just a Little Moisture In The soil is Enough To Make Them Sprout, Now Place The Pot In a Semishaded Area For a Few days,

After 4 Days….

Sprouting Tuberose Bulbs
After 4 Days….

After 17 Days….

Tuberose Plants
After 17 Days…

Within a Week or So, They Will Show You Some Green Stems Coming Out Of The Soil.

Mature Tuberose Plants
After 32 Days…

Now they Will get Bigger & Bigger With Time, Just Keep The Soil a Little Moist.

4-Where To Place The Tube Rose Plants?

Tuberose Flowers

Sunlight Is Another very Important Thing In Tuberose Plant care. At This stage of Growth, Keep Your Tuberose Plants In a Sunny area, Its Important For The Healthiest Growth of Tuberose Plants, You Can provide Them a Fully Day of Sun, But atleast Make Sure of 3 to 5 Hours of Direct Sunlight.

In Hot Summers, like In June & july, You Can Move It Temporarily To a Less Sunny Area, Otherwise Tuberose Flowers Loves Sunlight. Deficiancy of Light may appear In The Form of yellow & Drying Leaves, So Make Sure of a Sunny Spot. For learning Indepth About Yellow leaves & Their Solutions, Checkout The Article added Here.

5-Which Fertilizer Should We Use?


After Around a month or So, Tuberose Plants will be Big Enough To be Fertilized, proper Fertiliation Is Another Important Thing In Tuberose Plant care. You Can Use any Balanced Fertilizer.\

You Can Use Compost, Cow dung, Mustard cake, But This Is The Fertilizer That Will Work The best, Its Made Only for Flowering Plant According To Their Requirements. detailed Guide On This is Added Here, Make It & Use It Every 2 Weeks In The Growing Season Of Tuberose Plant.

Tuberose Flowers
After 57 Days….

Within a Few More Days, You Will See a Stick Will Grow Out of The Base & make Buds & Flowers on It. At this Stage, Make Sure The Soil is Nutrients Enrich, This Will keep the Flowers Comming.

So Its all About Tuberose Plant care Guide, Follow This Guide To Know More of Such Summers Flowering Plants.

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