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6 Reason – Why are Hibiscus leaves turning Yellow?


Hibiscus leaves Turning Yellow:-

Sometimes the Yellowing of Hibiscus leaves is not a Bad thing, it may be Natural process. But Due to the Yellow leaves, the process of Photosynthesis stops that effects the Growth of Hibiscus plant and it the Beauty of the Plant also decreases. 

The hibiscus Plant stops it’s beautiful Flowering. And The plant looks very Unhealthy and We Became Very Anxious. Here are Some Reason that make this problem and We have Solve These to Get Hibiscus Flowers again.

Main Reason of Yellowing of Hibiscus leaves:-

1-Deficiency of Nutrients:-

        Fertilizers and the Nutrients are the basic need of every plant. From the start of a seed to the harvest of fruit, The nutrients are the basic needs. 

 When the soil of hibiscus plant is not meeting the nutritional needs of hibiscus plant, then the plants start showing the symptoms of this problem through its leaves. 

Hibiscus plant is a heavy feeder that requires variety of nutrients to grow Healthily. It requires macro as well as micronutrients like zinc Calcium, magnesium, potassium, and so on…. 

To provide these nutrients to the hibiscus plant in an Organic form, I have a Fertilizer that is made only for the hibiscus plant. And it contains all of these essential nutrients for the Hibiscus plant.


         Hibiscus plant is a tropical area plant that requires humid Environment. But it doesn’t means, that you add so much water in the soil. Over Watering causes the rotting of roots and the hibiscus leaves starts getting yellow.

After some time all the yellow leaves drop off and your hibiscus plant dies. Whenever the leaves of your hibiscus plant starts getting yellow focus on the watering and the soil mix

Using the soil mix with poor drainage causes the blockage of water, And leaves starts yellowing. To make your hibiscus plant to grow Healthily provide a well-draining soil and an Airy environment. If you are using plastic pots to grow hibiscus plant, then you have to make extra attention to the watering style. 

If your plant is over watered, then you can place it in a sunny area, and loose the upper layer of soil to let it dry. The leaf that is yellow doesn’t turns into green color again, You just have to remove the yellow leaves.

3-Lack of Sunlight:-

        Hibiscus plant is a sunny area plant that requires plenty of Direct sunlight. The lack of sunlight also causes the Yellowing of hibiscus plant leaves. Leaves make Food for The Plant when the Sunlight falls on them. 

But if you don’t Provide sunlight to a leaf, if became yellow and fells off. That means the life of the leaf is ended. Therefore, the Plant is also very Important, it makes sunlight to reach the every Part of Hibiscus Plant. Don’t place your hibiscus plant in a shaded area. 

 The lack of sunlight is also a reason of yellowing of hibiscus plant leaves. So make sure, you are providing minimum 5-6 Hours of direct Sunlight to the Hibiscus Plant. 

4-Pest Attack:-

      Hibiscus plant is attacked by so many types of Insects and Pests, that are very Harmful for the plant. All of these insects have different Signs and indications. 

But when the hibiscus plant is attacked by the pest called as aphids, then it shows yellowing of leaves the Aphid sucks the Chlorophyll compound from the leaf, that is the green colored compound that makes the leaf yellow colored to avoid these harmful pests you can use any Pesticide Spray. 

You can use once in a week on all your hibiscus plants. The Neem oil spray is a Very effective pesticide, that is Organic also.

5-Dormancy Time:-

          The hibiscus plant is a Summer season Flowering plant that blooms all around the hot season. In the last of summers, when the Temperature starts decreasing, the leaves of hibiscus plant starts getting yellow due to the effect of temperature

And after some time all the leaves turns yellow and fells off, But this is a natural process, we don’t have to worry about this. Winter Season is the dormancy time for the hibiscus plant. 

In the next season, as the spring starts the hibiscus plant starts producing the green colored leaves again.

6-Transplant Shock:-

          When u check your hibiscus plant the Roots faces some types of water lossage.To Overcome this deficiency, the plant turns its leaves into yellow color and drop them. 

The leaves have small pores that Evaporates the water. After the repotting, the hibiscus plant is already facing water deficiency the evaporation of moisture is more Harmful. To overcome this problem the plant makes its leaves yellow and drop them. 

At this stage, you just have to place the Hibiscus plant in a shady area. After a few days, the hibiscus plant starts producing the green colored Leaves again. 

How to Resolve the Yellowing of Hibiscus leaves?

       If your hibiscus plant is also facing the yellowing of leaves then identify the reason, that why the leaves are turning yellow. And then make any solution to the Problem. 

Mostly the hibiscus leaves turns yellow due to the Water blockage and Nutritional deficiency. For solving these problems, i have described all the simplest solutions. You should must follow these instructions properly. 

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