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7 Reasons for Yellowing of leaves on Roses! & Their Solutions!


There are a Few Very Common Reasons for the Yellow Spots On Leaves Of Roses, that occur Very Frequently. & it is Extremely Important to Make Their Solutions, Otherwise, the Yellow Leaves On a Rose Bush, don’t Let It Grow Properly.

Rose Plant Grow Beautiful Flowers if You Take Good Care. But a little Mistake Can Cause such a Type of yellowing of leaves on roses. Therefore in this Post, I am Going To Show You a List Of Reasons Yellow Spots On Leaves Of Roses.


Following Are the Some Most Common Reasons for Rose Plant Yellow Leaves;-

  • Transplant Shock
  • Oxygen intake Reduced
  • pH is high / Iron Deficiency
  • Light Deficiency
  • Compact Soil Mix
  • Fungal Attack
  • Leaf life

Stress & Shock;-

The Main Reason for the Yellowing of leaves on Roses is The Transplant Shock & Stress. As We Move the Plant From one Pot to Another, or if We Change its Location, This Thing Makes Stress On the Rose Plant Roots. & ultimately it turns its Leaves Yellow. These Yellow Leaves on Rose Bushes are Not So Harmful, as It is a Natural Process of Recovery of The Plant From The Shock. But You Should Follow the Right Season & method to Transplant.

What is the Best Season to Transplant Rose Bush?

The Best Season to Transplant Your rose is Rainy Season & Spring days. The Temp. is Very Favourable & Rose Plant Recovers Very Fastly.

Buying Rose Effect;-

Yellowing of leaves on Roses also happens when we Brought a New Rose Plant From Nursery, but it’s only a Short term Change in its Growth. After a few days, Rose Plant Kept on Growing Again. So It is Important to Transplant Roses in a Suitable Season.

Over Watering & Poor Drainage;-

The Next Thing That makes its leaves Yellow is Overwatering. Rose Plant is a Very Sensitive Plant, Specially to the Watering Style. Good Soil Plays a Major Role in holding a Required Moisture Level.

What Happens If the Water Gets Block In Rose Plant’s Soil?

If Water Gets Block in the soil, the Roots Became Stressed & Turns Leaves Yellow. They aren’t Able to Absorb Oxygen & hence yellow Leaves Appears. This Thing also Causes Die Back disease in Roses, so Watering Technique must be Correct while Growing Rose Plants.

What is the Best Way to Water Rose Bush?

The Best Way To Water is To Check the soil Moisture Level & Then Water. Try to water only When the soil feels Dry. You can also Dip Your Finger in the soil to Check if the soil is Moist or Not. First, let the Soil Dry Out a Little, & Then Water.

Light Deficiency;-

Another Common Reason For the Yellowing of leaves on Roses is light Deficiency. When the Frequent Amount of Sunlight can’t Reach the lower Leaves of the Plant, they Became Yellow. If You Have placed your Rose Plant in a Dark Area, then Yellow Leaves must Appear.

Light Deficiency mainly Affects the Lower Leaves & Leaf Became Fully Yellow without Black Patches. The solution is Simple, provide a good amount of Sunlight to the rose Plant & if The lower leaves Became Yellow, then it is completely ok, you don’t have to worry.

How Much Sun Rose Plant Requires?

Rose Plant is a Winter Season plant, & Loves to have a Sunny Spot with a Mid Range Temp. The Sunlight In Summers Is Not Ideal, in Summers Provide 3-4 Hours of Morning Sunlight. & in Winter days, a full day of direct Sunlight is Very Useful.

PH & Nutrients Deficiency;-


The Next Reason for yellow leaves on a rose bush is Soil’s pH Level. Rose Plant loves to have an Acidic Soil Mix, but if the pH Is Increased in your Soil mix, then Yellow Leaves appear. Rose Plant also Makes the leaves Yellow, with the deficiency of Iron in the soil mix. Mostly the Deficiency of a Nutrient Causes the Leaves To turn Such Yellowish with Black Patches.

The Best Way to Prevent & cure this problem is to use an ideal Fertilizer For Rose Plants. For that, you can use any Fertilizer make sure it is Slightly Acidic & have micro Elements in Larger Amounts.

Compost, Tea Waste, Cow Dung Compost, etc.. are Some Organic Fertilizers, that you Can use to make the Soil acidic & Nutrients Enrich.

You Can also use Ready To Use, Organic Rose Food to Fertilize Your Roses Every 20 days, For Quality Results.

I have also made a Detailed Video On the Yellowing of Rose Leaves, that You Can Check Out Here;-?

Compact Soil Mix Effect;-

Another Common Reason for Yellow leaves on a Rose bush is the Compact Soil Mix. Soil Quality Plays a Big role in keeping the Plant Healthy, so pay a good amount of attention to this Thing.

A Compact mixture, Doesn’t Let the gases exchange & roots Also hardly Survive. This Thing makes Stress To the Plant & then Yellow Leaves Appear. Rose Plant shows a Stunted Growth & slowly it dies.

The solution is Simple, Use a good Soil Mix For Growing Roses. A Well Draining, Loose & Fertile Soil Mix works Perfectly. You can Check Out a Ready To Use Potting Mix For Rose Plantย Here!

Fungal Attack;-

The next reason which is also Very Common in Rainy Seasonย is the Fungal attack. Rose Plant is a Sensitive Plant to water & Moisture, too much Moisture around the plant Makes the leaves Turn Yellow, due to the growth of fungus. It can also be due to the Use Of An infected Cutter.
The leaves Became Yellow & such types of black Patches appeared on them. You can use a Fungicidic Liquid to cure this problem, otherwise, it will be very harmful & difficult to cure. After a few days, the stem starts to dry out from the top & it Dies. So Be careful, & put your plant in a Well lit, open Area.

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Leaf Life;-

The Last possible Reason for the Yellowing of leaves on Roses is the leaf life. This means the leaf is really old & it is time to Became Yellow & Fall Off. It is a Natural Process of leaf decomposition, so don’t worry, only make sure your Rose Plant is Growing well.


So These are the Some Possible Reasons for Yellowing rose Leaves, All of These Points are Somehow Connected to Rose Plant Care, So Should focus On Rose Plant Care Guide to Keep the Rose Bush Away from Harmful & fatal Diseases.

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