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5 Tips For Growing Vinca Plant in Winters – Vinca Plant Winter Care….


Growing Vinca Plant in Winters Is a little Tricky Process, & in This Post, We will Discuss about Vinca Plant Care In Winters. As Winter is not Its Season, Therefore Different Problems Can Harm it very Badly, So let’s Know How to Keep It Growing in such an odd Environment.

What is The Best Time To Grow Vinca?


But First, let’s Discuss a Little about The Season. So Vinca Plant is a Summers Flowering Plant, That is Grown as a Permanent Plant in Ashia. Vinca Starts Its Growth as The Summers Starts & Continue to Grow Up to Mid October.

But As the Winter Season Starts, The Temperature starts to Decrease, & Vinca Plant also gradually Stop Its Growth. & In some Areas, When Temperature Falls Upto 10 degrees, Vinca Plant Became Fully Dormant, & may Die as Well.

But There are Some Tips & Tricks You Should Follow To Keep The Vinca Plant Thriving, That We will Discuss in a While. Now As we Know Vinca Plant is a Summers Plant, But For The Winters You Can Still Grow Many Other Winter Flowering Plants, A List Of Them Is Added Here…..

1-Put it in Full Sun:-


The Most Important Thing For growing Vinca Plant In Winters is To Change Its Location. Your Vinca Pot Might be in an Open Area, With Night Frost & Shade. So You Should Move It to a Sunny Spot With a Little Shade. In winters, The Decreasing Temp. Causes the Leaves To Freeze, That Ultimately Makes The Plant Dying.

You Can Move The Vinca indoors in a Bright Light Area, Just Like Near a Window. But Don’t Let it in an Open Space, especially If Winters are Extremely Cold On Your Side. At The Room Temperature, Your Vinca Plant Woulnot Let The Growth To Stop, But The Outdoor Environment Will Definitely Kill It.

2-Keep The Moisture Draining:-


The Another Point For Vinca Plant Winter Care is To Reconsider Your Watering Style. Soil Mix also Plays a Big Role In It. For The Watering, The Best Practice Is To Check The Upper Layer Of Soil, & Then Water. In Winters, The Moisture hardly Evaporates, Therefore You Have To Wait a Little Until it Gets Dry.

Adding Water Again & again, Especially If Your Soil Mix Is Not Draining Properly, Can Cause Many Serious Problems Like A Stunted Growth, Yellow Leaves & Root Rot Etc. So For That, You Should Use a Well Draining Mix As Well, But Now Don’t Try To Change The Soil.

Simply Try To Water carefully, Your Soil Mix May Need Moisture after a Day, Or Maybe after A week, But You Always Have To Wait Until The Soil Dries. For a Good Soil Mix For Your Vinca Plants, You Can Check It Out Here. & Change Its Soil Mix, As The Springs Starts.

3-What Causing Yellow Leaves On Vinca?


Another Common Problem Of Vinca Plant Care In Winters, Is Its Yellowing Leaves. But The Turning of Leaves into Yellow, Specially in The Winters is a Normal Thing, Until It is Due To the Temperature effect. But If Your Soil Mix is Wet For a Long Time, Then It Can also Cause Yellow Leaves, That Can Be Very Harmful. So Make Sure Your Soil Mix Is Drying Properly.

There are Several Other Reasons As Well, That Can Cause Yellowing Of Leaves On Vinca, For That Check Out a Detailed Article Here…

4-Avoid Fertilizers In Winters:-


Fertilization is also Important To Be Discuss in Vinca Winter Care, So Yes You can add Fertilizer, But There is a Way. In its Season, You Can add Any Good Fertilizer Every 15 Days, But In The Winter Days, You Should Slow Down To Fertilize. As Vinca Doesn’t Grow Much in Winters, Therefore it Doesn’t Require Much Nutrition in Winters.

If Your Soil Mix Is fertile, You Can pass Winter Months Without Any Fertilization. But a Stable fertilizer Must Be Provided Every Month To Keep The Vinca Plant Out of Nutritional Deficiency. For That, You Can use Our Homemade Npk Fertilizer, Which is Best For Such Conditions. But Remember Don’t Try To Fertilize Again & again.

5-Don’t Disturb Roots:-


The next Point in Vinca Plant Winter Care is To Avoid any Root Work. If You Disturb The Roots In any Way, Your Vinca Plant May Die, Because Of Stress. Vinca Plant is already Going Through its Hard Days, & Re potting

Or Root Pruning over That Can make it Dying, So You Have To Be Careful.

You Can Repot Your Vinca Plant, As The Winter Season Ends & Springs Come Up. If Your Vinca Roots

are Bounded, then You Should Must give It a Bigger Pot. & As It Starts To Grow Again, Follow Up this Video

For Getting It on a Massive Blooming.

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