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7 Reasons – Why The Vinca plant Leaves Turning Yellowโ€ฆ?


Vinca Plant is a Fast Growing Plant & Some Time to Shows Yellowing Leaves, That Can Be Harmful & SomeTimes Harmless, But It’s Important To Know Why The Vinca Plant Leaves are Turning Yellow. In This Post, I have Included The Most Common Reasons, Why The Vinca Leaves Turning Yellow & Their Simplest Solutions As Well. So let’s Know About Them.

Nitrogen Or Magnesium Defi:-


The Most Common Reason For Vinca Yellow Leaves Is the Nutritional Deficiency. As Vinca Plant Grow Fast, Therefore it Requires Lots Of Nutrients Time to Time For Its Healthier & Proper Growth. But When Soil Doesn’t Have That, It Cause The Vinca Leaves to Turn Yellow. Majorly Nitrogen & Magnesium Are The Two Different Elements That Keeps The Leaves Green & Their Deficiency Turns Them Into Yellow.

How To Overcome Nutritional Deficiency?

But The Cure Is Really Simple, You Just have to Use a Good Fertilizer, That Contains Nitrogen & Magnesium, Like Cow Dung Compost. But The Deficiency Of Other Nutrients Like Calcium, Iron, Zinc etc can also Cause Other Leaf Problems. Therefore it is Preferred To Use a Complete Fertilizer. Our Homemade Vinca Fertilizer Has a Nice Combination Of Nutrients, That Will be Optimum For The Vinca Roots. It’s Added Here, Must Check It Out.

Root Bounding:-


The Another Cause Of Yellowing Vinca Leaves Is The Bounding Of roots. Vinca Plant Grow Fast & Their Roots Became Stuck Inside The Pot Walls. Therefore It Requires a Yearly Repotting. But As Soon as You Know, it Can Be Due To the Bounding Roots, you Should Give it a Bigger Container. Until The Roots Are Stuck Inside The Pot, Vinca Plant Woulnot Grow & not Produce Flowers as Well. So make It Solution Immediately.

Over Watering Or Blockage:-

Another Common Reason For the Yellow Leaves of Vinca is The Over watering Condition, or The Blockage Of Water in The Soil. Over Watering Causes A Stressed Condition on The Plant, & In Result The Leaves Starts To Turn Yellow. To Diagnose This Problem, you Can Check The Upper Soil layer For That, If it is Wet, Then It can be a Problem.

How to Overcome Water Blocakage?


For The Solution, Immediately Stop Watering & Try To Be Careful After That. But If Your Soil Is Water Blocking, Then You Should Change It, Otherwise, It Will Kill Your Vinca. For That, A Good Potting Mix Is Added Here, You Can Check Out That.

Deficiency Of Sun:-

Deficiency of the Sun Can also Cause The Yellowing Of Vinca Leaves. As It is a Flowering Plant Therefore You Should Place it Atleast in a Bright Spot. Otherwise, The Lower Leaves Starts To Turn Yellow & Slowly The Plant Stops To Grow as Well. Vinca Plant Loves a Full Day Of Sun, So Must Provide It at Least a Few Hours of sun.

Off-Season Effect:-


The Next Reason That Makes The Vinca Leaves Yellow is The Change Of Season. it is Harmless & You Don’t Need To Do Anything, Just make Sure The Temperature is not Going So Extreme. Especially in Winter, You Will Find Yellow Leaves On Vinca, Which is a Normal Thing.

It Will Be Recovered Automatically as The springs Come Back. as Winter Season Is The Off Season of Vinca, Therefore You have To Follow Up on A Few Important Points, OtherWise, It can Be Fatal. For That Detailed Guide is Added Here, You Can Check Out That.

Stress & Shock:-

It is very Common That all the Vinca Leaves Turns Yellow, As We put it in a New Pot. It is Due to The Transplant Shock, & Nothing is Serious To Worry About, Just Put Your Plant in a Bright Spot, Away From Direct Sunlight For a Few Days, & Try water normally. It will Grow New Leaves & Will be Ok after a Few Days. It Also Happens When we Brought a New vinca plant care From The Nursery, but you Don’t Need To worry, Just Give It Some Time To Settle in a New Space.

Leaf Life:-


Another Reason for Yellow Vinca Leaves is about its Life. The Lower Leaves of the Vinca Plant also Turns Yellow Very Commonly, Which is maybe Due to Sunlight Deficiency, or it had completed its Life. As The Leaves Gets Older, They Turn Yellow & Fells Off. It is a Natural Thing & you don’t have To Worry About This.
So it’s all about Yellow Leaves of Vinca Plant, Hope You Got Some Idea. For any Question Leave a Comment Below.

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