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6 GROWTH HACKS – Vinca Plant Care Tips! (10x BLOOMING*)

6 GROWTH HACKS - Vinca Plant Care Tips! (10x BLOOMING*)

Vinca Plant is One of The Easiest To Grow Plants, & They Also Produces Very Simple Yet Beautiful Flowers. So In This Post, We Will Discuss Vinca Plant care Tips, That Will help You Grow Them Very Healthily. So Follow Step By Step.

1-Understand Its Growing Seasonโ€ฆ.

Hybrid Vinca Flowers

The First & The Most Important Thing in Vinca Plant Care is Understanding Its Growing Season. Vinca Minor is a Warm area Plant Native to Northwest africa, Its likes a temeprate Climate, Ranging From 20 to 35 Degree Celsius, In This Temp., Range Vinca Plant Grow Very Fast & Healthily.

Their Growing Season Generally Starts In Early Springs & Continues Over The Whole Summers, Until The Temperature Goes Out of The Ideal Range In The Early Winters. & Once The Winter Takes Over, Vinca Plant becames Stressed & Goes Under a Dormancy Condition.

Now If You have a Local Variety of Vinca That is Grown As A perrinial Plant, Then It Will Survive Over The Winters, Just keep It Under a bright Shade, Water Less & Dont Fertilize or prune At all.

Vinca Plants Hybrid Varieties have a Shorter Life Cycle, SO if You are Growing Those, They Are Gonna Die In Winters, There is Nothing You Can Do. Overall You Can Grow Vinca Plant in Warm Months of Year, But Winter Is Not Good to Grow Vinca Plant, So Plan Your Fertilization, pruning & repotting Etc According To its Growing Season.

2-Providing a Good Soil mix!

Loose & well Draining Soil

Another Very Important Thing in Vinca Plant care Is Its Soil Mix. If Your Soil is Good enough, Vinca Plant Will Grow Very Fast, less Problems Will Appear & Hence More Flowers as Well.

Overall Vinca Plant Likes a Well Draining & Slightly Loose Soil Media To Grow In, While In A Compact & hard Mixture, The Growth will Be Disturbed & Abnormal. So The Simple Solution is To Use a Good Mixture Right From The Day One, You Can also make a Good Mixture At Home, Simply Follow The Guide Added Here.

How To Water Vinca Plant?

For Watering, Follow a Simple Rule To Water Only When The Top Layer of soil Feels Dry, Otherwise Just Wait, Until it Dries Out.

3-Place It Where it Should Be?

vinca plant in sun

Next Important Thing In Vinca Plant Care Tips Is To Place It Where It Should Be. An Ideal Spot Helps The Plant To Grow Very Effortlessly, also Less Diseases Appear On The Plant & hence It Produces More Flowers.

For Vinca Plant, An Ideal Spot Means An Area That is Open & Airy, Recieves atleast 3 to 5 Hours of Direct Sunlight. Deficiency of Light may Appears In The form Of yellow Leaves, a Stunted & Abnormal Growth.

While In Hot Summers, Full Day of Sun will Turn Its Leaves Into pale Green color, But That temporary, You Can Move It To a SemiShaded area If You Like too. Otherwise Its a Sun Loving Plant, So make Sure of It.

4-Fertilize With Thisโ€ฆ..


Another very important Thing in Vinca Rosea care is Its proper Fertilization. Vinca Plant is a fast Growing Plant That Like Consistent Fertilization For Maxmum Blooming. But its a Low to Moderate Feeder, Which means Not So Much of a Powerful Fertilizer is Required.

You Can Even Use Simple Kitchen Waste compost, But For Regular use Its Better If You Use This Fertilizer That is Made Just For Such flowering Plants using Simple Ingredients, Detailed Guide On This is Added Here, Must Check it out. & apply it on Vinca Plant Every 2 Weeks, In its Growing Season.

5-Keep It Pruned & dead Headed!

Vinca Rosea Flowers

Another Important Thing in Vinca Plant care is Its Pruning & Dead Heading. Vinca Plant is a fast Growing Plant, & Without Pruning It Might go Long & Leggy, Also Flowering Will be Reduced as well.

So Its Better If You Keep It Pruned. You can Simply Cut Of The 1 Inch Growing Shoots Every 2 Weeks, Or Whenever They Go Long & leggy, It Will keep The Plant Blooming & Bushier.

How to Boost Flowering On Vinca Plant?

Hybrid Vinca Flowers

Vinca Plant Also produces Seeds, They have Seed Pods. With Seed pods, The Energy Of The Plant Goes In Seeds Formation Instead of More Buds & Flowers, So If You Remove The Spent Flowers Time To Time, The Plant Keeps On Producing More & More Flowers, Instead of Making seeds.

To learn More of Such Secrets of Flowering Plants, You Can Buy This E Book from This link.

6-Do a Timely Repottingโ€ฆ

White Vinca Rosea Flower

Another Important Thing In Vinca Plant Care is Its Timely Repotting, For a Perrinial Type of Vinca Plant, You Should Keep It in a Good size Pot & Also repot It Once a Year, The Best Time Would Be springs & Rainy days, Choose Atleast an 8 to 12 Inches of a Grow Bag for a medium Size Vinca Plant.

Bounding of Roots Can Cause a shock On The Plant & yellow Leaves. yellow Leaves are Common In Vinca Plants, So if You are Also Dealing With Them, You Should Checkout a Detailed Guide On vinca yellow Leaves From Here. More Space For Roots, Ensures A Constant Growth of leaves & Flowers, Hope You Got The Point.

So its all About Vinca Plant Care Tips, For Maximum Flowering, To Explore More of Such Beautiful Flower Plants, You Can Follow This article.

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