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How to Make The BEST Potting Soil Recipe For Your Plants At Home? (EASY & EFFECTIVE)

How to Make The BEST Potting Soil Recipe For Your Plants At Home? (EASY & EFFECTIVE)

Soil Mix Is the Key Ingredient To Grow any Type of Plant, & The Whole Healthy Life of a Plant Depends on It. & That’ why It Should be as Ideal as Possible, So In This Post We Will Make The Best Potting Soil For our Plants, You Can Grow Most of Your Plants, Using This Same Mixture, & Its also Super Easy to Make. So lets Know All About It.

What Are the Some Qualities A Soil Should Have?

First Of all Its Important To Understand That What Type of Potting mix a Plant Likes To Grow In. Means What Qualities a Potting Soil Should Have, So It Can Support The Growth of a Plant. Potting Mix Not Only Provides Nutrients & Moisture To The Roots, But Also It Provides Physical Support To The Plant, a Space For The development Of Roots. & That makes soil Medium Even More Important.

Homemade Soil for Plants

Ideally a Plant Likes a Well Draining, Loose & Fertile Mixture. Yes These Things Matter a Little From The Type Of Plant You Are using This for. For Example, most cactus & Succulents Likes very Well draining but Less fertile potting mix, While plants like Hibiscus Likes only a Little Well draining but Very Fertile Soil mix.

So Overall It Depend upon The Plant, But A watering Blocking Soil Or a Hard & Compact potting is Not Helpful For any Plant. Hope That Clear, Our Focus Should Be on Making The Mixture Well Draining, Loose & Fertile.

What Benefits This Mixture Provides?

Homemade Potting Mix

So This Is The Mixture That have all of These qualities, This mixture also Provides Certain Benefits To A Plant, Unlike any Ordinary Potting Mix.

The First thing this Potting soil mix Does is That Its Well draining, So The Chance of Watering Related Problems like Rotting of The Stem Or Roots, Yellowing Leaves etc Will be Almost Zero.

This Homemade Potting Soil Also Helps In The Better & faster Development of The Roots. As Its Soft & Loose, So Here The Roots Dont have To push Too Hard to Grow, This Whole Thing Will Go Effortlessly.

Using This Potting Soil For Your Plants, Will Help Them to grow more Bushier & Healthier, The whole Process Of budding, Flowering, Fruit setting Will Go like an Automatted Thing. Very Less Problems Will Encounter To Your Plants, if you are Growing It in The Right Season.

The key Ingredients!

So these are The Some benefits This Potting Mix Provides To Our Plants, To make this Mixture means a Well draining Loose & fertile mixture, We Will use a few Ingredients, Each of Them Is Used to add a Specific Property into Our Mixture, Like Cocopeat makes The Soil Soft & Water Retentive, While Sand Makes The Mixture Well draining, So focus On This.

1-Sand 20%

Sand in A Bowl

The First Ingredient for This Homemade Potting Soil is the Sand, Which Is An Excellent Thing To Improve The Drainage Of any Soil Medium. Make Sure You Arenot Using Sea sand, as Its Salty In Nature Which is Not good For Growing Any Type of Plant. You Can Use River Sand, Or Just simply Use the Construction Sand.

2-Soil 30%

Soil In a Bowl

The Next Ingredient of Our Potting Soil Mix will be the Simple garden Soil. I am Assuming Your Garden Soil is Not like a clay Soil, It should Be a Little Soft & Porous. Also Before Using The Garden Soil, Spread The Whole Mixture Is The Sun until Its Fullt Dry.

This Will ensure The Removal of any harmful Fungi, Bacteria Etc means The soil Will free of Germs.

3-Brick Dust 10%

Brick Dust In a Bowl

Another Ingredient To Make the best Potting Soil is The Brick Dust. You Can Use The Brick Made From clay Soil, & Then Crush Them Into a powder Form. They have a good water holding Power. also it Drains Just Like Sand. So This Will Also Helps Our Mixture to be Ideal.

4-Cocopeat 20%


Another Ingredient for This Potting Soil mix is The cocopeat that I am using to Make The Mixture Loose & Soft. Using to Much of Cocopeat Can Make The Soil To be Very Moist, So Follow The Ratios described. & Its also Added Here, If You Like To Buy.

5-Compost / Cowdung 20%

Cow dung In bowl

Next Ingredient for This Homemade Potting mix is The Cow dung Compost. Or any Other Compost. Cowdung compost Have higher Nitrogen & Many Other nutrients Too, & You can Even Make it At Home, Simply Follow The Article added Here.

If You Dont Have Cow dung Compost, You Can also Use kitchen Waste Compost Or leaf Compost. They All are also Added Here, If You Like To Buy.

Potting Mix Ingredients

So Here We Have all The Described Ingredients Into Given Ratios, Mix Them Well & Here we Have Our Homemade Potting Soil Ready To Use.

Can We Use This Potting Soil for All Plants?

Potting Soil Mix For Plants

You Can use This Mixture For all Type of Plants, like For Indoor Plants, Leafy Vegetables, root Vegetables, Annual Flowers or For Permanent Flowering Plant etc. Just Dont Use This For Succulents & Cacti Plants, They are More Sensitive Than These Plants, For Them You Can Follow This Homemade Recipe Added In The This Article.

& For Seeds, Yes You Can Use This Mixture, But to make Sure maximum Germination Rate, Its Better To use This homemade Seed Starter, Its Made Just For Growing seeds, & Its also Very easy to make. Simply Follow This Article.

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