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How To Make Cow Dung Compost At Home? (STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE)

Cow dung Compost is the Most valueable Organic Fertilizer, That is Used Very Widely & Can Be Made At home Following a few Easy Steps. In This Post, I Will Show You The Whole technique of quickly Making Cow dung Compost At Home, With Updates. So Keep Reading.

Why Cow dung Is So Important?

Cow dung Compost is Used by The Farmers & gardeners from Ancients Time & Amoing all type of Animal Manures, Cow dung manure Is Considered As basic fertilizer. So This Makes this Composted Form Of Cowdung So Much Useful.

What Is the best Time to make Cow Dung Compost?

Ready to Use Cow dung compost

For Making Cow dung Compost quickly, first of all You SHould Focus on the Season. So the Most Suitable Time For Making Cow dung Compost is The Summer Days. Starting From late Springs upto late Summer days, You can make compost Very quickly.

& Why Is That Let me Explain. Bacteria & Microbes decomposes The cow dung & They Likes a Warm Area To Grow & Compost Rapidly, So that’s Why Its the Ideal Time For Making This compost. This doesn’t Mean You Cant Make Cow dung Compost in The Winters, But the Point is In Winters it takes Much longer Time.

Making Cow dung Compost At Home:-

Following Are The Steps You Should Follow For Making Cow dung Compost At Home.

Step. 1 – Cow dung Cakes:-

raw Cow dung Cakes

Now lets jump to Our First Step of Making Cow dung Compost That is preparing Our Main ingredient which is cow dung cakes. You can Get such Type of Cow dung Cakes From local Nursery, or Farm.

Cow dung Cakes

They basically The dried Form Of Cow dung, & We Can use Them To Make A Useable Compost Out of it. You Have To Crush Them into Smaller pieces like This. This Will Aid The decomposition Process.

Step. 2 – Preparing Compost Bin:-

Compost Bin

In The Next Step, Prepare You Composting Bin. I Am Using Such type of a Porous Basket. It Will Be Very Optimum, If You can Take a Porous Container, instead of A Plactic bin.

More gaseus Exchange Means faster Decompostion, So its Very Important, You Can Also Buy a Similar bin from This Link. I am Also Placing a bowl Under This Basket, So The Draining Liquid Can be Collected.

Step. 3 – Adding Microbes Media:-

making Cow manure at Home

Now Its Time To Add A Microbes Media, For Which I am using These Paper Pieces. They Are a Great Source of Carbon, required By The Bacteria For a Faster Decompostion.

Preparing Cow manure at Home

After that You can Add Some Compost & Soil At The Base, Both Of Them are Full of bacteria, Just make a Layer. You Can Also Buy a Good Quality Compost From This Link.

Step. 4 – Going Layer By Layer:-

Preparing Cow dung Compost At Home

So the Final Step is Just going Layer By Layer. Means Add One layer of cow dung cakes material, Which We have Prepared Before & Then add a Layer of Compost Or Soil. Then Agian One Layer of cow dung cakes, Then Again Compost. This Way Make Multiple Layer On top of one another.

Preparing Cow dung compost

After Filling The Whole Composting bin, Now Its Time to Water. & Here We Have To make The Whole Material Moist, So do A deep Watering.

Preparing Cow dung manure At Home

After That, Now we Should Place This Container In a Shaded & Warm Area.

After 35 Daysโ€ฆ.(Compost Tea):-

After 35 days of Making Compost

After Around 2 to 4 Weeks, You Will Notice that Our Composting material Is Settling down, Which is the First Sign of Decompostion. During These days, You Should Definitely Shuffle The Material Upside Down. This Will Also Increase The Areation levels & gaseus exchange. Also keep the Material very moist With Regular & Frequent Watering.

Homemade Cow dung Compost Tea

In The Base Bowl, You Will Also See a Dark brown Colored Liquid draining Out Of Our composting bin, So its Compost tea, Containing all The Essential Nutrient & Benefits Of Cow dung Compost.

Applying Cow dung Compost Tea

We can Use this Powerful Liquid fertilizer on Our Plants, But First Dilute It With More Water. Them Add a Glass Of This diluted Cow dung Compost tea in Every 5 to 8 inches of Pot.

After 58 Daysโ€ฆ..(Harvesting):-

After 58 days of Composting

After Around 2 to 3 months, Our Cow dung Compost Will Be Ready To Use. To Check That, You can Simply Dig up Some Of The Material from The Bin & See If Its ready To Use Or Not.

Cow dung compost Ready to use

A Ready to use cow dung Compost will be earthy in Smell instead of Cow dung’s bad Smell. The Color Of this compost Would Be brown to dark Brown, With a Very Loose Texture. Our Cow dung Compost Is ready, & Now we can use It For our Plants. You can filter This compost, store It for ever & Use This Time To time.

How to Use Cow Dung Compost For Plants?

Cow Dung compost

For Applying This Homemade Cow dung Compost On Plants, Simply Loose The Upper Layer of Soil.

Applying Cow Dung compost on Soil

Then add a Dose Of this Cow manure, Which Depends upon plant Age & container Size. Simply follow The Dose Mentioned On The Screen.

Watering After Fertilizing

After mixing It Properly With The Soil Do a deep Watering. This way fertilize Your Plants every 2 weeks In The Growing Season. You Should Use Cow dung Very Carefully, Because Its a High Dose fertilizer, & Can Burn The Plant. A detailed guide on Some Of Its Benefits & The Right Way To use it is Also linked Here, Must Check It Out.

On What plants We Should Use CowDung Compost?

Homemade Cow dung Compost

You can use Cow dung Compost On Almost All Type of Leaf producing Plants, Specially At Their Younger Age. But When a Plant is Mature & Have To Produce Fruit & flowers, cow dung Is Not a good Choice.

You Can Use a Homemade Recipe For Flowering & Fruiting Plants, An Article Is Linked Here To Show You That. Except Such Plants, You Can use cow dung compost On All Type of Plants, Including indoor plants, Leafy Vegetables, Seedlings Etc.

So its All About making Cow dung compost, Only bad Thing About this Compost is That it takes months For it to be Ready for Use. & For That You Can use Kitchen Waste Compost instead of Cow dung, that you can Make At Home Within a Month. Here is An Article to Show you The Whole Method, Must Check It Out.

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