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How to Grow LANTANA PLANT Fast? (7-SECRETS*)

Lantana Plant Is an fast Growing Plant, You Just need to Follow A Few Simple Things. & In This Video, We will Talk All About These 7 Lantana Plant Care Hacks, So Keep Reading.

1-Make it At Home!

The First & The Most Important Thing In Lantana Plant Care is Its Season. If You Are Growing Lantana Plant In The Right Time Of The year, Your Lantana Plant Will Definitely Grow alot Better.

So Lantana Plant is a Summer Season, permanent Flowering Plant, That Starts Its Growth in warming Spring Days, & Its The Best Time To Bring This Beautiful Plant From Nursery.

What is The Growing Season Of Lantana Plant?

Lantana Flowers

Lantana Plant Grow All Around The Hot Summer Days, & Keep In Providing Its Unique Flowers Until The Summers Are Over. Unforunately, Winter Days Are The Resting Of Lantana Plant. At This Time, The Plant Grow Really Slow & You may See Yellow Leaves As well.

But Its a Hardy Plant & pass These Hard Days Very Easily, Justn’t disturb The Plant To Much, only Keep It under a Shade, Or You Can also Move It Indoors.
This Way You Can Follow The Season & Enjoy a Better Growth On your Lantana Plant.

2-Roots Medium….?

Another Big Thing for Growing Lantana Plant fast is Its Soil Medium. Lantana Plant is a fast Growing flowering Plant, So That’s Why If Your Soil Is Loose & Soft This Can Give an extra Advantage to The Plant. Generally, Lantanas are Very Hardy Plants, That Can Survive Well In variety of Soil mixes, But A Water blocking Medium Can Also Trigger A Number Of Problems.

How To Make The Best Soil mix for Lantana Plant?

Best Soil Mix For Lantana Plant

So Here To Solve This Whole Issue, a Loose & Well draining Soil mix Can Keep Your Lantana Plants Very Healthy. You Can Buy a Good Soil mix From This link, Otherwise a homemade Soil Recipe Is also Added Here, You Can use That.
One Big Problem That You Should Must Avoid is That Water Should Never stay Long In The Soil.

3-Semi-Shade Vs Sun Vs Shade….?

Another Important Thing For Growing lantana Plant Fast is its Location. If Your Lantana Plant is Placed in a Shaded Area, It Might Grow Some Leaves, But The Flower Buds Appear Only in Sunlight.

How Much Sun Lantana Plant Likes?

Lantana Camara In Sun

As We Know Lantana Plant is a Summers Flowering Plant, So obviously Sunlight Plays a very Big Role in The Healthy Growth of their buds & Flowers. All You Need To do, Is Just make Sure Your Lantana Plant is Placed in a Well Lit, bright Area.

& it Will be Even More better If You Give a Few Your Of direct Sunlight To Your plants. They Loves a Full day of Direct Sunlight, & Their Rough textured Leaves Also loves a hot Burning Sun.

4-Use The Secret Power Source!

Fertilizer For Lantana Plant

Another Thing that can Speed Up The Growth of Your lantana Plant is regular Fertilization. No Doubt Lantana Plant dont Requires So Much of Fertilization, But For a While its Ok, As the Soil Loses all its Nutrients, Then lantana Plant Will definitely Show You Different leaf Signs.

What Is The Best Fertilizer For Lantana Plant?

Homemade Cow dung Compost Tea

So its Better To provide It a Good Fertilizer on Regular basis. For Its Healthier Growth You Can Use Compost Tea Liquid fertilizer. That You Can Make At Home, A Detailed guide On Making & Applying Compost tea Is Linked Here, You Can Checkout That. & Try use It Every 10 days During The Growing Season. & Aboid Fertilizing lantana Plant in Winter days.

5-Let it be Drunk & Wet…

For a Constant & Healthier Growth Of Lantana Plant, A Proper watering technique is also Important. Otherwise The Plant Grow Less & Lose More. Overwatered Condition can causes a Stunted Growth As Well As Yellow Leaves. While Follow a proper Method Can Double The Growth.

How to Water Lantana Plant Correctly?

So its Very Simple All You Need to do Is Let The Top Layer of Soil Dry. & When its Dry To Touch Then You Can Do a Deep Watering. lantana Plant Likes a Moist Environment, So Keep the Soil Moist & You can Also Spray Water over its leaves, So It feel Humid. This Will Give a Nice Boost To Its Growth.

6-Provide More Room!

Black Grow Bag

Lantana Plant Stops Its Growth When The Roots Are Bounded. Lantana Plant Grow Alot of Roots, so Its Also Compulsory To Provide it a Good Size Pot. Some Wild Varieties Of Lantanas requires a Lot more Space, So Here You Can Choose A Dwarf Variety Or You Have To Give it a Bigger Pot Every Year.

What Is the Best Pot Size For Lantana Plant?

For The Pot, You Can Choose a 12″ Grow Bag, Its Best To avoid Overwatering & it have a Longer life also, You can Buy It From This Link. For The Repotting, Springs & Rains are The Best Seasons, Keep The Plant in shade after Repotting, Until the New Growth Appears.

7-Apply Chop Off Technique…?

Another Thing You Should Must Do In The Growing Season Is Its pruning. Lantana Plant Grow long & Leggy, So a monthly Pruning Can Help alot To Give it a Better Shape & More Buds.

How To prune Lantana Plant?

Hydrogen Peroxide

Its Very Easy, Simply Clean Your Cutter using Hydrogen peroxide, Then Chop Off The upper growing Shoot Around An Inch. You can Do This Whenever The Plant Grow Long. This Will Give away To New Branches, & Ultimately to More flowers. Just Avoid Prunin in Winters, As Its The Resting Time Of The Plant.

So its all About Lantana plant, Here is the Article for making The Compost tea fertilizer, Must check it out.

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