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How to Make Best Potting Mix For all Plants? (EASY INGREDIENTS)


A Good Potting Mix Always Play a Really Big Role in Growing Any Type of Plant. & In This Post, We Will talk all about Making The Best Potting Mix For Plants Using Very Simple Ingredients.

What Type of Mix Works Well For Plants?

First Of all its Important To Understand What Type of Potting Mix, Do Plants Really Wants To Grow In. There are few Requirements That You Should Must Consider. First is The Drainage System Of Your Potting Mix, Because a Water Blocked Mixture Never Let The Plant To Grow Healthily.

First the Plant Go under a Stressed Condition & After a While it Starts To Fall. Another Thing Should Be the Looseness of Your Potting Mix, as It Promotes a More Consistent Growth Of Roots. Fertility of Your Potting mix Is also Important, Because End Of The Day Plant Have To Grow, Using The nutrients.

How to Make The Best Potting Mix?


For Making Such Potting Mix, You Need To Have a Few Very Easily available Ingredients, That are added Here. You Can Buy from. We will make Two Different Soil Mixes, First for Our Mature Plants & Other is For Seeds & Cuttings. This Is Because Seeds & Cuttings Are More Sensitive To The Mixture You are Growing Them In

Regular Potting Mix For Plants:-

Regular Potting Mix For All Plants….

So lets make Our First Mixture, That is For Growing Any Type of Regular Plant. Like You can Grow Flowering Plants, Fruiting Plants, Indoor Or Outdoor Trees In This Mixture With very Less Problems & More Growth.

The First Ingredient in This Mixture is The Sand, That is Very Well Known To Make The Soil Loose & Well Draining. But It Dries Out Very Quickly, That Can Cause an Under Watering Condition, So To Adjust This Thing i am Using Some Cocopeat In This. Cocopeat Holds Some Moisture & Makes The Medium Very Soft For The Roots.

The Another Ingredient in This Potting Mix is The Simple Garden Soil. Make Sure Your Soil Is Free of Pests & Fungus. For That You can Dry It Out in The Sun for a Few Days.


& To add Nutrients in Our Potting Mix, We can Use Cow dung Compost, As It is a Very Useful Thing To Provide Nutrients. A Complete Guide On Some Very Helpful Benefits of Cow dung Is added Here.


Take All Of These Ingredients In Similar Ratios, mix Well & Here is Our Homemade Potting Mix Ready To use.
Using This Potting Mix, Promises a Good Drainage, That reduces The Chance Of Yellow Leaves & flower Drop Problem. It Contain Nutrients, So The Roots Grow Well. You Can Use This For Transplanting Your Younger Seedlings or Mature Plants. But For a Ready To Use Potting Mix For your Plants, you Can Buy It From Here.

Seeds & Cutting Potting Mix:-

Seeds & Cuttings Potting Mix…

The Next Potting mix is for growing seeds & Cuttings. First Ingredient I am Using Here is Sand, Make Sure You are Using Construction Sand, Because Sea Sand Is Not Good For Growing Seeds.

Sterilized Garden Soil…

I am Also Using a Small Amount of Soil, As It is a very Useful To Make Our Mixture Rich With Nutrients, Required at the Early Stages Of The growth. For Keeping The Moisture At an Ideal Level, i am using cocopeat, Because It is Available Very Frequently, & Also Works Well. Just Make Sure You Are Following The Right Ratios.


For The Nutrients You can Should Use Cow dung, As It is High In Nitrogen That is Very beneficial Especially at the propagation Stage.


So Here We have all Our Ingredients, They Are Similar To Our Previous Mixture, But Ratios are Changed, As They Works Even better. Mix them Well & Here is Our Potting Mix Ready To Use. This Mixture Gives You a Good Germination Rate & Better Root Growth of Cuttings, So Must Use This.
For A Commercial Seed Starter You Can Buy It From Here. & Checkout This Guide Here, For Making a Succulents Soil Mix At Home.

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