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How To Make COMPOST From Kitchen Waste Fast? (A Step-By-Step Guide)


In This Post, i am Going To Show You a step by Step Guide To Make Compost At Home, Using Kitchen Waste. & At the End We Will also Talk a Little About Some Tips To Fasten up The Process Of Composting.

What Is Compost & Why Its Used?

Compost is The decomposed Organic material, That Plants Can use as a Source Of Nutrients. First Organic Matter Decomposes by The Microbes, & Turns Into an absorb able Form That Is Called as Compost. & We Can Use The Waste Of Our Kitchen To Decompose & Make Compost Out of It.

Using Compost on Plants have a Lot of Benefits, Like More Consistent Growth, More Flowering, Less Leaf Problems & So On. The process of Composting Takes Time On The Type of Organic Matter, you are Trying To Decompose.

What We Can Use To Make Compost?

Step 1 – Choosing Kitchen Waste….

So First of All It is Important To Know What type of Matter Should We Use. Your Compost Will be High in Nutrients, on the Base of Kitchen Waste You are Going to Decompose. For Example, The Green Vegetable Scraps Have More Nitrogen While Banana Peels Are High is Potassium & Phosphorus.


So It Will be Better If We Use a Mix Of These Peels. It Helps To make A Nutrients Enrich Compost. To Make Compost at Home, You can use Banana Peels, Green Vegetable Peels, Onion Peels, egg Shells & So on. Just Make Sure You are not Adding thing Like Cooked Item, Seeds, Bakery Product, Bones & meat, Because They Take Much Long To Decompose.

Method Of Composting (Layer By Layer):-

Step 2 – Take a Wide Basket For Compostingโ€ฆ.

To Make Compost, First You Will Need a Good Size Basket Or Grow Bag, With Some Holes at The Bottom. Take Some Pieces of Paper & Spread it At The Base of Your Composting Bin.

Step 3 – Making Base of Composting With Paper & Compost….

Now Add a Thin Layer of Compost, We are Using Compost as It Have Bacteria & other Microbes, That Are Going To Drive The Whole process. You can Also Add A Layer of Soil, Because It also Have The Required Microbes In it.

Step 4 – Adding Kitchen Waste Over The Baseโ€ฆ

Now add a Layer of Your Kitchen Waste, it Will be Better If You Cut Them Into Smaller Pieces. You Can Also Add Some Dry Leaves.

Step 5 – Adding Soil Or Compost Over The Kitchen Waste Layer….

Again Add Some Soil Or Compost, To Provide Bacteria & Specially an Ideal Environment.

Step 6 – After Making Layers Of Kitchen Waste & Soilโ€ฆ.

This Way Add Multiple Layers On Top Of One another, This Helps In Faster Decomposition.

Step 7 – Moistening Up The Composting Materialโ€ฆ

After Adding All, Now Its time To Water a Little. Moisture Is Very Important, So Keeps On adding Moisture Whenever Your Medium Looks a Little Dry.

Step 8 – Placing Composting Bin in a Shadeโ€ฆ.

You can Place This Composting Bin in a Warm & Dark Area, Like in a Shade. You Can also Cover This Container, Or Leave it as It Is.

After 10 Daysโ€ฆ:-

10 Days Later, The Mixture Settled downโ€ฆ.

After around 10 Days, Our Composting Looks Like This, The Material Had Settled Down a Little, But it Is normal. Just Keep The Soil a Little Moist. At This Time, You Will Find Some Liquid At The Base of Your Container, That Is The Compost Tea & Can be Used to Feed Plants as Well. A Complete Guide on Compost Tea Fertilizer Is added here

After 27 Daysโ€ฆ..

27 Days Later, The Compost is Almost Ready To useโ€ฆ.

After Around 4 to 5 Weeks, The Compost Will be Ready To Use. To make Sure It’s Ready, You Can Loose Some Part & Check it Out If its Fully Decompose.

After Filtering Out The Fine Quality Compostโ€ฆ

Decomposition Does not Work Evenly, That’s Why You Can Stain This Compost. & Get The Ultra Fine Quality of Compost, This filtered Form of Compost Absorbs Faster In The Roots.

On What Plants Can We Use Compost?

Now You Can Apply This Homemade Compost on Any Type of Your Plant, Compost Works Just amazing To Keep The Growth of Smaller Seedlings Constant, A Detailed guide on The Benefits Of Compost Is also Linked here.

Ready To Use Homemade Compostโ€ฆ.

This Homemade Compost Works Much Better Then the Market Bought Compost, So it Will be Worthy If We Make Our Own Compost at Home.

How To Boost The Speed of Composting?

Finally Lets Talk about Some Critical Factors, On Which The rate Of Composting Depends.

  • First is The Areation System, If The Oxygen Keeps On Getting In Your Compost Pile, The Decomposition Goes Much Faster. So Here You can Shuffle Your Organic Waste Time To Time, Or You Can Use A Container With Lots Of Holes in it.
  • Other Thing is The Heat & Temperature, Composting Goes Much faster If The Environment is Warm. So It Will be Better If You Choose a Warmer Spot To Make Compost. The Level Of Moisture in Your Composting Pile is also Very Important To Speed Up The Composting Process.
  • The Bacteria & Microbes That Decomposes The Organic Matter Likes To be in a Dark Area, Away from Light. So Make Sure You are Covering the Container Or Making Composting In a Shade. To Fasten Up The Composting Process, You can Also Add Bacteria, Like We added Compost & Soil.
  • The Composting Process Also depends Upon The pH Levels Of Your Pile, Too Much Acidic mixture Can Slow Down The Decomposition Process. Here You Can make Sure You Are not Using Things Like Citrus Waste & Tea Waste So Much.
  • In The Same Way, Things Like Neem Leaves, Garlic & peppers Also Inhibits The Bacterial Growth. So You Should Avoid Them As Well. Speed of Composting Depends Very Much on The Type of Organic Matter You are going to Decompose, So Make Sure Of That. Follow Up These Instructions & Every Thing Goes just Perfect.

So Its all About Making Compost, For Buying a Ready To use Compost Checkout A Linked here, & Don’t Forget To Checkout This post On Benefits of using Compost For plants.

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