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7 GROWTH HACKS – Gazania Flower Plant Care Tips! (BLOOMING 10X*)

7 GROWTH HACKS - Gazania Flower Plant Care Tips! (BLOOMING 10X*)

Gazania Flower Plant is an Easy To Grow Winters Flowering Plant, That Produces Such Type of Beautiful Flowers & Growing Them Is Very Easy if You Know a Few Things. So In This Post, We Will Discuss About Gazania Flower Plant Care tips, Going From Point To Point. So Keep Reading.

Origin & Basics of Gazania Flower Plantโ€ฆ.

Gazania Flower Plant is a Winters Annual Flowering Plant native To Southern Africa, Where its Grown As an Ornamental Container Plant. They Have A Wide Range of Colors & Flower variations, Which Makes It a Center Of Attention Specially If You are Looking For an Easy To Grow & a Common flower Plant.

Gazania Plant is a Non Toxic & Non Edible Plant That is originally Grown Outdoors, But Can Be Grown indoors Too. It is Majorly Used For Bedding, Making Borders & Attracting Pollinators To a Vegetable Garden.

How To Grow Gazania Plant In Pots?

Gazania Plant Seeds

As Though Gazania Flower Plant Do Have Seeds To Grow, But The best Way To Start Them Is To Bring Their Younger Sapling From The Nursery.

Gazania Seedlings

They are Commonly Available In Winters & Springs, & Also in Summers If Live In a Cool Climate Area.

Gazania Seedling

Once You Have This Plant, Shift Them in a 5 to 6 Inches of a Pot at The Evening Time.

Mature Gazania Plants
After 17 Days…

& Place Them In a Shade Until The New Growth Appears.

Mature Gazania Plants
After 42 days….

You Will See They Will Sprout New leaves Only Within a week, & soon They will be Blooming.

Gazania Flowers
After 53 days…

So Follow These Simple care Tips To Grow Alot Of gazania Flowers in Pots.

1-What is Its Growing Season?

Gazania Flowers

The First & The Most Important Thing in Gazania Flower Plant care is Their proper Seasoning. In right Conditions, Gazania Flower Plant Grow Very Effortlessly, Very Less Problems Will Appear as well.

So Its a Cool Area Plant That likes a Temperature Range of 20 to 27 degree Celsius, Between This Temp. Range, Gazania Plant Grow Very Fast, So Overall Their Growing Season Starts In The Early Winters As Soon as The Temp, Is In This range, & Then Continues To Grow All Over The Winters & Springs.

Spring Is Its Peak Blooming Time, You Will find Maximum Blooming At This Time. But Once The Summers Starts, The exceeding Temp, Causes a Shock On the Plant, & Then Dies. But Before Dying It Do Produces Seeds from Their Bloomed Flowers, So You Can Collect Them As well For The Next Season.

Overall Gazania Plant is a Winters Plant, & summers Heat Is Not good For Growing It. unless you Live In a Cold Climate Area, Where The Summers Are Not To hot. Hope You Got The Idea.

2-Use a Good Soil mix!

Gazania Plant Soil Mix

Another Very Important Thing To Grow gazania Flower Plant In Pot, is Its soil Quality. In a Hard & Water blocking Mixture, gazania Plant never Grow Well, Its a plant With a crown & To Much Moisture Around The Crown Will Kill it.

So For gazania Flower Plant, You should Use a Well draining & a Slightly loose Mixture. Somehow a Sandy & fertile Mixture Works best For Its healthiest root Growth.

Problems Like Root Rot, Stem Rot & Powdery Mildew Which Is Common In Gazania plant Wont Be an Issue If Your Soil is Draining out The Moisture properly. Dont Worry You can Make A Good Soil Mix At Home, Follow The Recipe Guide is added Here.

3-Water This way!

Gazania Flower

Another Important Thing In Gazania Plant Care is Its proper Watering. No Matter How Good Your Soil is, you Still Need To Water Carefully. Excessive Moisture Is not Good For gazania Plants Growth.

Simply Follow a Rule, Let The upper layer of Soil to dry & Then Water. Never Water Over a Moist Mixture, You Can Stick Your Finger In To the Soil & See If Its Moist Or Not. This Way Problems Like yellow leaves Stunted Growth Etc Wont Happens To Your plants.

4-How Much Sun is Good For Gazania Flower Plant?

Gazania Plant Flowers

Another Very Important Thing In Gazania Flower Plant Care guide Is Its Sunlight Requirement. sunlight is Necesarry For every Flower Producing Plant, just The Amount Of Sunlight Exposure Differs.

So For gazania Flower Plant sunlight is The Most Important Thing, Without The Sunlight Their Flowers Dont Open, They Will Stay Unbloomed Or partially Bloomed Unless The Sun Is right. They Grow very Well In around 3 to 5 hours of Direct Sunlight, & More Than That Will Work Even Better.

But at Least Make Sure of a few Hours. In a Dark & Shaded Area, Not Only The Growth Fades away but also the Chance Of pest attack & many Other problems Rises. So Overall Provide Them a Good Sunny Area, That Could be Around a Bright Window or In direct Sun.

Just make Sure of it & For Exploring More of Such Beautiful & Low Maintanance Winters Flowers, You Can Follow The Guide Added Here.

5-Use This Fertilizer For Max Blooming!

Fertilizer For Gazania Plants

Another Essential Thing In Gazania Plant Care is Its regular Fertilization. Soil Provides nutrients To The Plant & That Ultimately Converts Into Flowers, So for More Flowers Your soil Media Should Also have More Nutrients In it.

Fertilizing gazania Plant

So that the Plant can take It & Make Flowers out Of It. In General gazania Flower Plant is a Light to Moderate Type of Feeder, That Likes A regular Dose of a Balanced Fertilizer, Your Fertilizer Must have The Basic Elements Like Nitrogen, Potassium, Phorphorus, Calcium, zinc, iron etc.

Wet Soil of Gazania

Dont Worry You Can make such a fertilizer right at Your Home, Simply Follow The Article Added Here & Start Using This fertilizer As Soon as Your Gazania Plants are One month Old, & Then After every 2 weeks.

6-Dead Heading & Pinching?

Spent Flowers of Gazania Plant

Another thing in Gazania Plant care is Their Dead Heading. Its an Annual Plant, That Works For making Seeds For The Next Season. So if You Leave The Spent Flowers On The Plant, It Will make Seeds, & Then The Plant Starts Dying, Also The Flowering Reduces.

Dead heading gazania plant flowers

So For a peak blooming, You Need To Cut Of The Dead & Dried Flowers Whenever They Appear on The Plant, This Will Keep The Buds & Flowers Comming.

& To Know More of Such Flowering Secrets, You Can Follow This E Book, Its Linked Here To Buy.

7-Keep An Eye On Pests & Problemsโ€ฆ.

Gazania Plant yellow Flower

Pests Like Aphids, Spider Mites etc Love this Plant, So keep An Eye On Them. as Though They Wont Appear if You Follow This Guide. still Be Carefull As These pests are Harmful, or You Can Also Follow a Weekly Neem Oil Spray Routine as a Prevention. Detailed Guide On Neem Oil Pesticide Is Linked Here.

So its all About gazania Flower Plant care Guide, One discouraging Thing About gazania Plant is That It an Annual Plant With a Short Life Cycle. So here is a List of Flowering Plants That Lives for Years, unlike The gazania Flower Plant, Must check them Out.

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