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Top 12 Easiest To Grow Winter Flower Plants! (The Hardy Winter Flowers)

Top 12 Easiest To Grow Winter Flower Plants! (The Hardy Winter Flowers)

In This Post, I am Going To Show You Top 12 Winter Flowering Plants. The Special Thing About These Plants Is That All of Them Are Easy To Grow. Low Mainance & Hardy Plants. & When Their Blooming Season Starts They Bloom Very Heavily, Regardless Of A Good Soil mix & Fertilizer etc. Giving Them Space In Your Garden. Will Filling Your Whole Space With Colors & Fragrance. So Keep Reading To Know All About Them.

Winter Flower Plant 1 – Petunia:

Petunia Flowers in Sun

The First & The Most Easiest To Grow Winter Flower is The Petunia Plant, That Comes In Variety Of Colors. Their Care & Maintainance Level is Almost Zero. Easiest Way To Start Them is By Their Sapling, You Can Buy Them From Any Local Nursery During Winters & Springs.

Just Plant Them In any Good Soil mix, Right Before The Spring Days & Enjoy Their intense Flowering Habit. To Know More About Petunia Plant Care, A detailed Guide Is also Linked Here, Follow that To Get Most out Of This Plant.

Winter Flower Plant 2 – Pansy:

Pansy Flowers in Pots

Another Winter Flowering Plant is also a Hardy Plant Have Very Unqiue Flowers, With Multi Colors. They are a Little Sensitive To The Soil Media, So Make it a Little Loose. As Like as Petunias, Pansy Flower Plants Can Be Started From Their Saplings, righht Before The Springs Or During Winters.

Within a Month They Will not Only Be Stable But also Be Producing Vibrant Flowers. For Their Soil mix, Use some Cocopeat In Your Mix or You can also Make a Good Soil mix at Home, That can Be Used For All Of These Winter Flowering Plants, Detailed Guide Is Linked Here, Must Check It Out.

Winter Flower Plant 3 – Dog flower:

Dog Flower Plant

Now Comes another Zero Maintanance Winter Flowering Plant That is Called as Dog Flower Or Antirhinum Plant. They are Very Common & You Can Get Them From any local Nursery, In The Whole Winters. Their Blooming Time Is Springs, But They Will also Kept On Blooming all Over the Winters & Springs. This Plant Have Unique Flowers Without Any Fragrance, But Have Many Color Variations. Dog Flower Plant Can Grow Very Well Even In Smaller Pot, & With a But of Compact Soil mix. So This makes It Best For Beginners Plant.

Winter Flower Plant 4 – Allysum:

Sweet Alyssum Flowers

Another Easiest To Grow, Low Maintanance & Fragrant Flower Plant is The Sweet Alyssum Plant. This plant Have Tiny, Single Petal & Fragrant Flowers, That Comes In Bunches. Sweet alyssum Plant Comes In Many Colors, This is Its Common Variety With White flowers. & At The Time of Full Blooming, A Single Pot Of This Plant Can fill Your Whole Space With its sweet, Honey Like fragrance. Growing Them Is also Very Easy, Simply Follow This Guide.

Winter Flower Plant 5 – Calendula:

Calendula Flower plant in Sun

Another Winter Flowering Plant is The Calendula plant, That Have many Color Varieties. & You Need To Follow Only a Few Things To Grow Such Vibrant Flowers of Calendula. Their Sapling Are also Available In Most of The Local Nurseries, You Can Buy them & Enjoy Its Flowers While Springs.

One Important Thing That Can Boost its Growth Is The Removal of Spent Flowers, Otherwise It Will Start Making seeds, Your Whole plant will Die After Wards. Detailed Guide including More of Such care Tips Is Also Linked Here, You Can Follow That.

Winter Flower Plant 6 – Cosmos:

Cosmos Flower Plant

Another Flower Plant in Our List is The Cosmos That Have Very Unique & Color Flowers, That Grow all Over The Springs. You can Also Get Cosmos Sapling In The Start Of Winters & Plant Them Into Individual Pots, Within a Few Weeks They Will be Mature & Producing Buds & Flowers.

Keep Its Soil mix Loose, & Fertile. For Its Fertilizer Consider using This Homemade fertilzer, Made Just For These Flowering Plants. Complete Guide On This Is Added Here, Must Check It Out.

Winter Flower Plant 7 – Gazania:

Gazania Flower

Now Comes another Beautiful Winter Flower Plant, That Grow Big Size, Vibrant Colored Flowers only In The Sunlight. Its Gazania Flower plant, That have a Huge Range Of Color Varieties. Its Season Of Growth Starts In The Start of Winters, Which Continue Upto Late Springs & Even it can Bloom In starting months of Summers, If You Keep It In Shade.

Gazania Flower Dont Have Any Fragrance, But The Special Thing Is That They Attract alot Of Insects & Pollinators In Your Garden. You can Buy Their Saplings also, & Plant Them in a Loose Soil Mix. Pest Might attack On Gazania Flowers, So Keep Your Neem Oil Spray Ready, Detailed Guide On Making & Applying That is also linked Here, You Can Follow That.

Winter Flower Plant 8 – Rose:

Rose Plant Flower

Another Common & Everyones favourite Winter Flower Plant is The Rose Plant, But Its a Little Sensitive Plant, So Grow Only If You have Some Experience. Its Better To Start From Hardy Plants, & As You Gain experience Then Come to This Beautiful Plant.

Rose Plant Have a Huge Variety Option, Some Have Single Petal Flowers, While Some Have Muti Petal Flowers, Woth Hundred Of Color Options, While Some Varieties also Have Fragrant Flowers. They Likes a Very Well Draining Soil Mix, A Good Size pot, & also A Powerful Fertilizer. So Prepare all Of That, Than Bring This Plant Home.

Winter Flower Plant 9 – Cineraria:

Cineraria Plant Flowers

Another Easy to grow & Beautiful Winter Flower Is The Cineraria Flower Plant. It Might Be not Available In all Nurseries, But You can Try searching It In The Winters, In a Big Nursery, Hopefully You will Find This. Their Flowers have unique Shape, With Intense Flowering Habit.

But Only If Follow a strict Care. Cineraria Plant Blooms very Healthily While Springs & Produces Such Type of Seeds. That You Can Grow Next Year In The Start of Winters, Using a Well Draining Soil Mix. For Their Proper Care Guide, Follow The guide Linked Here, I am Sure You Will get Much Better Results With This Guide.

Winter Flower Plant 10 – Dahlia:

Dahlia Flower Plant

Another Easy To Grow Winter Flowering Plant is The Dahia Flower Plant, That is very Common & Grow Huge Size Flowers. They Have Many Varieties, & Color Options To Choose From. But They are also Not For Beginners, They like a very Well Draining & Fertile Soil Mix, With a Big Size pot & a Good Fertilizer.

So Overall its also a Winters Flowers plant, & Can Be Grown If You Have Some Experience. Their Saplings are Also Available, during Winters, But Try to Transplant Them in a Cool Evening.

Winter Flower Plant 11 – Cyclamen:

Cyclamen Flower Plant

Another Easy To Grow Winter Flower is The Cyclamen Flower, That Have Very Unique Flowers. Their Care Requirement is also Less, With a Little care You Can Easily Grow This Beautiful Flower Plant. For a Detailed Care On This Plant, Follow this Link.

Winter Flower Plant 12 – Hollyhock:

Hollyhock Plants In Sun

Another Winter Flower Plant in this List is The Hollyhock Plant. That Grow Big Size Flowers, With bicolor Petals without Any Fragrance. Their Blooming Time is Majorly In Springs, & Grow Them By Seeds is also Super easy, Their Plants Are Hardy, Only a Good Soil Mix is Enough To Keep Them Growing. While Their Big Size Leaves also Have a Unqiue Appearnance. Overall You Can Consider Them Too.

So Its all About the easiest To Winter fllowers, Sunlight is always essential For Flowering Plants, So Provide a Good Sunny Spot, Use The fertilizer I Told You About For All These Plants, & In Case Of any pest attack, You Can Simply Use Neem Oil Spray.

The Only Dishearting Thing About These Flowering Plants is That, Most them Die when The Summer Season Starts, So Here is an Article On Some of The Easy To Grow Flowering Plants, That Will Not Die & Can Live For Years With You. Must Check It Out.

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