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A Comprehensive Guide On Tuberose Plant Care! (Get More Flowers)


Growing Tuberose Flowers At Home is Very Easy Because It Requires a Very Basic Care. & In This Post, We Will Talk all About TubeRose Plant Care.

Origin & Basics:-

TubeRose Plant is a Summer Season, Fragrant Flowering Plant. In The Moist Environment of Rains, These Grass Type Plants Grow A Long Spike With Cluster Of Flower Buds Over Them. & As These Buds Bloom, Their Fragrance Fills Your Whole Garden.

They Mostly Bloom at Night Time, & Their Thick & Fragrant White Coulored Flowers Stays Fresh & Odourable For Around 7 to 10 days. TubeRose Plant is Native To Mexico & Can be Grown in Any Tropical Region, Following This Guide.

Ways to Grow Tuberose Plant:-


To Grow Tuberose Plant, You Can either Sow Their Tubers Or Bulbs In The Soil, In The Starting Summer. Or You Can Also Buy Their Mature Plants From Your Local Nursery. & Once You have Them, They Continue To Divide Under The Soil & You Can Separate Them Later.

How To Take Care Properly?

To Take Your Tuberose Plant on Flowering, You Need to Follow Up on a Few Important Care Tips, So Lets Talk ABout Them.

Master Watering:-


The Keep The Tuberose Plant Alive & Growing, You Need To Water Very Carefully. In The Summers, Moisture Evaporates Much Quickly, That’s Why You Water Them On alternate Days, But Remember Water Should Be Draining Properly.

Make Sure Your Planter Have Drainage Holes & A Good Medium, So Moisture Can Drain Well.

Choose a Good Soil Mix:-


If The Moisture Stays Long In The Soil, It Can Cause Fungal Growth & Rotting of Its Bulbs. To Overcome This Whole Issue, You SHould Use a Well Draining Soil Mix. To Make A Good Mixture For Tuberose Plant, You Can Use These Ingredients In Similar Ratios.

This Mixture Will Keep The Plant Very Thriving. Otherwise a Ready To use Soil Mix For Tube Rose Plant is also Added Here. You Can use That, Because Tuberose Plant Also Requires a Good Concentration of Nutrients Around Its Roots To Bloom Well.

Locate The Tuberose Properly:-


Another thing In Tuberose care is the Location of Your Tuberose Plant. As it is a Summers Season Plant & Have To Produce Flowers, Obviously Sunlight is Going To be Extremely Important.

You Should Provide at least 3 to 5 Hours Of Sun to Your Tube Rose Plants & More Than That Will be Much Better. Deficiency of Sunlight Causes Less Blooming & A Very Stunted Growth of The Plant. So Be Careful While Choosing a Location for Your Tuberose Flower Plant.

Fertilize Regularly:-


The Another Thing In Tuberose Plant Care is The Fertilization of Tube Rose Plant. So It is a Heavy Feeder & Requires a Variety Of Nutrients on Regular Basis. To Fullfil This Need, You Should Use a High Dose of Fertilizer Every 10 Days in The Season.

For That, You Can Buy a Powerful Fertilizer Linked Here. It Works Really Well On Tuberose Plants, Otherwise Deficiency Comes Up In The Tuberose Plant in The Form Of Browing Tips & Many other Issues.

You Can Also Use a Mix Of Cowdung & Kitchen waste compost, it Also Keeps The Soil fertile & Acidic For Its flowering. A Complete Guide on Cow Dung Benefits Is also Linked Here. Just make Sure Your Tuberose is Well Fertilized.

Pot Size Matter Or Not?:-

As Tube Rose Plant is a Heavy Feeder, Its Roots Grow & Produce Pups in The Season, That’s Why You Might Need a Wide & Deep Container. root Bounding Can Also affect its Flowering, So Make Sure of That. & For The Pot, You Can Use a 8 inches Deep & 10 to 12 Inches Wider pot For Its proper Growth.

Growing Season & Dormancy:-


Tube Rose Plant Grow in The Summers season, With a Slightly Warm Environment. Starting From Springs & Going upto Late Summers Days, This Plant Grow Really Well. Winter Season Is Its Dormancy Time, & It Can Pass This Very easily if You Put It in a Shade. Otherwise, You Can Save Its Bulbs, To Grow in The Next Springs.

Pests & Problems:-

Following are the Some Diseases & Pests, That Effect Tuberose Plant.


  • Fusarium wilt: causes yellowing and wilting of leaves, eventually leading to plant death.
  • Botrytis blight: a fungal disease that causes brown spots on leaves and flowers, as well as gray mold.
  • Southern blight: a fungal disease that causes wilting and yellowing of leaves, as well as white fungal growth around the base of the plant.


  • Spider mites: tiny pests that suck the sap from the leaves, causing yellowing and stunted growth.
  • Thrips: small, slender insects that cause silvery streaks on leaves and distortions in flower petals.
  • Aphids: small, soft-bodied insects that cluster on leaves and flowers, causing distortion and curling.

It’s important to monitor your tuberose plants regularly for signs of these diseases and pests, and take appropriate action (such as pruning affected leaves or using insecticidal soap Spray, Like Neem Oil spray) to prevent them from spreading.

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