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The Ultimate Guide On Petunia Flower Plant Care! (8-Growth Hacks)

The Ultimate Guide On Petunia Flower Plant Care! (8-Growth Hacks)

Petunia Plants are Easiest To Grow Plants, That also Produces Alot of Flowers. In This Post, we Discuss about Petunia Plant Care, & This Will Help You alot, if You Growing Them For The First Time. We will Talk about Its Growing Season, fertilization, The best Soil Mix, Propagation & much more. So Keep Reading.

Origin & Basics Of Petunias:-

Petunia Flowers

Petunias are The Winter Season Flowering Plants, Native To South America, Where They are Mostly Grown As Flower Beds, Making Hanging Pots & So On. They are Hardy & Low Maintainance Flower Plants, Best For Beginners.

They have a Lot Of Varieties, With Different Flower Colors & Pattrens, Like On The Screen, Unforunately There Flower Dont have any smell, But They are Non Toxic To Kids & Pets. Basically They are Seasonal Plants, That Grow in Winters, But Some Varieties Do Grow Years Long.

We Can Grow Them Using Their Seeds, As Well As Their Cuttings, Or We Can also Buy Their Younger Saplings From any Local Nursery all Around The Winter Days. Just Bring Them Home & Plant Them In a Loose soil Mix, at The Evening Time & water Carefully. Within a Few Days, These Petunia Plants Will Be Growing. now Caring Them Is Super easy.

Season of Growth!

Petunia Flowers

The first & The Most Important Thing In Petunia Plant Care is understanding Their Season of Growth. They are Commonly Seasonal Flower Plants, That Grow In a Cool Area. That’s why Their Season Starts In The Early Winters & Continue Upto late Springs & Sometimes even In Starting Summers.

In This period of The Year, You Can Grow Them, Prune them, fertilize Them, Propagate Them Etc. But as The season Starts warming, They Go Under a Stressed Condition & unltimately Dies. But Before dying, They Produces Such Type of Seeds Pods, From Their bloomed Flowers. You Can let Them Grow & Harvest These seed After a Week, & Can Save Them To Grow next Winters.

The Ideal Soil Mix….

petunia flower in sun

Another Important Thing for The healthy Growth Of Petunia Plants, Is Their Soil mix. generally They are Hardy & can Survive Very Well In Variety of soil mixes either its a Little Hard, Or water blocking. But It will Get a Lot of Benefits From a Good Soil mix, Like It Grow Faster, Produces More Flowers & Grow Bushier etc.

You Can Provide Them a Loose & a Bit of Well Draining Soil Mix. Simply Follow The Post, Linked Here. Blockage of Moisture Can Cause Root Rot, & Yellow Leaves In Petunias, So Also Water Carefully. & For More of Such Beautiful Winter Flowering Plants, Follow The Guide From This Link.

Where To Place Petunia Plants?

Petunia Flowers in Sun

Petunia Plants Are The Flowering Plants, So Obvisously Sunlight is Essential For Their Heathier Growth. Winters Sun is Very Healing, You Can provide Them as Much sun as We Want. They are Hardy & Can Survive Very well even In an hour of Daily Sun, But For Best Growth Make Sure To put It in an Area, That Gets atlesat 4 to 5 Hours of Sun.

In a Dark area, petunias Growth Will Be Slow, Leggy & There will be No Flowers, The Leaves also Turns Yellow, so make Sure To give Your Petunias a sunny spot.

Which Fertilizer Works Best For Petunias?

Fertilizer For Flowering Plants...

Another Important Thing for Petunia Plants Care is Their fertilization. Overall petunia Plants are moderate Feeders, & grow Flowers Even If You Dont fertilize Them at all. But Regular Fertilization definitely helps Them To Grow More & More buds & Flowers.

For The fertilizer, You Can use any Balanced Fertilizer, every 2 weeks. I am using This Homemade Flower Fertilizer, That Have Amazing Results, You Can see every Plant It Blooming, Regardless Of a Small Pot. Complete guide Is Linked Here, must Check It Out.

Pinching & Dead Heading!

Petunia Plants Pinching

Another Big Thing in Petunia Plant Care, That is Very Important is The pinching & Dead Heading of Petunias. They Grow Fast In Winters, & Tries To Bloom as Soon As Possible, So Here Main Focus of The Plant is On Flowering, But By Pinching off The New Buds, when The plant is Younger, You Can Enjoy Even More Flower on a Single Plant.

& As The Plant Blooms, The removal Of Spent Flowers is also very Important, Otherwise The Plant Starts Making seeds, & We Wont Get Any More Flowers. The Plant will Turn Its Focus, Now On Making The Seeds. So Here By Removing Them we can Push The Plant To keep Producing. You Can Do This every Few Days. & You Will See Your Plants Will Be Full of Flowers.

Pot Size Matter?

Petunia flowers in Pots

Now Lets Talk a little about The Pot Size, Petunia Plant Are Easy To Grow & Hardy Plants, & The Ideal Pot Size For Them Is atleast 6 to 8 Inches, But I am Growing Them in 3 to 4 Inches of Pot.

Do You Know why They are Still Blooming? The Reason is That They are Seasonal Plants, That Only have a Life Cycle of a Few Months, & In This Time They Have Produce Flowers, No Matter What. as Like Its Their Nature, To produce Flowers & Ultimately Make Seeds, Before The Season Ends.

So Overall Its Better To Grow Them in a Wider & Bigger Pot, But If You Cant Its Still ok. Some Good size Pots, Are also linked Here, Must Check that Out.

Common Problems?

Leaf Miners On Petunias

Petunia plants Are Very Friendly Bloomers, & Havenot Many problems, If You Follow This Post. But Still yellow Leaves Can Appear, So Use a Good fertilizer as well as a Well Draining Soil Mix, In Pests aphids & Spider Mites, Can Appear On Your Plants.

But That’s Not So Common. Still You Can Use Neem Oil Spray. That You Can also Make at Home. Complete Guide On That is Also Linked Here, You Can Follow That.

How To Grow petunias From Cuttings?

Petunia Cutting

For Growing The Petunia Plants From Cutting, take a 3 to 4 Inches of a Branch From a Healthy Plant. Remove all The Lower Leaves & Plant it in a Soft Medium. You can also Buy It From Here. You Can Do This is The Starting winters Upto Late Springs.

Water The Pot & Place It in a Semi Shaded, away From Direct Sun. Within a Few Days, You Will see The Cuttings Have New Leaves. at This Point Water Very Carefully.

After 10 Days Of Growing Petunia Cuttings...

Within a Few More days, The Cuttings Will be Ready To Transplant. Carefully Separate Them, These are The Roots, You Can See Plant is Fully Growing. Plant Them in a New Container & Here we have more New Petunia plants Ready To Bloom.

So Its all About Petunia Flower plant Care & propagation, as Its a Seasonal Plant, It have Die, You Cant Save It. So here is The guide On Some of The Easy To Grow Fllower Plants, That Wont Die & Can Live For Years With you, Unlike The Petunias.

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