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4 Uses Of Neem Oil For Plants – How to Make & Use Neem Oil Spray?


Pests & Insects are Very Common In Plants, & Especially in Vegetables. So If You Are Also Growing Vegetables, Keep Following Because We Are Going To Talk about The Most Known Solution Of All Type of Pests. We Will Talk All About Neem Oil, It Benefits Usage etc.

What is Neem Oil Pesticide Spray & How Its Made?

It is Used Very Commonly, To Prevent Pests & Insects On The Plants. It is Basically The Oil Extracted from Neem Seeds. The Oil Have Many Useful Effects On The Plant & We Can Use It For Our Benefit.

Benefits Of Neem Oil Spray:-


Following are The Some Benefits Of Using Neem Oils Pesticide spray.

Organic Pesticide:-

First Lets talk a Little About Its Some Other Benefits. The Most Useful Thing of this Oil is That it is an Organic Solution of Pests. We Can Use This Oil On Our Crops Without Any Side Effects. Instead of Chemical Pesticides, it is an Affordable Alternative.

Prevent Insects & Diseases:-

The Another Thing About the Oil Is That it is Insect Repellent & Prevent Diseases. Some of The Pests Are Being Transported By The Insects, Avoid Insects As Well. It has a Strong Smell, That Makes the Insects To Go Away. & In Results, The Plant Keeps On Growing & Hence Less Diseases.

Pests Repellent:-


But Majorly Its a Pesticide & Can be Used to Treat Or Prevent Pests Attacks. It Is very effective to Treat Leaf Minors & Aphid’s attack. If You Don’t Know Much About The Type of Pests & The Most Common Ones, Just Check Out a Detailed Video on This Linked Here

Fungicidic Effects:-

Use Of Neem Oil For Plants Can Also Repel Or Control The Growth of Fungus. That Meansย Also Works As a Fungicide. So Overall Neem Oils Spray Is Very Useful, But Only If You Use It in a Correct Way.

How To Make Neem Oil Pesticide At Home?


So Now Lets Take ABout How We Can Use Neem Oil For Plants. As Neem Oil is an Oil, You Can’t Spray It On The Plants by Mixing It With Water. So That’s Why You Can Use Liquid Soap, That Helps In an Evenly Mixing.

2 to 3 Table Spoons Of Neem Oil in a Liter Of Water With a Table Spoon of Liquid Soap Makes a Useable Neem Oil Pesticide Spray. You Can Buy Neem Oil Here.

How to use Neem Oil Spray For Plants?

After Making This Oil Spray, You Can Spray It Over an affected Plant. Choose A Cool evening & Spray The Solution All Over The Plant. Here You Have To Apply This Liquid Over The Plant thoroughly.

Wash The Whole Plant & Let it in Full Sun On The Next Day. Repeat This Same Process Every 3 to 4 Days For an affected Plant, & Apply On Other Plants As a Prevention As Well. A weekly Application of Neem Oil Spray keeps all Your Plants Very away from Pests & Insects.

On What Plants Can We Use Neem Oil Pesticide Spray?


You Can Apply Neem Oils On almost All Type of Plants, Just Use a Small Amount on soft Leafy Plants, Because The Over Use Of Neem Oils Can Cause Burning of Leaves.

Simply Follow Up The Right Ratios of The Mixture, & Every Thing Goes Just Perfect. Up & Down In the Ratio Of the Oil In The Spray Can Effect it’s Workings, So For The Solution, You Can Also buy a Ready To Use Neem Oils Spray From Here. So Its All About Pesticide, Here is The Video On Some Most Common Types of Pests, You Are Most Probably Going To Deal With. So Must Check it Out.

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