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8 Healing BENEFITS of Neem Cake For Plants! (USE THIS WAY)


Neem Cake Can Give Your Plants a Very Healthy & Growing Life, Keep Following This Post, We Will Discuss All About Neem Cake Fertilizer, Its Benefits, the Right Way To Use & Some Of Its DrawBacks At End.

What is Neem Cake & How it’s Made?

Neem Cakes Is The Residue of Neem Seeds, Left After The Extraction of Neem Oil. Neem Seeds are Cold Pressed & After Extracting The Oil Out Of Them, The Remaining Thing is Called as Neem Cakes.

It is a Rich Source Of Nitrogen, Sulphur, Phosphorus, Calcium & So On. Neem Cakes Also Have Many Of Other Beneficial & Harmful Effects On The Plant Health & Growth, So First Lets Talk about Its Benefits.

Fungicidic Effects (Sulphur):-

The Biggest Benefit of Neem Cakes For Plants Is That It has Fungicidic Effects. As Neem Cake Fertilizer Have Sulphur Element In It, That Plays a Big Role In Keeping The Fungus Out Of Your Soil & Plant Roots. Neem Cake For Fungus Gnats Can Be Used To Treat Fungal Diseases, So Your Plant Can Carry On Its Growth in a Healthy Way.

Less Root Pests (Pathogens & Nematodes):-


The Next Benefit is Its Control On Growth Of Soil Pests. Disease-Causing Microbes Are very Abundant in The Soil & Can Cause Root Rot Other Root Problems, So Use Of Neem Cakes In The Soil Prevents These Pests.

Neutralize pH:-


Regular Use of Neem Cakes Can Also Neutalizes The Soils Ph. Alkaline PH Is Not Good For Roots, Hence Your Soil’s pH Should Be At 7 Or Below. Otherwise, Problems Like A Stunted Growth, Small Size Fruit, and Wilting Leaves Can Appear. So Here Neem cakes pellets Again Helps Us In This Way.

Insecticidic Effects (Smell Effect):-

Use of Neem Cake For Plants Also Works As an Insecticide, As It have A Strong Smell & Insects Hate This Smell. So In This Way, They Stay Away From Your Plants, To Give You an Idea Of How Much harm Can Insects Cause, Some Common Diseases Caused By Insects are Added Over The Screen.

Soil’s Quality Enhancer (improved Retention):-


Use of Neem Cake As a Soil Amendment Can Also Enhance The Soil’s Drainage & Retention. Both Are Very Important To Prevent Dozens Of Diseases Like Yellow Leaves, a Stunted Growth, Black Spot & Flower Drop Problem Etc. So Small amount of Neem Cake In The Soil Mix Can also Solve This Whole Issue. A Detailed Guide On Making a Good Soil Mix, Using different Ingredients is Added Here.

Long Lasting Effects:-

As Neem Cake Is an Organic fertilizer & Works Slow, That’s Why Its Effects Last Longer Than Other Fertilizers. First The Neem Cake fertilizer Decompse In the Soil & Then Roots Take Its Effects Day By Day.

Nutritional Content (Npk + Trace Elements):-


Another benefit of Neem Cake Is That It have Many Essential Nutrients In It. & These Nutrients are Very Much Important For Your Plants. End Of The Day, These Nutrients Helps In more Flowering, Heavy & Big Size Fruiting, That’s Why Nutrition Always Play a Very Big Role. Different Organic Sources Of These Nutrients Are Added Here…

Healthier Plant Growth:-


So Considering All If These benefits, In Result The Plant Grow In a Healthy Way, Produces More Leaves, Flowers, & ultimately More Fruit. So That’s Why Neem Cake Is So Important & Should Be Used in Our Plants. But The Correct Way Of Using neem Cake Is The key To All of These Benefits, So Now Lets Talk about That.

How to Use Neem Cake For Plants? (2-Ways)


You Can Use Neem Cakes In Two Different Ways, First Way is To Include a Small Amount Of Neem Cakes While Preparing Soil Mix. A Small Amount Works Really Well, OverUse Can Cause Harm On Which We Will in a While.
The second way is To Add It Over the Soil Of A Growing Plant. For That, Loose The Top Layer Of soil, Let It Dry For While. Neem Cake Buying Link Is added Here. Now Take a Dose Of Neem Cake Fertilizer & Sprinkle It Over The Soil Surface.

Amount of Neem Cakes Depends Upon Plant Age & Container Size, Still, i am Mentioning Some Reference Amounts. Don’t Forget To Water After Fertilizing, It Helps In Better & Faster Absorption Through Roots. Repeat This Same Process Every Month.

On What Plants Can we Use Neem Cakes?


You Can Use Neem Cake, Considering The Described Benefits On All Type of Plants. But There are a Few

Things You Should Consider, That it is Most Of a Pest Control Either Than a Fertilizer.

Mostly We Use It as a Fungicide, To Prevent Fungal Growth. That’s Why It Will Works Great On Succulents, Citrus Plants, Roses, Fruiting Trees & The Plants That Are More Likely To Have Fungal Diseases. But Still Its Ok To use on Any Plant, It Will Work On Them As Well.

What are The Drawbacks of Neem Cake?


Overuse Of neem Cakes does not affect the plant much because it is An Organic Thing. But It Does Have a Few Drawbacks.

  • First Is That, It is A Slow Release Fertilizer & Shows Its Results With Time, That Could Be A Problem, Especially If You Are Expecting Quick Results.
  • The Another Thing Is That Neem Cake Have a Strong & Irritating Smell. To Overcome This Issue, Youn Should Mix This fertilizer With The Soil Evenly.
  • Use Of Neem Cakes on Our Soil Mix, Can Kill The Beneficial Microbes. So Use This Thing in Limit, Then It Will be Ok.

To Keep The Beneficial Microbes Alive, Because They Help In Better Root Growth, You Can Use This Compost Tea Liquid That Is Very Useful, & It Also Gives You Results Faster, Unlikely To Neem Cake fertilizer.

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