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9 Hidden BENEFITS Of Mustard Cake Fertilizer For Plants! (USE THIS WAY)


Mustard Cake Fertilizer is a Very Powerful Fertilizer & Can Provide Us Such Results. So Keep Watching Because In This Post, We Will Discuss All About Mustard Cake Fertilizer, Including Its Benefits, Right Way of Usage & Some Of Its Drawbacks.

What is Mustard Cake Fertilizer & Why it’s Used?

Mustard Cake Is The Remain of Mustard Seeds, Left Out After The Extraction of Mustard Oil. This Waste Contains Number of Unusual Benefits, & For That Reason We Can Use It as a Fertilizer In Our Plants. Mustard Cake Fertilizer Uses Mostly In Flower producing Plants.

7-Benefits of Using Mustard Cake For Plants!


Regularly Using Mustard Cake For Plants Can Provide us Many Benefits, So Lets Know About Them First,

1-Promotes More Buds:-

The Biggest Benefit Of Mustard Cake Is that It Promotes The Growth of New Buds & Flowers. This Mustard Cake Powder Have All The Essential Nutrients Required By The Roots. Especially For The heavy Feeder Plants, this Fertilizer Works Really Well, To Keep The Plant On Blooming.

2-Give Bright color to Flowers:-


Mustard Cake also Gives The Flowers Their Bright & Shinny Color, By Providing The Plant Elements Like Phosphorus, Pottasium, zinc, Iron & So On. If You Want To Know About Some Easy To Grow Winter & Summer Flowering Plants, Detailed Guide Is Added Here.

3-Have Pests Resistance:-


Mustard Cake Fertilizers Also have Pest Repellent Properties, & By Using Mustard Cake Fertilizer You Can Create Pest Resistance In The Plant Body, Without Using a Pesticide.

4-Makes Healthier Immune System:-

As We Know Mustard Cake Is Full Of Nutrients, So This Way Its Regular Use Can Make up The Immune System Of Our Flowering Plants, against Seasonal Change & the Shock Caused By Transplantation.

5-Lesser Leaf Problems:-


As A Source Of Trace elements, Mustard Cake Fertilizer Also Keeps the Plant Away From Many Leaf Problems, Like Black spots, Leaf Curl problem, Yellow Leaves & so On.

6-100 % Natural & Organic Fertilizer:-

How to make mustard cake fertilizer: As Mustard Cake is Made From Mustard Seeds, Its A Natural & Organic Fertilizer. & This Thing Can Be Very Helpful for You, If You are Growing vegetable Plants, & Want To Get Them On Blooming. Here Mustard Cake Can be Really Helpful.

7-Healthy Root Structure:-


This Organic Fertilizer Also promotes The Growth of Feeder Roots, That Are very Important For The plant.

8-Enhances Soil Quality (Microbial Activity):-


Another benefit Of Mustard Cake Fertilizer is That it Imrpoves the Overall Health of Your Soil. It Makes The Soil More Porous, Loose & Soft. & Every Plant Like Such a Healthy Mixture. Mustard Cake Also Promotes The Growth of Beneficial Microbes, Present In The Soil.

9-High Dose Fertilizer:-

Mustard cake Fertilizer is also a high Dose Fertilizer, Means it Comes in a Concentrated Form. This Thing Can Be Very Useful For Heavy Feeder Plants, Like Hibiscus, Roses, Tomatoes & So On.
You Can Use a Mix Of Mustard Cake With Some Other Fertilizers & Get Amazing Results From Your Flowering Plants.

How to Make an Effective Fertilizer From Mustard Cake?


Now lets Know How We can Make A Fertilizer From Raw Mustard Cake Powder.


For That take a Liter Of simple Water In a Bottle. Add around 5 Tabel Spoons of Mustard Cake Powder. You can Also Buy Mustard Cake Powder From This link. Mix Well & Keep the Container in a Shade.
After Around 4 to 5 days, As The Liquid Turns Its Color, You Can Use it.


First Take a glass of This Concentrated Liquid & Mix With 2 Liters of Water.


Our Homemade Mustard Cake Liquid Is Now Ready To Use.

How to Use Mustard Cake For Plants?


To Get All of These benefits Efficiently, Applying Mustard Cake is aslo very Important. so First Loose The Upper Layer of Soil & let It Dry For A While. Now You Can Add a Dose of Mustard Cake Liquid Onto The Soil, That Depends upon Plant Age & Container Size. 100ml For a 5-8″ Pot Will Be Optimum.
You Can also use Mustard Cake Powder Directly, For That Mix Only 1 to 2 Table Spoons for a 5 to 6 Inches Of Pot. This Way You Can Fertilize Your Plants With Mustard Cake Every 15 to 20 Days, In their Growing Season. OtherWise You Can Also Mix This powerful Fertilizer With Some Other Organic fertilizers, To Make it Even More Useful.


This is Another fertilizer Made up Of Mustard Cake & Some Other Ingredients, Only For Winter Flowering Plants.


& here is The Result Of This Homemade Fertilizer, Every Plant is Blooming, even In a Small size Pot. Detailed Guide is Linked Here, Must Check It Out.

On what Plants Can We Use it?

You Can Use Mustard Cake Fertiliserย on Almost every Type of Flower Producing Plant, Starting From seasonal Flowering Plants Upto Tree Type Heavy Feeder Plants. You Can Also use It to Feed Your vegetable Plants, Because It Helps In much Better Harvest.

What are the Drawbacks of Mustard Cake Fertilizer?


There are also Some Drawbacks of Mustard Cake Fertilizer, That you Should Must Aware Of.

  • Mustard Cake is Powerful & High Dose Fertilizer & Using Is In Too Much Quantity Can Cause The Burning of Leaves & even The Death Of The Plant, So Follow up The Right Ratios To Use Mustard Cake For Plants.
  • Mustard Cake Powder Also have a Strong Smell & That can be Irritating For Some people. But if You mix If With The Soil evenly, This Wouldnot Be a problem.
  • After Applying Mustard Cake Liquid, You May Find White Layer On Your Soil Surface, That Is a Type of Fungus. But its Not a Harmful Thing & Oppositely it Is a Sign Of Good Soil Mix.
  • Mustard Cake useage On Larger Level & Especially in To Much Quantity Can Also Effect The Soil Ph. So here You should Follow The Right Ratios, Or You can Also Check Soils ph With Such a Ph Meter, Its Linked Here.
  • Mustard Cake Fertilizer is a Slow Release fertilizer, & If You Are Dealing With Some Type of Leaf Problems, It Could not be Useful. To efficiently Treat Such a Problems, You Should use Compost Tea, That Helps Your Plant Quickly. Detailed Guide on Compost Tea is Linked Here, must Check It Out.

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