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How To Care Curry Leaf Plant for Maximum Growth? (7 TRICKS)


Growing Curry Leaf Plant is Easy, If You Follow up a Proper Guide To Care This Fast Growing Plant. & In This Post, We Will Discuss About 7 Tricks To Healthily Best Fertilizer For Curry Leaf Plant.

Origin & Basics:-


Curry Leaf Plant is a Tropical Area, Permanent Foliage Plant Native To South Asian Countries. The Unique Smell & Flavor Of Curry Leaves Is The Main Cause of Its Use in Cooking.

Their Dark Green Colored Leaves are Also Used In The Treatment of Many Health Problems. Curry Leaf

Plant is Tree Type Plant & Can Grow Upto 20 feet, That’s Why Growing It in Pots Requires Some Extra

Care. So Lets Talk About That.

1-Season of Growth & Dormancy:-


The Most Important Thing To Grow Curry Leaf Plant At Home is To UnderStand Its Season of Growth. Curry

Leaf Plant Is a Tropical Area Plant & Starts Its Growth as The Summers Starts & Continue To Grow

until Late Summers days. Unforunetely, This Plant Completely Stops Its Growth As The Winter Heads up.

What is The Dormancy Time Of Curry Leaf Plant?

Winter is The Dormancy Time Of Curry Leaf Plant & Yellowing & Dropping Of Its Leaves is a Very Normal Thing, They Can Bear Upto 10 degree of Temperture, So If You Are Going To Grow Them In a Coolder Region, Try To Move Them Indoors, In hard Winter days. They Will Sprout New Leaves As the Temp. Starts To Warm up in The Early Springs.

2-Pot Size & Repottingโ€ฆ


The Another Important Thing In Curry Leaf Plant care Is About Its Pot Size. As Told, Curry Leaf Plant is A Tree Type Plant & Grow Really Fast, Keeping It in Smaller Pot Is Never going To Help. So it Will Be Very Helpful, If You Choose atleast 10 to 15 inches Of a Container, like a Grow Bag. Buy Grow Bags Here.

As Much The Root Grow Inside The Soil, the New Leaves & Branches Grow As Well. In Pots, Root Are Being grown in a Limited Space, The Bounding of Roots Can Also Cause Stunted Growth & Yellow Leaves, So It Will Be helpful If You Repot Your Plant Very Year.

Spring & Rainy Days Are The Best Times To Repot Curry Leaf Plant, just Keep The Plant in a Shade for

Some Days & Water Careffully, It Will Definitely Grow Back.

3-Where To Place Curry Leaf Plant?


Another Important Thing In Curry Leaf Plant Care is The Location Where You are Going To Place This Plant. Curry Leaf Plant is Sunny Area Plant, & Loves To Be Placed In Direct Sunlight.

You Should Provide Atleast 2 to 4 Hours of Sun To Curry Leaf Plant, & More Than That Will be Even Better. The Lower Leaves Of Curry Leaf Plants Turns Yellow & Fells Of Very Commonly, Its Biggest Reason is the Shortage Of Light. Its Normal & have Nothing To Worry About.

4-Master Watering With Good Soil Mixโ€ฆ


Another Thing to Keep The Curry Leaf Plant Growing is To Know How to Water this Plant. Curry Leaf Plant is a Drought Tolerant Plant & Can Bear a Bit of under Watering As Well As Over Watering.

Problems Appear When We Use a Water Blocking Soil Mix & Expect The Plant To Bear The Stress. So It Will be Very Helpful, If You Choose a Well Draining Mix & Then Water As The Top Layer Of Soil Dries Out A little.


Sometimes The Soil Dries Much Quickly & Sometime Takes Time, Just Remember To Water Only When The Soil Feels Dry To You. For The Soil Mix, You Can use any Good Soil Mix, Like My Mixture That Is Homemade & Works Just perfect.

Detailed guide on making This Soil mix Using Very Simple Ingredients Is Linked Here. Must Check It Out. OtherWise Make Sure Your Soil is looking Wet For a Long Time.

5-Pruning For Side Branchingโ€ฆ


To boost The Growth of Curry Leaf Plant, You Should Regularly Prune Some of Its Shoots. It Helps In Side Branches, Making The Plant more Bushier. Pruning Is very Simple, Just Take A Disinfected cutter & Cut Of The Upper Growing Shoot of Curry Leaf Plant.

You Can Do The Same, Whenever You Find The Plant Growing Fast. Using a Clean cutter Is very Important, Because Problems Like Powdery Mildew & Leaf Spot, Can Appear on Curry Leaf Plant, That Are Majorly Caused By The use an Infected Cutter.

You Can Simply Use hydrogen Peroxide, That is Also Linked Here to Buy. & Dont Try Pruning in Winters, As Its the resting Time of Curry Leaf Plant.

6-What Fertilizer is Good For Curry Leaf Plant?


Another Important Thing in Curry Leaf Plant care is Proper fertilization. Curry Leaf Plant is a moderate Feeder & Can Be Feeded With any Regular Ferrilizer. But For Its Maximum Growth, A Slow Release, Nitrogen Fertilizer Can Works Really Well.

Like You Can use Cow Dung Compost, As it Contains Nitrogen As well as Other Trace Elements, A handful Of Cow dung Compost every Two Weeks In The Season is More Than Enough, Its Linked Here To Buy.

Remember Fresh Cow Dung is Very High In nitrogen & Can Be Harmful. So Make Sure you Are Using Cow dung Compost, Not Cow Dung.

7-Common Pests & Diseasesโ€ฆ.


Problems Like Yellow Leaves, Root Rot & Patchy Leaves Can Appear On Curry Leaf Plant, But Keeping These points In mind helps alot.
Curry Leaf Plant also Have Some Pest Enemies, That Somtimes Can Go Really Bad. So Its Will be Very Helpful if You Use A Pesticide Spray On All Your Plants every 10 to 15 days as a Prevention. You Can Either Buy Neem Oil Spray From this link, Or a Detailed Guide is Linked Here To Show You How To Make neem Oil Spray At home.

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