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A DETAILED Guide on Lantana Plant Care! (7-TRICKS TO FOLLOW)


Lantana Plant is a Summers Flowering Plant & Its Very Easy To Grow. In This Post, We Are Going To Talk all About lantana Plant Care. & At The End We Will Also See How You Can Boost Their Growth, Using a Few Tricks.

1-Origin & Basicsโ€ฆ


Lanatana Plant is a Tropical Area, Permanent Flowering Plant, That Produces Small Cluster Of Flowers Buds. Their Flowers Are Small In Size, But Have Number Of color Variations. Besides Their Blooming Beauty, They Also Have Medicinal Properties.

This Plant belongs To the Same Family, As Verbena Plant, But It is a Summers Flowering Plant, Unlikely To Verbena Plant. & It Also have Mosquito Repellent Properties. But Here The Most Important Things is That, Lantana Plant Is Toxic & Must Be Kept Away From Pets & Kids.

Lantana Plant also Comes In Different Varieties, Like a Wild & Fast Growing Lanatana, Or a dwarf Lantana Plant.

2-Best Season To Grow Lantana Flowersโ€ฆ


To Healthy Grow Lantana Flower Plant, The First & Most Impotant Thing is Its Proper Seasoning. lantana Plant Starts Its Growth as The Springs Get Warmer & Its Continue to Give You Beautiful Flowers, All Over The Summers & Especially In Rains.

In The Winter Season, Lantana Plant Gradually Slow Down Its Growing Habit & Become a Little Dormant. If The Temp. Is Extremely Low On Your Side, This Can Kill Your Lantana Plants. So Here You Can Move Them In a Shade Or Bring Them Indoors. If You Grow Lantana Plants Following The Right Season, They Will Give You A Good Response.

3-Where Should We Place Lantana Plant Pot?


Another Important Thing in Lantana Plant care Is to Choose an Ideal Location for Lantana Plant. They likes a Little Humid Area, With Plently of Indirect Sunlight. You Should Provide Them With 3 to 4 Hours of Minimum Sunlight, But For The Faster Growth Of Leaves, a Humid Area Works Really Well.

You Can Place Your Lanatana Plants Containers In a Conjusted Area Surrounded By Plants, This Thing Make Sures a good Humidity Level, & Indirect Sunlight. In General, the lantana plant is a Hardy Plant, So Just Keep It Simple & Provide Some Sun. Because The deficiency of Light Can Result Pale Yellowish Leaves.

4-Describing Ideal Pot Sizeโ€ฆ


In lantana Plant care, The role of a Good Size Pot is also Important. Lantana Plant is a Fast Growing Plant, & Keeping it in a Smaller Pot Can Result The Flower & Bud Drop problem. & As The Roots Bound Yellow Leaves Will Also Appear.

What is The Best Pot Size For Lantana Plant?

For an Ideal Pot Size, A 10 to 12 Inches Grow Bag Can be Good Option, But For a Tall & Wildly Growing Lantana Plant, You Should Choose Even Bigger Pot.

Grow Bag Have Pores In Them, That Plastic Pots Dont. This way Grow Bags Keeps a Good Arreation around The Roots, So They Are Linked Here To Buy, Must Give Them a Try.

As Lantana plant is a Permanent Plant, You May Need To Repot Them Every year. If You Have not Much Space, This Dwarf Varitey Of Lantana Plant Chould Be a Perfect Choice For You.

5-Watering & Soil Requirements!


For The Watering, Lantana Plant likes a Little Moist Soil, Deep watering On alternate days Can Work Well. Just keep The Upper Layer Of Soil Moist For Lantana Flowers. With Frequent watering, You Must Need a Well Draining, Acdic Mix For The Proper Growth Of Lantana Plant.

What Type of Soil Mix Do Lantana Plant Likes?

They Likes a Soft & Well Draining Mixture To Grow In, For That You Can Choose a Professional Mix From Here, But Here I am using My Homemade Soil Mix For Such Plants. a Complete Guide On Making Such a Good Mixture Is Linked Here.

If The Moisture Stays Long In the Soil, This Can Cause Yellow Leaves, Less Flowers, Fungal attack on the Plant. So Make Sure Of a good Soil Mix, & Then Water frequently.

6-How to Boost Lantana’s Growth?

Now Let Me Show You A Few Things To Boost the Growth of Lantana Plant.

1-Prune Regularly….


First is The Pruning of its Younger Shoots. Pruning Helps In side Branches & Most of The Flowers Buds Appear on a New Branch. This Way You Can Grow a Bushier Plant, As Well as More Flowers. Just Use a Disinfected Cutter To Cut Off The Upper Shoots A Little.

Lantana Plant is Sensitive To Rotting & Powdery Mildew, that Are mostly caused by An Infected Cutter, So here You Can Use hydrogen Peroxide To Clean the Cutter before Pruning any Of Your Plant. Its Linked Here To Buy. Just Keep the Plant Pruned, whenever You Find Long & leggy Branches On The Plant.

2-Keep Dead Headed….


Lantana flowers Stays On The Plant for 3-7 days, As they Dry or bloomed out, You can Remove Them. This Will also Enforces the Growth of new Buds & flowers.

3-Apply a Good Fertilizer….


Beside regular Pruning & Dead Heading, Plant also Requires Nutrients To Grow New Buds & Branches. Lantana plant is a Low to moderate Feeder, which Means We Can Provide it any Regular Fertilizer.

Here I am using Compost Tea Liquid, That is very Useful in my Choice. It Contains Hundred of Trace elements, That Gets into The Roots Instantly & Prevent Leaf Problems, majorly Caused By Nutrients Deficiency.

Lantana Plant also Likes an Acidic Ph, & Comost Tea also have Same Thing. So A Detailed Guide On Making & Compost Tea Is linked Here, Must Check it Out. & Keep fertilizing the Plant every 15 to 20 days in the Season.

7-Pests & Problems!


Lantana Plant is also susceptible To some Pests & Diseases, That Appear Rarely. The All In One Prevention for Pests is Neem Oil Spray. Just Spray Your All Plants With Neem Oil pesticide every 15 to 20 days, & pests Will Stay Very away. For that You can Buy Neem Oil Spray From This Link, Or a Guide is Linked Here to Show You How to Make Neem Oil Spray, Step by Step.

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