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How to Grow Moringa Plant at Home Fast? (6-EASY STEPS)


If You are Also Growing Moringa Plants At Home, Keep Following This post, Because Here I am Going to Show You a 6 Step Guide To Speed Up Its Growth. Just Follow The Steps One By One & get Your Moringa Plant On Its Max Speed Of Growth.

1-Plant It In Right Seasonโ€ฆ


The First & Most Important Thing For Growing Moringa Plants fast is to Plant It at the Right time of Year. Moringa Plant is a Tropical Area Plant That Loves a Hot Sunny Day To Grow. & When The Season Is Like That, It Will Show Maximum Growth, The Leaves Will Be More Healthier & Very Less Problems Appear.

So here What We can Do Is that Plants Moringa tree When The Season Is Favorable. This Thing Works a Kick Start & The Plant Will Get Maximum Time Of The Year to Grow & Spread. You can grow Moringa Plants at Your Home, When Springs Starts & As Soon As The moringa Tree Stablizes Itself, Then Will Starts Its New Growth & Keeps On Growing Until late Summer Days.

Can We Plant Moringa Tree In Winters?


Planting Moringa In The Winter Days Is not Ideal at all, The Temperature is Cool & Moringa is a Warm area Plant, So It will Kill your Plant. In The Winters, The Moringa Plants Doesnot Grow Much, Most of The Leaves Turns Yellow, But The Good news is That is will Die, until You Overwater the Plant. So Follow These Simple points To Properly Season Your Moringa Plant.

2-Pot Sizeโ€ฆ?


The Second Step To Grow Moringa Plants at Home is The Size of Your Pot. As We Know Moringa Plant is a Tropical Tree That Grow Several Feet High & That Why It alot of Space To Spread Its Roots. In a Pot on Container The Growth Will be Limited, The More The Roots Grow inside The Pot, The Plant Grow Wider & Taller on Outer Side.

So Its upto You, A Piece of Ground is Not necessary, But Atleast Choose a Big size Pot. For The Pot, Moringa Plant is a Hardy Plant & Can Grow In any Type of Pot Either in a Plastic Pot, Clay Pot or in A Grow Bag.

Grow Bags have This Benefit That The Chance of Overwater Reduces Very Much & It Could Be Very Helpful Specially if You are New In Growing. They are also Linked Here To buy.

Just Make Sure The Roots Have Enough Space To Grow, & It Will be Better If You Repot Your Plant once a Year. It Can Be Done in Springs & Rainy days.

3-Soil Mix Requiredโ€ฆ?


Soil Also Plays a big Role for Growing a Healthy Moroinga Plant at Home. Its very Simple just make Sure Your Soil is Draining out The Extra Moisture Properly. Water blocked Medium Can Cause Yellowing Leaves a Very Stunted Growth, While A Loose & Well Draining Soil Mix can Speed Up The Growth of Your moringa Tree.

How to Make a Well Draining Soil mix At Home?

You can Make an Ideal Soil mix for Your Moringa Plant at Home, By Simply Mixing These Ingredients(Sand 20% + Soil 20% + Cowdung 25% + Cocopeat 35%) . Otherwise a Ready To Use Mix is also Added Here To Buy.

With an Ideal Soil mix, You Should also Water in a Proper Way. a Good Soil Mix Doesn’t Mean You Can Water Whenever You Want. Just make Sure The Top Layer of Soil a Little Dry Before Watering. This Will Keep Many Problems Away From Your Moringa Plant & Also Boost Up The Growth Of Roots & New Leaves on The Plant.

4-Where To Place Moringa?


The Next Step You Should Follow for Growing Moringa Plant at Home is The location Of Your Planter. This Is Important, Because light Is The Main Source of Energy & Food any Plant & If You provide An Ideal enviroment To Your Plants, They Will definitely Grow Really fast.

Do Moringa Plant Need Sun Or Shade?

Moringa Plant is a Summer season Plant & Loves to Grow In a Hot Sunny Area. It Can Survive In hot Days of Summers Without any problem, Oppositely more Sun Means More Growth Of The Plant.

But Here We are talking about Growing Them In Containers & In a Corner of a House, where Sun may not Reach, So For That its Better To Provide Them atleast a 3 to 4 Hours of Direct Sunlight & More Than That will Be Even Better.

Moringa plant Can Also Grow Really Well in an Indirect Sunlight, But Shady Area Will Slow Downs Its Growth. So Its Better To Place It in a Sunny area.

5-Fertilize With Thisโ€ฆ.


Next Step is The Proper Fertilization of Moringa Plant. Its not a Heavy Feeder that Requires To Much fertilization. Moringa Plant is a moderate Feeder & can Survive Very well in a Less fertile Soil Mix. But for Growing

it in containers, It Is optimum To at Least Fertilize It Regularly. & If You Use a Good fertilizer, The

Growth Will Be Very Fast.

What is the Best fertilizer For Mroinga Plant?

You can Either use a Handful of Cow dung Compost Every 10 Days, or you Can mix a Small Amout

of Rock Phosphate in The Cow dung Compost To Make It Even Better & Growth Boosting For Moringa.

Rock Phosphate is an Organic fertilizer, Best For Root Growth. & It can Also Provide Moringa Plant a Number

of Other benefits, Details On That Are Added In This article , Must Checkthat Out. & Apply This fertilizer

On Moringa Plant every 10 to 15 days in The growing Season.



Another Thing For Growing Moringa Plant at Home is the Regular Pruning of Its Shoots. When Moringa Plant Comes To Grow, It Grow Very Fast. & Here You can get another Benefit out Of This. That is in The form Of Multiple Branches, This Will Help The Plant To Spread & Produce More Leaves.

How we Can Prune Moringa Tree?

Pruning is very Simple, Just Cut Of The Upper Growing Shoot Of The Plant & It will Produce New Shoots

Out Of That Part Within a Week or So. But Make Sure Your cutter is Clean & Sharp. whenever The Plant Grow Long, cut Of The shoot & Get More Branches.

Remember Pruning Should not be Done in The Dormancy Time & When the Plant under a Stressed condition. Otherwise Its very useful & Should be Done.
So Its all about Moringa Plant, follow Up These Steps & You Will Get a Huge Difference in Growth. & Check

Out This Guide, To Know About The surprising Benefits of Rock Phosphate for Plants.

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