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How to Make the Best Fertilizer For Heavy Feeder Plants? (EASY INGREDIENTS)

Heavy Feeder Plants Requires Relatively More Nutrition To Grow & Bloom Healthily. & Deficiencies Can Cause Many Serious Issues. So In This Post, We Will see How to Make The Best Fertilizer For The Heavy Feeder Plants At Home. This Post Includes Everything You need To know About The fertilization of Heavy Feeder Plants, So keep Reading.

Types of Plants in The Worldโ€ฆ?

There Are generally Three Type of Plants, Based on Their Feeding Requirements. Once Are Low feeders, That Likes very Less fertilization. Second Type of Plants are Moderate Feeders, That Likes normal & Consistent fertilization For Their Healthier Growth. & One Of Them Are Heavy feeder Plants That Likes To Have a Very fertile Soil. & Little Down In Nutrition Causes Many Serious Problems.

What type of fertilizer Heavy Feeders Need?

Heavy Feeders fertilizer

First of All Its Important To Know What Kind Of fertilizer Heavy Feeder Plants Like. It Very Simple To UnderStand, Consider You Have Two Different Type of Plants, Once is a Heavy feeder & Other is a Moderate Feeder. So Both Requires Almost Same Type of Nutrients, Like Nitrogen to Grow Leaves, Phosphorus To Grow Roots & So On.
But A Heavy Feeder Plant Likes To Have More Nitrogen, Phosphorus Or any Other Nutrient in The Soil. where a moderate Feeder Can Surivive in a less fertile Soil, On The Other Hand Heavy feeder Plants, Will show you Different Type of Leaf Problems, If The Dont get What They Want.

So That’s Why We Need to Give Them a Powerful Fertilizer on Regular Basis. Your fertilizer Must Have Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron Copper & So on.

Benefits of this Homemade Fertilizerโ€ฆ.

Heavy Feeders Fertilizer

The fertilizer Recipe I have Made For Such Heavy Feeder Plants contains Several Benefits, That You Should Know.

Leaf & Buds Growth:-

Syngonium Plant Leaves

First is That Applying This homemade fertilizer Regularly Can Boost The Growth Of Leaves, Buds & New branches on The Plant. Lemon Tree In also Heavy Feeder & Requires a High Potency Fertilizer To Bloom Otherwise The Flowers Will Be Small In Size, Hardly Bloom, & Most Probably Fells Off.

Healthy Root Structure:-

This fertilizer Have a Good Amount of Calcium & Phosphorus In it, which helps A Stronger & Massive Root Structure. A good Root system Is also Very Important To Effectively Take The Nutrients of The Soil Inside The Plant.

Less Leaf Problems:-

Yellow & Patchy Leaves

Leaf Problems Like Yellowing Leaves, Black Spots, Leaf Curl Problem, & Dull Leaves are very Common In Such Plants. & using This fertilizer Can effciently Solve This Issue, Because It Contains a Great Source of Micro elements.

Improve Soil Quality:-

Dry & Hard Soil Mix

This fertilizer is Made from organic Sources That’s why It doesnot Makes The Soil Harder & Compact Like The Chemical fertilizer. Oppositely It Improves Soils drainage & Looseness.
Soil is one of The Most Important Thing for Growing any Type of Plant & It Should Be At least Well Draining. & Its very simple To Make Such a Mixture at home, Using Simple Ingredients, Details are added Here, Must Give it a Try.

Less Pest Attacks:-

Leaf Miners Attack on Tomato Seedlings

Using This Homemade fertilizer Can Also Reduce The Chance of Pest attack On a Plant. It makes The Immune System of a Plant Stronger & Hence Minor Attack Would not Harm So Much badly.

How To Make This fertilizer? (Ingredients)

Now Lets Know How we Can Make This fertilizer, You Need a Few Ingredients That You Can collect From Your Local market, Otherwise They are also Linked Below To Buy.

Cow Dung Compost 30g:-

Cow dung Compost

First Is Thing is The Cowdung Compost That is Best as a Nitrogen Source, & i am Using around 30 grams Of Cowdung. Fresh Cow dung Can be harmful, So Use Cow dung Compost.

Tea Powder 1.5 Tbsp;-

Tea Powder

Second Ingredient is the Tea Powder That also have a good Amount of Nitrogen, Just Make Sure It doesnot Sugar Or Milk, if You are Using Waste Tea.

Mustard Cake powder 3 Tbsp:-

Mustard Cake Powder

i am Also using Mustard Cake Powder Here, That is very useful For The formation of new buds. You Can Checkout a Detail Guide on Its Other Benefits, From Here, Must Check That Out.

Bone Meal 2 Tbsp:-

Bone Meal Powder

Am Also Using a Small Amount of Bone meal Here, Because It Contains phosphorus That extremely Important For Roots Health.

Onion Peels Powder 2-3 Tbsp:-

Onion Peels Crushed

Another Ingredient is This onion. We Will Use Its Dried Peels That are rich in many Useful Trace elements, Like potassium, Iron, Copper, & So On. Onion Peels also have Sulphur That Works as a Fungicide & Prevents Soil Pests.

Leaf Compost 30g:-

Leaf Mould Compost

We are also Using a Good Amount of leaf Mould Compost That Promote The Growth of New branches. & its Slightly Acidic As Well which is very Healthy For Flower Producing Plants.


Ingredients For Fertilizer of Heavy Feeders

Bone Meal 2 Tbsp
Mustard Cake powder 3 Tbsp
Tea Powder 1.5 Tbsp
Onion Peels Powder 2-3 Tbsp
Cow Dung Compost 30g
Leaf Compost 30g

Here i Have Gathered all of These Ingredients In these Ratios, Ratios Are Very Important To Maintain Nutrients equally So Follow Properly. Mix Them Evenly & Here

homemade fertilizer For Heavy Feeders

Mix Well & here Our Homemade Fertilizer For Heavy Feeders is Ready To Use.

How to Correctly Apply it on Heavy Feeders?

For Applying This fertilizer On Heavy Feeder Plants.

  • Loose The Upper Layer of Soil & let it Dry.
  • Then Take a Dose Of This Powerful fertilizer & Add It Over The Soil surface.
Applying Heavy feeders Fertilizer
  • Dose Depends on Plant Age & Container Size, But You Can Simply Use 3 to 4 Table Spoons Of this fertilizer For a 10″ Of Pot.
Applying Fertilizer On Heavy Feeders
  • For a Small Size Pot Respectively Decrease The Dose. For Example, For This 5″ pot i am Using Around 2 Table Spoons.
Watering After Fertilizing
  • Mix The fertilizer with The Soil Evenly & Then do a Deep Watering.

This Way You Can fertilize Your Heavy Feeder Plants every 10 to 15 days, Specially In Their Growing Season. You Can Also Increase Dose a Lttle Bit, But Its Better to Follow the Dosage Described. You Can also Buy A Ready To Use Fertilizer For Your Heavy Feeder Plants, That also Works The similar Way. Its linked Here To Buy.

Can We Use This For all Plants?

Heavy Feeders Fertilizer

Lastly Lets Talk About On What Plants Can We Use This Fertilizer, Its Obvious You Can Use It For All Type of Heavy Feeder Plants. Just Google If Your desired Plant is a Heavy Feeder or Not. If It is Then you Can use This fertilizer. Some Most Common Heavy Feeder Plants are Roses, Tomatoes, Citrus Trees, Hibiscus, Gardenia & So on. For The low Feeder Or Moderate Feeders, Try not To Use This fertilizer. & If You Want to Then use Half The Dose.
So Its all About Heavy Feeders Fertilizer, & For any Questions Leave a Comment Below…

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