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How to Use Blood Meal Fertilizer For Plants? (PRO & CONS Included)

Blood Meal Fertilizer is a High Nitrogen organic Fertilizer & can Be Very Beneficial For Your Plants Faster Growth. & In This Post, I Will Try to Show You Each & Every Thing About Blood meal Fertilizer For Plants. Including Its benefits, The Right Way & Time To Use Blood Meal. I have also Included Some Side effects Of Blood Meal, So keep Reading.

What is Blood Meal Fertilizer & how it is Made?

Blood Meal is an Organic fertilizer Made From The Blood of Animals, & High in many Essential elements Required By most of Our Plants. In Appearance its a Dark Brown To Black In Color With A Grannular Shape & A kind Of bad Smell.

What are the benefits of Using Blood Meal For Plants?

Blood meal Is Known Due To Its Number Of Unusual Benefits For Plants, & Now Let Know Some of Them One By One.

1-Leafy Growthโ€ฆ

Blood Meal Pack

First of all Blood meal is a Nitrogen Enrich & Hence It Helps In Better & faster leaf Growth. & In Facts Its a Super Food For Foliage Plants Like Syngonium, Caladium, pothos, Diffenbachia etc.

2-Acidic Natureโ€ฆ

Another Quality of Blood meal Is that its an acidic Form of Fertilizer, That can be Very useful For Vegetable Plants, To Improve The Taste Of vegetables. But Before Using Blood Meal for That, You First Need To Check Soil’s Ph, Using Such a Ph Meter. Its Linked Here To Buy.

If The Soil’s Ph Is Already Acidic & You Kept On Using Blood Meal, This Can Cause Serious Damage To The Plant, So Must Use Such A ph meter & then Make Decision.

3-Trace Elements:-

Another Use of Blood Meal For Plants is That It Contain Many Trace Elements. Shortage Of These Elements Can Cause different Kind Of Leaf Problems, So Such a Source of Trace Elements can be Very helpful.
Shortage Of magnesium Can Cause Such Type of yellowing Leaves On Many Plants. So Its Better To Use Such a Source. Remember Yellow Leaves can Also Appear Due To Many Other Reasons, & If You Are Dealing With This Issue, You Should Checkout a Detailed Guide Here That Will Help You Treat This Whole Issue Step By Step.

4-Healthy Immune System

Another benefit of Blood Meal For Plants Is That Makes Up Their Immune System. & Such Treated Plants Can Have a Defense System Against The Minor Pests Attacks.

5-Improved Soil Health:-

Loose Soil Mix for Vinca

Regular use of Blood Meal Fertilizer Can Also Improve The Quality of Your Soil Mix. It Improves Drainage, Makes the Soil Loose & Also Add nutrients into It.
Soil Plays a Big Role In Your whole Growing Journey, So You Must Need To have a Good Soil mix. A Detailed Guide On Some Simple & Low Budget Soil Recipes Is Linked Here, That Will Help You Make a Better Soil At Home.

6-Iron Source:-

Another Unique & Unusual Benefit of Blood Meal is That It Have a Good Amount Of Iron, That is Majorly Responsible In Making The Leaves Green. So If Your Growing Some Plants That have Green Color Leaves, You Should Use This fertilizer, As It Can Help You Shinner & Vibrant Leaf Colors.

7-Natural & Organic:-

Blood Meal fertilizer in hand

Blood Meal use For Plants Is also useful Because Its an Organic & Natural Form of Fertilizer. & For a Vegetable Garden, You Should Must Consider Such a Great Fertilizer.

8-High Potency Fertilizer

One Big Quality of Blood Meal fertilizer is That its a High Potency fertilizer. See There Are Two Kind of Fertilizers, One Are low Dose fertilizers, That Have A Little Effect On a Plant, While A small Amount of High Potency Fertilizers can get Much Better Results. Its Because They are More Powerful In The Terms Of their Nurition Value.
Another High Potency fertilizer is Cow dung Compost, That Can be great Substitute Of Blood Meal. You Can Also make Cowdung For Free, A Detailed Guide On That is Linked Here, If You Like To Try.

9-Long Lasting Effects:-

Blood Meal fertilizer

Another Quality of Blood Meal is That It a Slow Release fertilizer, means It Keeps on Releasing its Benefits For a Long Pefriod Of Time. It Will Go Inside The Plant Slow & Keeps the Growth Very Constant. So Thats also a Very Useful Thing. So That All About Blood Meal fertilizer.

How to Use Blood Meal Fertilizer For Plants Correctly?

Now Lets Know How We can Use This Powerful Fertilizer For Our Plants. Its Very easy.

  • Simply Loose The Upper Layer of Soil & let It Dry For a Day Or so.
Applying Blood Meal
  • Take a Dose Of Blood Meal & add It Over The Soil Surface. You can Also Buy a Good Quality Blood Meal From Here.
  • & The Dose Depends on The Plant age & Size of The Planter. You Can Use Upto 2 to 3 Table Spoons For A 5 to 6 Inches Of Pot & 4 to 6 Table Spoons For a 10 To 15 Inches Of Pot & So On.
Applying Blood Meal
  • Remember To Mix The Fertilizer With The Soil Very Well.
Applying Blood Meal
  • Now You Can Add A Frequent Amount Of water Into The Soil, So The Fertilizer can Be Absorbed Well.
  • This Way You can Use This fertilizer On Your Plants every 2 to 4 Weeks In The Evening Time. Avoid Fertilizing Your Plants In The Off Season.

On What Plants Can We Use Blood Meal?

You can Use Blood Meal Fertilizer On Almost All Type of Plants, Buts It Works Better for Foliage Plants & Leafy Vegetables. You Can Use It On Seedlings as Well Just Use a Very Small Dose.

For The Flowering Plants, This Fertilizer is Not a Good Choice, Because It Has Nitrogen, That Promotes Leaves Not Buds & Flowers. For Your Flowering Plants, You Can Use This Homemade Organic Fertilizer, Its Very Easy To Make & Work Just Fine. Learn All About This fertilizer, From This Article.

Some Side effectsโ€ฆ.

Blood Meal fertilizer

There are Also Some Side Effects of Blood Meal fertilizer, That You May Face While using It. So its Important To Know About Them & Correct Them.

  • First Drawback Is That, Its not a Quick Fix. First It will Decompose In The Soil & Then Roots Take It Inside & After around a Month, You Will See Some Results on Your Plant.
  • So If You Are using It To Cure a deficiency, You Should Use Some Other Fertilizers, Like Cow dung Compost Tea. That Works Immidietely. A Detailed Guide On That is added Here. Cow dung Compost Tea Works Just Like Blood Meal, Only Difference Is that its a Liquid fertilizer.
Blood Meal for plants

  • Another Bad Thing About Blood Meal is That, Like All Other Organic Fertilizers It Have a Bad Smell. That Can Be Very Irritating, So Its better To Mix It With The Soil Very Well While Applying It. This Will Remove The Whole Smell.
  • Another Side Effect of Blood meal is That it Can Attract Flies & Other Insects, Because Its a Dried Form of Blood. So Its Very Important To Mix It With the Soil Properly.
  • Another Side Effect of Blood Meal is That its High In Nitrogen & An Overdose Can Dry Your Whole Plant. To OverCome This Issue, You Should Use The Described Doses, & Dont Apply Too much.

So Its all About Blood Meal Fertilizer, Follow This Guide Point By Point & You Can Get most Out Of this Magical fertilizer. Here Is the Substitute fertilizer Of Blood Meal, That you can Use In Case If You Cant use Blood Meal.

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