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Pros & Cons of Onion Skin Fertilizer For Plants! (Right Way To Use: Added)

Pros & Cons of Onion Skin Fertilizer For Plants! (Right Way To Use: Added)

Onion Peels Can Be a Great Source of Nutrients For Your Plants, Keep Following This Post, Because Today we Will Discuss All About Onion Peels Fertilizer, Its Benefits For Plants, The Right Way To Use it & Some Of Its Drawbacks At The end.

What is onion Skin fertilizer & Why Its used?

Onion Skin Fertilizer is The Powdered Form Fertilizer Made From The Dried Skin Of Onions. It Contains Many Essential Nutrients For Your Plants, All We Need To apply It Correctly.

8 Benefits of Onion Peels For Plantsโ€ฆ

Onion Peels Powder

First Lets Know About Some of Its Unique Benefits.

1-Contains Nutrients…

First Thing is That It Have Many Essential nutrients, Like Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, sulphur, iron & Much More. & remember all These Elements are The Basic Plant elements, & Promote alot of Growth. So Onion Peels are a Great Source of These Nutrients.

2-Pest Repellent Effects:-

Pests Inspection on Leaves

Another Benefit of Using onion Peels for Plants Is that, They Have Pesticidic Properties. Onion Peels Have a Very Strong Smell, Which is unliked By many Pests. & Most of the Pests are Transported By The Insects from One Plant To Another, & the aroma of Onion Peels Is hated By The Insects as well. So This Way, Onion Peels Can Save Our Plants From Many Pest related Problems.

3-Organic & Natural:-

Onion Peels are a Natural Source Of elements, So This Is also their Plus Point, Specially When We Are Growing Vegetable Plants.

4-Make Soil Porous:-

Another benefit of Onion Peels Is That Their Regular Use makes the Soil Very Soft & Porous. & Such a Soil mix is Very Helpful For growing any Type of Plant. You Can Also Make a Good Soil mix at Home using Very Simple Ingredients, Detailed Article is linked Here, Must Check That Out. Or Buy a Ready to Use Soil Mix Here.

5-Enhance Buds & Flowers:-

Lantana Flower Buds

Using Onion Skin fertilizer is also Very Useful For Flowering Plants, It promotes New Buds, Make The flowers To bloom Very Healthily. & Ultimately converting it into Fruit. So That’s Also A Very Unique Property of Onion Peels.

6-long Lasting Effects:-

As The Onion Skin fertilizer is an Organic fertilizer, It Works Very Steadily. The Results Appear Slowly, But Have Long Lasting Effects. First The Matter Will breakdown Under The Soil, & After That The Roots Take It Inside The Plant Day by Day. So This Thing Also Gives us a Great Advantage.

7-Free Fertilizer:-

Another Benefit of This Organic fertilizer is That, Its a Free Fertilizer. We Can make It By Just Using the Dried Skin of Onions, The Waste Is Recycled, & We Got Better Growth Also.

8-Improves fruiting:-

Final Harvest From Radish Container On Day 47

Onion Skin Fertilizer also Have This Plus Point, That it is Best For using On Vegetable Plants. It Not Only Keeps the Insects & pest Away, But Also improve The Fruiting Of Your Plants, By Providing Them Essential Nutrients Very Consistently. So Overall This Makes This Fertilizer Very useful.

How To Make a liquid Fertilizer with Onion Skin?

But The Right Way of Making & Using It For Plants, Is Extremely Important. So Now Lets Talk About That. For Making a Fertilizer Out of onion Peels. You Can Follow Two Ways. You Can Either Make their Liquid fertilizer, Or Such Powder Form Fertilizer. The Liquid fertilizer Works Quickly, While the Powder Onion Peels Works Steadily.

Simple Water

For Making The Liquid Fertilizer of Onion Peels, You Can Take a Liter of Water in a Bottle, & Add Around a Hanfui Of These Peels Into it.

Making Onion Peels Liquid Fertilizer

Now place This Pot In a Warm & Shaded Area For Some Days.

Onion Peels Liquid Fertilizer

After 3 to 5 Days, The Liquid Will Turn Its Color Dark & Pinkish. Now Its Ready, We Can Dilute This With 10 Part of Water.

Diluting Onion Peels Liquid Fertilizer

Mean 1 Part of this Concentrated Liquid & 10 Parts of Simple Water.

onion Peels Liquid Fertilizer

Mix Well & Now Our Onion Peels Liquid Fertilizer is Ready To Use.

How To Make a powder Fertilizer with Onion Skin?

Drying Onion Peels in Sun

For Making The Powder Onion Peels fertilizer, You Can Simply Dry The Upper onion Skin In The Sun For a few days.

Onion Peels Powder

After That You Can Crush Them Into a Powder Form Like This & Our onion Skin Fertilizer Is Ready To use.

How To use Onion Peels Fertilizer For Plants?

Correctly applying Onion Peels is Important, Otherwise the Insects Will Gather Around the Trunk Of Your Plants. Now Loose the upper layer of Soil & Let It Dry For a Day or So.

Applying Onion Peels Liquid

Once its Dry, You Can Take Your Liquid fertilizer & Add It Over The Soil Surface. Use Upto a 100 ml For a 4 to 5 Inches Pot, & Use Around 200 ml For a 10 inches of Pot. This way You Can Apply The Onion Peels Liquid Fertilizer, twice a month.

Onion Peels For Plants

For Applying The Onion Peels Powder, You Can Loose The Upper Soil & Add a Dose of Onion Peels powder. Use upto 2 Table Spoons, For an 8 inches of pot. & increase or Decrease The Amount Respectively.

fertilizing With Onion Peels

Mix The fertilizer With The Soil Very Well, & Add Frequent Amount Of Water. Remember Not To fertilize Your Plants, in The Dormancy Time. & Apply it only once a month.

On What Plants Can We Onion Skin Fertilizer?

You Can Use Onion Peels Liquid As well As Powder Fertilizer, On Almost All Type of Plant. Either Its a Flowering Plant, Indoor Plant, Or a succulents. But For Succulents & Cacti, it Better not To Use, For Them You Can Use this Homemade fertilizer, a Detailed Article On Making This is Linked Here, You Can Check That. & Remeber Not To Use This For Seedling, Or use a Very Small Dose.

Some Side Effects & Drawbacksโ€ฆ.

There are also Some Drawbacks Of using Onion Peels For Plants, that You Should Must Know.

Pest attraction:-

Onion Peels For Plants

First Thing is That it can Attract insects & Pests, Means If You Dont Mix It properly With The Soil While Applying, The Insects can Come. So Its Very Important To Mix The fertilizer With the Soil very Well.

Not For daily Use:-

Another Thing is That Onion Peels Ferilizer is great fertilizer for Flowering Plants, But It Should not Be Used Regularly. Its Not a Balanced fertilizer, & Its long term Use on a Plant can Cause Several Deficiencies. So Better Way is To Mix It With Some Other Fertilizers, & Then Use For Plants.

I Have made a fertilizer For Heavy feeder plants, Like tomates, Hibiscus, Roses etc, using onion peels. So You Can use this fertilizer, It Will Provide You Similar Benefits, Here is an Article for making This, Must Check It Out.

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