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The Indoor House Plants:-

Best Plant Food For Indoor Plants that Requires a Small amount of Sunlight to Grow Constantly. They Doesn’t Likes So Much exposure to Sunlight. Too Much Sun can Causes Commonly the Browning of Leaf tips.

Fertilizing the indoor Plants Requires many Important Factors to Be kept in mind. Nutrients are Required by Every Plant, but the Indoors Plants Doesn’t Requires any Special Or An Extraordinary Fertilizer. Indoor plants are Mostly Foliage plants that have Beautiful Leaves and Greenery.

Therefore, their Requirements of Nutrients is also Less. Constant Feeding is Important But not the Heavy Feeding.

What Should you Feed Your Indoors plants?

Indoor Plants are Commonly more Expensive than other Plants, that makes this Works a bit Specific. Indoor plant Grows Best when You Feed them with Basic Macro Nutrients (Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus).

You can Use use an Organic as well as Chemical Fertilizer for the Indoor plants. House plants (like:– Spider plantย etc…) Requires a Constant Supply of Nutrients.

Therefore, Using Organic Slow Release Fertilizers are the Best Choice.

Best Food indoor Plants:-

If we Talk about the Best Food for indoor plants, then the ย plant can be Given, but the Chemical Fertilizer makes the Soil Harder, And many other harmful Effects also.

So, I am going to Share my Own recipe to make Best Plant Food for indoor plants, that Makes the Growth of Your Indoor plants So Faster.

Ingredients to this indoor plant food:


Compost that is prepared From the Organic Components have many MicroNutrients (like:- Calcium, Magnesium, zinc, Carbon, iron etc…). All of these Nutrients are required to indoor Plants in a Small Amount, But have many Helping effects.

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2-Cow Manure:-

Cow manure is rich in a Specific Nutrient called Nitrogen, that Is Highly Essential for the Indoor plants. House plants Are mostly Slow Growing plants, that Requires a Constant Nitrogen Supply.

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3-Dried Banana Peels:-

Other than Nitrogen, the indoor House plants also Requires Phosphorus, that Helps the Plant to build a Heavy, Resistant Root System. And Bannana Peels have a Large amount of Phosphorus that works Best for Roots.

Ratio Recipe:-

Vermi Compost 5 Ts. (Table Spoons)

Refined Cow Manure 3 Ts.

Dried Banana Peels Powder 4Ts.

How to Fertilize your indoor Plants?

Mix all of these Organic Components and Put them into the Soil after Digging the Upper Soil Layer. It helps absorb the Nutrients from the Soil More Fastly.

Watering just after the Fertilizer helps the Roots to absorb Nutrients, therefore Add frequent Amount of Water into the Soil.

You can Use this Fertilizer on all your Indoor Plants, But Don’t Use it on the Cactus family Plants.

Apply after Every 20 days At Evening.

Benefits of Best Food for Indoor Plants:-

1-It makes the Roots Stronger.

2-Boost New Healthy Growth on indoor Plants.

3-Provide Constant Supply of Nutrients To the Plant time to time.

4-Enhance the Immune System of Indoor Plants.

5-Enhance the Shine and Colour of Leaves.

Homemade Liquid Fertilizer for indoor plants:-


Indoor House plant Have Much Higher Results, if you Use a liquid Fertilizer. In the Liquid Fertilizer the nutrients are Already dissolved, that makes it’s absorption Faster and easier to the Indoor plants.

You can use the same Organic Fertilizer Recipe, Simply add it in a Liter of Water. Place this Mixture In a Shady area for a few days. After about 5 to 6 days, the mixture get fully fermented.

Applying Properly:-

Now, You can use this Mixture after diluting it with more 2 liter Water. Make sure the SOIL is dry to add this Homemade Liquid Fertilizer on your indoor Plants.

Add about 100-200ml of Liquid in Every of Your Indoor Plant. Repeat the Process Every 10 to 20 days.


Using an Organic Homemade Food For Plants really Helps a lot. And it is also So much easy to Correctly Fertilize Indoor Plants after This article. So Must Use An organic Plant Food for Indoor Plants.ย 

If You Don’t Want to Make effort in making This indoor Plant Food, You can Simply Buy and use It Every 10-15 days.ย 

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