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Growing Indoor Plants is Very Well Experiencing, that gives you Pure Air as well as Natural And Reliefing Greenery around yourselves. One of them is syngonium plants care, that is also called as Arrow Head Plant.

It is Known due it’s Vibrant Beauty and Air Purifying Property. It is native to the West indies, Mexico and Brazil.ย 

Now, i am going to show you Syngonium Plant Care. Syngonium Plant is A Rein Forest Area plant, that grows Very Well In a Hot and Humid Environment.

In the Spring season And Rainy season, Arrowhead Plant Grows Very fastly. They produces Lot’s of New Leaves and Branches.

Arrowhead Plant Varieties & Types:-

Their are lot’s of Varieties of Syngonium plant, that have Some Dwarf Varieties and Some are Vine Natured Plants. Arrowhead Plant Comes in many Shapes, they are Commonly called arrowhead due to their Arrow shaped Leaves.

Common Varieties of Arrowhead:-

Pink Allusion, Strawberry Cream, Neon Robusta, Imperial White, Holy, Berry Allusion, painted arrow. These are the Some Types of This indoor Plant, Called due to their Colours and Shapes.

Syngonium Pink:-

One of the Syngonium Type is Very Well Known, that is Syngonium Pink. This plant have Beautiful Pink Coloured Leaves.

Their Beautiful Pattern in leaves make it More attractive to Grow in Your Home.

How do you keep pink Syngonium pink?

It is Very Common Problem That the Pink Colour of S.yngonium plant doesn’t Express it’s Vibrant Colour. It is Caused by low light Conditions and Over Watering Issues.

You have to Provide it a Bright Area to Grow Constantly. And also use a well Draining Soil mixture to Avoid Over watering.

Does S.yngonium good for indoors?


Syngonium podophyllum is a Common House Plant, that grows very well In indoors. You can place it in near a Bright Window, this may helps the plant to Keep Growing.

Does Syngonium need sunlight?

The Arrow Head plant Can Grow Very well in the Sunlight of Winter Season, Because it’s Temp. Is not so High. But in Summers, the Sunlight Makes their Leaves to burn. It is better to provide it a well lit Bright area.

Can Syngonium handle direct sun?

S.yngonium Plant loves to have a Hot place, but not a Sunny place. Mostly, In Rein Forest areas the S.yngonium Plant is Covered by Bigger Trees that increases the humidity Level as well as Temp..

In Nature, the Sun harms the Leaves of the S.yngonium Plant. Mostly, the Brown tips are caused by Hot Burning Sunlight.

How do you water Syngonium?

Syngonium Podophyllum Likes a High Humidity Area, and Watering Makes it more Happy. In dry environment, S.yngonium doesn’t grows so well. S.yngonium Plant requires Deep Watering.ย 

The Soil Mixture Depends a lot in Watering, for that Use the Plants. That is Specially Prepared for Indoor House Plants According to their Needs.

In the Winters, Water the S.yngonium Plant on alternate Days. In Summers, Water Your S.yngonium Plant Daily, or two Times a day.

Does Syngonium need misting?

Syngonium Plant Loves to have Misting, It helps to make the Environment Humid, that Boost it’s Growth. You can use a Gentle Sprayer to mist Your S.yngonium Plants.ย ย 

Syngonium Plant Benefits:-

Growing Such Type of Indoor Plants, that Purifies the Air of Your House is very Beneficial. It helps to Clean the Air of Your House.

And Also Provide a Natural Environment around Us. They are also grows very Faster, that makes this Plant Easy to care. This is also a Benefit of growing S.yngonium Plant In Indoors.

Is S.yngonium Poisonous to Humans?

S.yngonium Plant is A very Easy to Care and Beneficial Plant, but it have Poisonous Leaves And Branches that makes it Avoidable.

Syngonium leaves Causes Mouth pain if Eaten. You should Aware of It’s Poisonous Effects, to Keep it away from Your Pets and Childrens.

Why is my S.yngonium Plant Dying?

S.yngonium Plant Commonly Starts dying Due to Over watering Issues and Rootย Problem. To avoid this Issue, you have to Use a Well Draining Soil Mixture.ย 

Water logging Causes Rotting of Roots and the Plants starts dying. You can Buy a Ready Made Soil mix for Your Indoor Plants Here.

Why are my S.yngonium leaves yellowing?

Lack of light Can cause Yellowing of Leaves, indoor Plant Doesn’t Grows in Low light Conditions. In the dark Area, the Leaves of S.yngonium Plant Starts getting Yellowish. To avoid this Problem, place them in a Bright Spot Away from Direct Sunlight.

Propagating Arrowhead Plant:-

S.yngonium Plant is Commonly grown in The Moderate Seasons, they can Be Propagated through their Cuttings as well as From Division.

Best Time to Propagate them is in Spring Season and in Rainy Season. Both are the Best Times to Propagate the arrow Head Plants.ย 

Fertilizers for S.yngonium Plant:-

S.yngoniums are easy to grow and they doesn’t require Regular Fertilization. A cup of Compost Teaย after every 10 to 20 days is Enough for them.

But to get good Quality Results, you have to use a Special Fertilizer for them. That you can make at Home Using Organic Ingredients.ย 

Overall, S.yngoniumย Plant Care is Very easy, if you Know the Right Method. I have also made a detailed Video on it’s Winter Care that You Watch…

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