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The ULTIMATE Guide on Syngonium Plant Care! (7-GROWTH HACKS)

The ULTIMATE Guide on Syngonium Plant Care! (7-GROWTH HACKS)

Syngonium Plant Is A Low Maintainance Indoor Plant & By Following a Few Simple Things We Can boost Its Growth on a Next Level. & In This Post, I am Going To Talk About Syngonium Plant Care Using 7 Growth Hacks.

1-Understand It’s Season:-

Leaf of Green Syngonium

The Most Important Thing in Syngonium Plant Care is The Right Understanding of Its Season. Proper Seasoning Can Work As a Growth Booster For Syngonium Plant & Its Very Simple.

What is The Growing Season of Syngonium Plant?

Syngonium Plant Leaves

Syngonium Plant Is a Summers Season Plant That Likes a Hot & Humid Area. Like In Rainy Season, The Enviroment is Hot & Humid. therefore Syngonium Grow At Its Maximum Speed.

It Can Grow All around The Summers Very Well, But in Hard winters, Syngonium Plant Under a Stressed Condition, The Growth will Be Really Slow & You May find Yellow Leaves at This Time. But Its A Normal Thing Just Hold On, As The Winter Passes It Will Grow Back.

2-Adjusting The Location:-

Arrowhead Leaves

The Second Most important Thing In Syngonium Plant Care is Its Location. If Your Plant Is Placed in a Right Place At The Right Time of The Season, The Growth Will Be Amazing.

Where Should we Place Syngonium Plant?

Ideally, Syngonium Plant likes a Spot With Some Sunlight & Lot of Humidity. You Can Place Your Syngonium in a Semi Shaded area, With Some Indirect Sunlight.

A Low Light Area Can Also Effect Syngonium Plants Growth, So Make Sure its Not In Complete Shade. For Making The Location of Your Syngonium Plant More Suitable, You Can Also Use a Sprayer To raise The Humidity.

3-Use This Homemade Fertilizer:-

Fertilizer For Syngonium

A Good fertilizer Can Also Boost The Growth Syngonium Plant, But The Regular Fertilization is Even more Important. Deficiency Of Nutrients Can Can Effect The Leaf Patterns & Their Size. So Fertilize Regularly.

What Is The Best Fertilizer for Syngonium Plant?

Best Fertilizer For Syngonium Plant

As Syngonium Plant Is an Indoor Plant & Have To Produce Leaves, Your fertilizer Must Be Nitrogen Enrich. Here I am Using a Mix Of Cow dung & Rock Phosphate In These Ratios (Cow dung 3 Tbsp + Rock Phosphate 1 Tbsp).

Applying fertilizer On Syngonium Plant

Mix Them Well & Add Over The Soil Surface, You Can Fertilize Syngonium Every 20 days in The Season….

Watering Syngonium

Do a Deep Watering After Fertilizing Your Syngonium Plant.

A Healthy Root Structure Is Very Important For Syngonium Plant As well, & Here Rock Phosphate is Best for That. Rock Phosphate Also Provides Syngonium Plant Numner of Other Benefits, like Improved Soil, Less Leaf Problem etc, more Details on That Are added Here.

4-Pot Selectionโ€ฆ.?

Pink Syngonium Plant

Another Important Thing in Syngonium Plant Care is Its Pot. Syngonium Plant is a Fast Growing Plant, But Some Varities of Syngonium Grow Slow, & For Them A Normal Size Pot is Enough.

What IS The Best Pot Size For Syngonium Plant?

Best Pot Size For Syngonium Plant

But For a Wildly Growing Syngonium, You Need To Give it At Least a 6 to 8 Inches of Pot. Here You Should Use a Clay pot, Or a Grow Bag as They have Less Chance of Overwatering.

Small Leaf Of Syngonium Plant

The Main Motive Is To Avoid The Bounding Of Roots. You Can Also Choose Your Pot From This link.

5-Soil Requirementsโ€ฆ..

Loose Soil Mix

Another Important Thing That can be The Real Growth Booster Is Your Soil Mix. No Doubt, Syngonium Likes a Moist Soil Mix, But The Waterblocked Medium Can Cause Many Problems in.

What is The Best Soil Medium For Syngonium Plant?

On The Other Side, A Well Draining & Loose Soil Mix Can Be Very beneficial. It Promotes Root Growth, Have Less Chance of Root Rot & Most Importantly it promotes Big Size Leaves.

Well Draining Soil Mix

& even You can Make A Good Soil Mix At Home, Using a Few Simple Things, Detail Guide On making Such a Mixture is Added Here, so Must Check It Out. Otherwise Make Sure Your Soil is Draining Out The Extra Moisture Properly.

6-Watering Syngonium:-

Overwatered Soil Mix

Another Thing in Syngonium Plant Care is Your Watering Style. Syngonium Plant likes a Moist Soil Mix, & To Make Such condition, You Can Water your Syngonium Plant every day, if The Soil mix Is Well Draining.

Why Water Logging Is Bad For Syngonium Plant?

Water Logging Can Cause Rotting of Roots, & a Very Stunted Growth of Syngonium Plant. That’s Why You Need To be Careful While Watering.

What is The Best Way To Water Syngonium Plant?

Best Soil Mix For Syngonium Plant

The Best Way To Water Syngonium is To check the Top Layer Soil, If It Feel Dry Then add Some Water. It May Take a Week, Or may Be Your Soil Dry Out every Day, Just Dont Water Until The Upper Soil Layer Is Dry. Water Would Not Be a Problem, If Your Soil Is Good enough. Therefore A Good Soil mix is also Linked Here To Buy.

7-Yellow Leaves Causes?

Yellow Syngonium Leaf

Yellow Leaves can Appear on Your Syngonium Plant Very Frequently, & This Can affect The Plant Growth As Well. So Its important To Solve This Issue.

  • Overwatering Causes Yellow Leaves, So Follow The Way I Told You.
  • Root Bounding Can Also Cause Yellow Leaves On Syngonium Plant, So Use Big Size Pots, With a Loose Soil mix in it.
  • If The Lower Leaves are Turning Yellow, then Its fine it a Natural Thing & Nothing is bad Here.
  • Yellow Leaves Can Also Appear Due To Dormancy, That Is Also Normal & Will be gone as The Temp. Starts On Rising.

So Its All About Syngonium Plant care, Follow Properly & You Will Definitely Grow Well. Check Out This Article, To Make The Best Soil mix For Syngonium Plant.

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