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How to Treat Mealybugs On Plants? (WITH RESULTS)

What are these Mealybugs & How to Identify Them?


Before The Treatment of Mealybugs, We Have To Know What Are These Mealybugs. So They Are Commonly Small Ranging From 1 mm to 4mm in Length, With oval Shaped body Covered in a White, Powdery Substance. That works as their Protect Layer.


Here You Can See Some Ants Are Also Moving Around The Mealybugs, This Because Mealybugs Sucks The Nutrients Enrich Liquid Called Sap From The Plant Body, & Secretes a Sugary Material Which Ants Loves To Eat. & In Return They Protect These Harmful Pests From Many predaters.


Mealybugs are Found Worldwide & Can Surivive In various climatic Conditions. & This thing Makes Them even More Powerful & Destructive For Plants. Mealybugs Can also Divide Them asexually, That Means Male is Not Always Required by The female To Reproduce.

This Can Also Aids The spreading of Mealybugs, That’s Why Mealybugs can Go Really Harmful If Not Treated Timely.

When Do Mealybugs Attack Commonly?


Mealybugs Commonly Attacks On a Plant when The Season is Suitable. They Likes Warm & Humid Condition To Grow & Reproduce Themselves. That Means You Will Find mealybugs Mostly In Springs & Summer Days.

The Chance of Mealbugs Attack on A Plant also Increases, if it is under a Stressed Condition. Mostly Mealybugs are Found on a Younger & Newly Growing Branch.

Favourite Targets of Mealybugsโ€ฆ.


Mealybugs Can attack on a Wide Range of Plants, like Ornamental Plants, Indoor & Outdoor Plants, Vegetables & Flowering Plants. Hibiscus, Tomatoes, Roses, Aloe Vera Plant, Cabbages, Spider Plant, & Lemon Tree Are Some Common Names of Its Targets.

Mealybugs Effect on Plantsโ€ฆ..

Mealybugs Can Affect the Plants Differently, But As They Feed on The Sap Liquid, That Is The Main Source of Nutrients For a Plant. That means Infected Plant Most Probably Shows Signs Of Nutrients Shortage.


As You Can See, This Is A hibiscus Plant Infected With Mealybugs & It is also Showing Us Yellowing & Patchy Leaves. This is The Effect of Mealybugs Attack, If We Dont Treat It, The Plant May Survive For a Few Weeks But Then It Will Die.

Stunted Growth, Wilting Leaves & Distorted New Shoots Can Also Appear Due To Mealybugs Attack.

Mealybugs Treatment Recipe!

Now lets Talk About The Treatment of Mealybugs. So Here It Will be Very Easy To Treat Mealybugs, if You Can Identify Them Timely. Severe Attack Can Be cured but May Be Hard For a New Gardener.

How Can We Remove Mealybugs on Plants?

There are Certain Ways To Remove Mealybugs, Like pruning The Most Infected Branches, Using Insecticidal Soap & So On. But The Most Effective & Succesful Solution To Mealybugs is Neem oil.


Neem Oil is made From The Neem Seeds. & Its Very beneficial, but It only Works If You Use Correctly. You Can Also Checkout a Detailed Guide On Neem Oil Here, But Now Lets qickly make a Useable Form of Neem Oil.

Neem Oil Spray:-

  • Its Simple, Just take a Liter of water In a Bottle.
  • Add a Table Spoon Of Neem Oil in It, You Can Also Use 2 Table Spoons, If The Pests Are More.
  • Also add a table Spoon of Liquid Soap in it.
  • Mix very Well & Then Spray it all Over The Plant.
  • Try To Use It at The Evening Time, The next Day You Can Also Apply it Again, If The Pests Attack is Not Reduced.

This Solution Contains Neem Smell, That Not Only Mealybugs Hate But Also Ants Does not Like Much. Another Thing is The its Soapy Nature, That Will Trap the Eggs & Younger Mealybugs in It Making Them Immovable. They will Suffocate until they are Dead.

After 2 Daysโ€ฆ.?


This is After 2 Days of The Neem Oil Spray Application, here You can The Infected Branches Have Now very Few Mealybugs on Them, The Grayish Forms On The Screen Are The Dead Mealy Bugs.


You Can Spray The Liquid Again on your Whole Plant.

After 4 Daysโ€ฆ.?


After Around 2 more Days, Here You Can This Branch Was Full of Mealybugs & ants & now Its Fully Normal.


Here is another Example, You can See The infected Branches now Have not Any Pest Or Insect on Them. This Way You Can Treat Mealybugs On any Of Your Plants.

A Ready To Use Neem Oil Spray is Also Linked Here to Buy, Must Check it out, & Now As You Can See Our Hibiscus Plant is Free Of Mealybugs, You Can Now try Some Tricks To Boost its Growth. Detail Guide Is Linked Here must Check it Out.

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