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How To Get Rid of Aphids On Plants? (4 EASY STEPS)

How To Get Rid of Aphids On Plants? (4 EASY STEPS)

Aphids are One Of The Most Common Type of Pests, That Are Very Destructive, Due to Their Sap Sucking Ability. So In This Post, We Will See, What Are These Aphids, How They attack & How To Get Rid of Aphids On any Of Your Plant. Their Proper Treatment is Extremely Important Because They Can Also Spread From One plant to another , Very Rapidly, So Follow All The Steps.

What Are these Aphids & How They attack?

Aphids On a Branch

First Lets Talk A Little About Their Nature & Basics. So Aphids Are tiny, Soft Body Insects That have Many Colors Like Grey, Green Or Orange Etc. They Attack on The New healthy Growth of a Plant, In The Form Of Clusters. They Suck The nutrients Containing Liquid From The Stem, Which Is Called as SAp.

While Sucking The Sap of a Plant, They also Transfer viruses into The host Plant, Which May Results In Yellowing Leaves, Leaf Curl Problems, Distorted & Stunted Growth. Due To This Whole Thing, A Plant not Only Dies, But also the Adult Aphids can Fly to Other of Your Plants. So That’s Make Them unstopable, Therefore A Proper & Timely Treatment Is Very Important.

When Do They Attack on a Plant & on What Plants?

Aphids Attack

Aphids Attack Mostly on a Plant, In Their Growing Season, When The Temperature is also A Little Warmer. Aphids Likes a High humid area, Where They Move Well Over The Host Plant.

You Can Easily identify Them, If You inspect Your Plant Carefully. High Density of Host Plants Can Also increase The Chance of Aphids Attack, because They Like Not to Be Disturbed While They Eat & Reproduce.

Some of Their Favourite Host plants, On Which They Attack Very Commonly Are Roses, Cabbages, Cauliflowers, Tomtatoes & Ornamental Plants. & The Chance of Aphids attack Is Very High on a Plant That Is Weak, Or Under Some Type of a Shock.

How Bad The Attack Can Get?

Aphids attack Can Get Real bad, If not Treated Timely. Aphids are Also The Carriers of Viruses, & Treating Viral Diseases is a difficult Thing, Another Thing is That They Reproduce Very Fast, & Will be over Your Whole Space, On All The Plants, Because They Move From Plant To Plant, So Overall Aphids Attack Can Be Very Harmful For Your plants, That’s Why Treating Them Timely Is Very Important.

How They Reproduce?

Aphids Clusters on a Stem

If We Talk About How The Aphids Reproduce, So Their Mode Of Reproduction is also Very Dangerous. Aphids Have a Female Which gives Birth to live Young Aphid Without any Type of Mating. So This Thing makes Their population to Explode Very rapidly Under Favorable Conditions. Also the Aphids mostly multiply Below The leaves.

Some Preventive Measuresโ€ฆ.

Aphids Clusters below leaves

If You Are Not Dealing With Aphids Attack Right Now, There are a Few Things You Can Do To Prevent Them. Try To Choose Only The Healthy Seedlings While The Transplant, Use a Weekly Pesticide Spray Routine, You Can use Neem Oil Spray. Detailed guide On Making & Applying Neem Oil is Linked Here.

Another Preventive Measure is That Dont Plant Favourite plants Of aphids In density. try To Keep Your Plants Healthy. So They Can Fight Own Their Own. Also Keep Your Plants In a Sunny & Airy Spot, & Keep pruning them For Better & Healthier Growth.

4 Steps Of Aphids Organic Treatmentโ€ฆ

But Sometimes Our Healthy As Well as Weaker Plants Do Get Aphids attack, & For That You can Follow these 4 Steps.

1-Move The Plant To An Open & Airy Space

Aphids Infected Plant

First Step To Treat Aphids On a Plant is To Move Our Plants to An Open Area, Specially When The Where Previously In a Closed area. This Will Help The Plant To be at Somewhere ideal. Just Choose a Semi Shaded Area, With an Airy Condition & Place Your infected Plant There.

2-Remove The Most Infected Parts

Removing Aphids Infected Parts

The Second Step of Aphids Treatment Is The Removal of Most Infected Parts. As Aphids Attack In The Form Clusters, So Choose The Most Infected Parts of The Plant & Simply Cut Them Off.

You Can Dispose This Branch In a Air Tight bag, So They Dont Spread To Other Of Your Plants. The Removal Of These Infected Parts Will Give a Little Relief To The Plant, So It Can Gather Some Strength Against the Remaining Aphids.

3-Use a Soapy Neem Oil Spray

Applying Pesticide On Infected Plants

The Next Step Of Aphids Treatment is Applying a Pesticide. Means You Can Apply a Pesticide On The Plant, You can Simply mix a Table Spoon of Neem Oil In a Liter of Water, You Can Also Buy Neem oil From This Link, & Then Add 1 table Spoon of Liquid Soap Or Shampoo In This Water & Mix properly.

Now Our Homemade Pesticide is Ready To use, You Can Apply It Over Your Infected Plant. Just Wash off The Whole Plant With This Solution. Make Sure To Apply the pesticide, On Your Plants At The Evening time. Also Give a Gentle Spray To Other of Your Plants, So They Will Be protected too. This way You can Use This neem oil Spray Every 3 to 4 Days.

After 6 Days…

After Aphids Treatment Result

You Will See Gradually The Aphids Attack Will Be Over, until Then Use Neem Oil Spray Regularly.

4-Use A Good Fertilizer Afterwardsโ€ฆ.

Fertilizer for Heavy Feeders

Once Your Plants Are A Little relieved, Now You Should Give them Some fertilizer, So They can Overcome Any nutritional deficienies, Happened While The Attack. You can Use This Homemade & Organic Fertilizer, That Contains all The Essential Nutrients. Detailed guide On This fertilizer is added Here.

Just Like Aphids, There are Also many Other Pests That Can Harm Your Plants, & Its Very Important To Prevent Them. You can Follow This E Book, Its Will help You Control Any pest Attack Over Your Whole Space, Means No pest attack Ever, Its Linked Here to buy, Must Check It Out.

So Its All About Aphids & Their Treatment, To Learn How To Cure Leaf Miners On a Plant, Check Out This Article.

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