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7 CAUSES – Tomato Leaf Curl Disease! (Solve This way)

Tomato Leaf Curl Disease is a Common Problem, That Can Be Fatal For The Plant, So In This Post, We Will Try To Solve This Whole Issues From Its Root Cause, It Can Be Due To Number Of Reasons, so Lets Talk About Them & Their Easy Solutions One by One.

1-Tomato Leaf Curl Virus:-

Tomato Leaf curl Disease

The First & The Most Common Cause of Tomato Leaf Curl Disease is The viral Attack. Tomato Leaf Curl Virus is a Common Virus That is primarily Transmitted By The Whiteflies, Specially In The Warm & Humid Conditions. but It Can Also get Into The Plant by the use Of Infected Cutter & Contaminated soil. Some Tomato Varietes Are More Susceptable To The Leaf Curl Virus, While Some are not.

Once The Plant is Attacked By Tomato Leaf Curl Virus, The leaves turns Yellow, Plant Shows a Stunted Growth & Obvisoiusly The Curling of Leaves. if the Attack Is Severe, The Chance of Cure Is less, But Reducing the White Flies Attack Can Reduce The Problem Very Much.

Applying Neem Oil Pesticide on Infected Tomatoes

Simply Separate The Infected Plant From Other Plants Immedietaly, Than Use a pesticide Spray At The Evevning Time All Over The Plant, You Can Use neem Oil Spray, Detailed Guide On Making Neem Oil is Linked Here. If The Plant Seems To Be Recovering, Then Keep Using Neem Oil Spray, Otherwise Its Better To Dispose The Infected Plant, So It Wont Cause A problem for Other tomato plants.

2-Nutritional Deficiency:-

Tomato Leaf curl disease

Another Cause of Tomato Leaf curl Disease is The Nutritional Deficiency. Deficiency Of Nutrients In The Soil effects Plant Growth & the Plant Tries To Show This In The Form Of Several Changes Like leaf Curl & Yellow Leaves Etc.

Tomato Plant is a Heavy feeder that Requires a Consistent Supply Of Nutrients On Every Stage Of Growth, So Here if Your tomato Plant is Not Getting Enough Nutrition, Problems Like Curling Leaves, Black Spot, Yellow Leaves Will Appear. So Here its Better To Solve This Issue right From The Seedling Stage.

You Can use This Homemade fertilizer, Made Specially for Such Plants, Detailed Guide On This Fertilizer is Aded Here, Must Check It Out & Apply It On Your Tomatoes Every 10 to 14 Days.

3-Pest Infection:-

Tomato Leaf Curling

Another Common Cause of Tomato Leaf Curl Disease is The pest infection, Just Like White Flies, Aphids, spidermites, thrips Etc Can Also Cause This Problem. They Can transmit The Virus, As well as They Can Weaken The plant making It More Suseptable To The Viral Attack. Overall these Pests Can cause the leaf curl Issue, So To Solve This, Simply use Neem oil Spray, Its also Linked Here to buy. just Keep an Eye on these Pests, & Treat as Soon As they Appear.

For The ultimate Prevention Of all Type of Pests, Over Your Whole Space i have Prepared an E book on a Proven & Organic Pest Control Technique, Its Linked Here if You Like To Buy.

4-Soil Compactness & Watering Issues:-

pointing Soil Mix

Another Cause of Tomato Leaf Curl desease is The Soil Compactness & Waterlogging Issue. Tomato leaf Curl Problem is a Pysiological Change in the Pant Body, That Can be Triggered By The Compact soil mix Or a water Blocked Soil mix.

This Thing Put Stress On the Plant, Which results The Curling of leaves, But Its Cureble, You Can Simply Avoid adding to Much Moisture Is The Soil or Use a Well Draining & Loose Soil mix While their Transplant, This Will Help The Tomato Plant All Over its life Cycle. You Can Also Use This Mixture, Made at home, Detailed Guide on This Recipe is Added Here, Must Check It Out.

5-Environmental Stress:-

Tomato Leaves In Sun

Another Common Cause of Tomato Leaf Curl disease is The Environmental Stress, like to much heat, light intensity, Soil’s PH Or Salinity etc. These things can effect plant Growth & Cause leaf Curl Problem, But They are Temeprary Changes, As Soon as you Make The proper Adjustments.

The New Growth Will be Normal & Lush Green. Simply Inspect, What Could Be The Reason, In Case of Ph, Use a Ph Meter to analyze, & Make Proper Adjustments. Hopefully Your Plant Will Recover Within Days.

6-Genetic Disorders!

Another Potenial Cause of tomato Leaf Curl disease is The genetic disorders, The Seeds Harvested From an Infected Plant, have This Virus Inside Of Them & Will Appear as Soon as The Plant Gets Bigger, So Here You Need To Buy Certified & Good Quality Seeds, Such genetically infected Plant Never Grow Well & produce Healthy Fruit, So Some of The Good Tomato Seeds are also Added Here, If You Like To Buy.

7-Side effects of Chemical Products!

Tomato Leaf curl

Another Potential Cause of Tomato Leaf Curl Problem is The Effect of Chemical products. To Much Use of Chemical Pesticides or Fertilizers, Can also Cause curling Tomato Leaves, Overuse of Even The Organic products can Cause This.

Like use of raw Neem Oil on The leaves, overuse of High potency fertilizers Like Fish meal, Blood Meal Or Cow dung etc can Also Put Stress on the Tomato Plant & than Leaf Curl Problem, Yellowing & Drying Leaves etc..

So you Should Use Such Things With a Proper Method, You Can Also Browse Our Website to Know About That. Moderation Is The Key, You Have To make a Balance While Growing a Plant. Hope You Get that, To Know About The yellowing Of Tomato Leaves, Checkout This Detailed Article.

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