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5-CAUSES of Black Spots on Rose Leaves! (TREAT This Way)


If Your Rose Plant is Also Suffering Such Type Of Leaf Spots, Keep Following This Post Because We Are Going to Talk about Some most Common Causes of Black Spots On Rose Leaves & Their Organic Solutions.

What are these Black Spots?


The Black Patches First appears in The Form Of Black Dots, mostly in The begining Of Summer Days, Causing

The Leaf To Turn yellowish & Fells Off. This Condition is Called As Black Spot Problem.

Affected Plant Hardly Grow & gradually weakens The Rose Plant. The Black Spot Problem Of Rose Plant can

also Spread From Plant To Plant, So Its Treatment & Prevention is Very Important.

1-Fungal Disease (Diplocarpon rosae):-


Black Spots on Rose Leaves is Primarly Caused by a Fungus Called as Diplocarpon rosae, That Likes a Warm & humid area To Survive. As Soon As you Notice The Black Spots on Your Rose Plant, First of all Remove All Such infected Leaves & apply a Fungicide.

For That, You Can Use Neem Cake That Helps Alot To Keep all Type of Fungal Problems away From Rose Plant. 3-4 Table Spoons of Neem Cake in the Rose Soil Works Well, Its Linked here to buy.

If You are also going To Use Neem Cake, you Need To know A Few Important Things about neem Cake added Here. By Using Neem Cake You Can Stop The Further Growth of Fungus. & As the time Passes, the Rose Plant Recovers Itself.

Secondary Causes of Black Spots:-

Now There are a Few Things, That can indirectly Cause or Increase the chances of Black Spot on Rose Leaves,

By Promoting The Fungal attack. lets talk about Them one by one.

2-Pests attack (Sucking Sap):-


The Second Biggest Cause of Rose Black Spots is the Attack of pests. Rose Plant is Very Sensetive To Aphids,

Thrips, & Spider mites. & They weakens up The Rose Plant, Making It More susceptible For Fungal attack.

These harmful Pests Sucks The Liquid Out of Rose Leaves & Stems, Leaving it dull & Weak. So It Will be Much Helpful If You Use an organic Pesticide on Your Rose Plant every 2 weeks.
It Not Only prevent black Spots, But Also Avoid a number of Other Rose Problems. A Detailed Guide on Neem Oil Spray is Linked Here. Otherwise You can also buy a Ready to use Neem oil Spray From Here.

4-Nutrients Deficiency (Immunity):-


The Another Cause of Black Spot of Rose Plant is the Deficiency of essential Nutrients. Rose Plant is a Heavy Feeder & Requires a Wide Range Of Nutrients To Grow & Bloom healthily. If Your Soil mix is Deficient, It can Also Causes A weaker Rose plant & in result fungus As Well as Other Problems Appears more Frequently.

For The Fertilizer, You need A Nutrients Enrich, Slow Release Fertilizer. For That You Can use Our Homemade Flowers Fertilizer, That can be an ideal food for Rose Plant. a Detailed Guide on making & Applying this fertilizer is Linked Here. Just Make sure You are Feeding Your Rose Plant Regularly. Because it Also Helps in More Blooming & Less Leaf Problems.

3-Pruners Spreadings (H2O2):-


Black spots on rose bush leaves are also Caused by The use Of infected Cutters & Tools. As Told, Fungus spread from plant to plant, That’s Why Using Infected pruners on Your Healthy Rose plant can also make Sure the transfer of this disease.

So It Will be Very Helpful If You always Use Disinfectant before Using Your Tools on a Healthy Plant. For That You Can Use Hydrogen peroxide, That Ensures The Removal such pests & fungus.

Just rub a small Amount of hydrogen peroxide Over Your Cutter & Then You Can use It To Prune Rose Plant. It also Linked Here To buy.

5-Too much Moisture & Humidity:-


Another big Thing That indirectly causes Black Spots & Fungal attack is the Drainage & Moisture levels Of Your Rose Soil. If the Moisture stays Long in the Soil, This Can also increase The Chance of fungal attack & Ultimately Black Spots on Rose Leaves.

The Extra Moisture Should Be Drain out of your planter. The Humidity & Air circulation Around Your Rose Plant can also trigger The Growth of Fungus, So Here you have To Make Sure the sunlight is also reaching Your Rose Plant.

Too much Moisture In the environment as Well as In The Soil, Causes This Problem. So Make Sure of Sunlight & for The Soil Mix, You can Use A Well Draining Mixture For Your Rose Plant, That You can Make At Home Using Very Simple Ingredients, Complete Guide is linked Here, Must check It Out.

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