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6-CAUSES of Yellow Leaves on Rose Plant! & Their Fixes.


Rose Plant Can Show You Many Type of Leaf Problems, One Of Them Is Their Yellow Leaves On Rose Plants & In This Post I Will Show You 6 Most Common Causes of Yellow Leaves On Rose Plant & Their Easy Solutions.

1-Water Logging:-


The Biggest Reason of Rose Plant Yellow Leaves is Water Logging, Rose Plant is very Sensitive To Watering. & an Over Watered Condition Causes Yellow Leaves On Roses Very Commonly. So Check Your Rose Plants Soil, If Its Looking Wet, Then Its The Problem.

The Best Way To Water Rose Plant is To Let The Upper Soil Layer To Dry & Then Water. A Water Blocking Soil Mix can Also Cause Yellow Leaves. So Make Sure Your Soil is Draining Out The Extra Moisture. For That a Good Mix is also Linked Here To Buy. & Make Sure You Are Not Adding Too Much Moisture in The Soil.

2-Seasonal Change:-


The Another Cause of Yellow Leaves Of Rose Plant is The Change of Season. The Sudden Rise & fall of Temperature Can Also Turn The Rose Leaves Yellow. It Also Happens When We Enter Summers From The Healing Temperaure of Springs.

But Its Totally Harmless, Once The Leaves Turn Yellow, The Plant Will Grow New Leaves Within a Week. Just Give It Some Time & Water carefully.

3-Deficiency Of Nutrition:-


Another Big Reason Of Yellow Leaves On Rose Plants Is the Deficiency of Nutrients. Rose Plant is a Heavy Feeder & Most of Its Leaf problems Comes up Only Due To The Use Of a Low Dose Fertilizer. The Nutritional Need of Rose Plant Is Much Higher Than Other Plants.

Shortage of Magnesium & Nitrigen Can Result Yellow Leaves, So Here Make Sure You Are fertilizing Your Rose Plant Regularly. & For The Fertilizer use a Powerful fertilizer, Rose Plant also becames Un able to Absorb Nutrients From The Soil, When The Ph Rises.

So here Your Soil Mix Should Be Slightly acidic As Well. You Can Simply Use This Fertilizer, That is Made for Such Plants, Using Very simple Ingredients, Complete Guide On This fertilizer is Linked Here.

4-Leaf Life:-


Another Thing That Causes Yellow Leaves on Rose Plant is The Life of your Leaf. Its very Common, as The Leaves Get Older they Turns Yellow & fells off. Here You Dont Need To Worry, As the older Leaves fell, Rose Plant also Grow New Leaves. Mostly the Lower Leaves Turns Yellow, Or The Leaves That Are not Working For The Plant.

5-Attack of Pests & Insects:-


The Another Reason of Yellow Leaves on rose plant is the Attack of Pests, Rose Plant is Susceptible To many Type of Pests, Like Aphids, White Flies, Thrips & Mites. So Once These Pests Attack on Rose Plant, It Gets Weaker & Then Yellow Leaves appears.

Dealing With Pests & Insects can be Difficult. But its very easy To Prevent Them, For that You Can Simply use a homemade Pesticide like Neem Oil Spray. You Can also Use Neem oil Spray For An Infected Plant, just Use More frequently. For Making And applying Neem oil Spray at Home, you can Check a Guide Linked Here & Use This Spray on Your Roses Every 10 days.

6-Roots Bounding & Compact Soil Mix:-


Another Common Cause of Rose Plant Yellow Leaves is the bounding Of Roots & compactness of Soil mix. In Both Cases, The Root Became Un Able to Grow & Spread. & This Thing Puts Stress on The Plant, Which Results Yellowing Leaves & a very Stunted Growth.

For The Bounding of Roots, You Need To Provide It a Bigger Pot. Choose At Least a 10 to15 Inches Of Pot, Like This Grow bag, Its also Linked Here To Buy. Rains & Spring Days Are the Best Times To Repot Your Rose Plant.

After The Repotting, The Remaining Leaves May turn Yellow, But Its natural Just give It Some Time. For The Compactness of Your Rose soil, You can Use Sand Or Cocopeat In It. But You Should Checkout This Guide, It Describes You all about making a Good Soil Mix At Home, Using very Simple ingredients. So Must Check It out.

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