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How to Grow Hibiscus Plant Fast? (6-STEPS)


In General Hibiscus Plant can Be Little Tricky To Grow, But Providing Some Simple Things Can Really Boost Its Growth. & In This Post, We Will Talk All About How To Grow Hibiscus Plant Fast, With 6 Easy Steps.

1-Understand it’s Season!


The Most Important Thing For Growing Hibiscus Plant Fast Is To Understand its Season of Growth. Hibiscus Plant is a Permanent Plant That grow All Around The Year. But The Maximum Growth Appears in Summer days.

What Is The Growing Season of Hibiscus Plant?

Its Season Of Growth Starts As The Springs Come. In The Summers, The Weather Is Very Ideal For hibiscus Plant & At That Time You Will Find a Really Fast Growth. Rainy Season is also Very Suitable For Growing Hibiscus Plant. But In The Late Summer Days, Hibiscus Plant gradually Slow Downs Its Growth.

& In The Winters, Hibiscus Plant is Fully Under a Dormancy Condition & At That Time, The New Leaves & Buds Appear Very Rarely. So Here You Should Disturb Your Plant & Let It Rest. But In Summers, You Can fertilize it, Prune it, Or Propagate It Very Easily, but In Winters You Should Not Do These Things.

2-Use Such a Soil Mixโ€ฆ.


Another important Thing For Growing Hibiscus Plant Fast is to Plant it in a Good Soil. Hibiscus Plant is a Hardy Plant & Can Handle a Bad Soil Mix Upto a Level. But For its Consistent & Faster Growth, Your Soil Mix Should Be At Least Well Draining.

What Type of Soil Mix do Hibiscus Plant Likes?

Ideally hibiscus Plant Loves a Moist Soil Mix, But a Water Blocked Condition can Effect Its Growth Very Badly. The Plant May Grow very Slow, & Show Yellowish Leaves. On The Other Hand a Loose & Well Draining mix, Not Only Helps In Drainage But it Also Promotes Root Growth & New Buds On the Plant.

Its Very Easy To Make Such a Mixture Using simple Ingredients, Detail Guide Is Added Here To Show You The Whole Way, Must Check It Out. Otherwise You Should Be Watering Your Hibiscus Plant Very Carefully. The Best Way is To first Check The Top Layer of Soil & Then Add Some Water. & Also Make Sure Your Soil Mix Drying Out Time To Time.



Hibiscus Plant is a Fast Growing Plant, & Need More & More Space To Spread Its Roots. & If You Are Growing This plant in a Planter, Then It is very Important To Give it a Bigger Pot every Year. Once The Roots Are Stuck Inside The Pot, The Hibiscus Plant Slow Downs Its Growth & May Show You Yellowing Leaves.

How To Avoid Root Bounding?

The Easy Solution Is To Provide it a Good Size Pot Like This Grow Bag. Clay Pot Can Be used as well But Avoid Plastic Pots. Grow Bag Provides Better Arreation & ultimately Lesser Chance Of Overwatering, So Some Of Them are Added Here To Buy.

You Can Repot Your Hibiscus Plant in Early Springs & Rainy Days. & Place Them In a Shaded area Until New Growth Appears. & As The Roots Get More Space To Grow, The hibiscus Plant Also Grow Fast & Produce More Blooms.

4-Fertilize It With Thisโ€ฆ.


Another Thing For Growing Hibiscus Plant Fast Is to Fertilize it Regularly. Hibiscus Plant is a Heavy feeder That Requires a High Dose Of a Powerful Fertilizer on Regular Basis. A Deficient Plant Show You Different Type of Leaf problems.

On The Other Hand, a Well Fertilized Hibiscus Plant Comes up With New Leaves, Buds & Blooms. So Here A good Fertilizer Can Help You Alot To Keep The Hibiscus Plant Growing. Hibiscus Plant Likes a Nutrients Enrich, Slightly Acidic Fertilizer.

How To Make The Best Fertilizer For Hibiscus Plant?

& to Make Such a fertilizer, You Can Use a Mix of Compost, Cow dung & Mustard Cake In These Ratios( 5 Tbsp + 3 Tbsp + 1 Tbsp) . This Fertilizer Works Really well For Such Heavy feeders, The ingredients are also linked Here To buy.

In This fertilizer, Mustard Cake Is a Very Useful Thing, That not Only Promote buds Formation, but also Improves Soil quality & Much More. Some of Its Other Benefits For Plants are also Added Here, Must Check That out.

5-Prune Regularly!


Regular Pruning & Triming Of Hibiscus Shoots Is also very Important. Because The Long & Leggy Branches of Hibiscus Plant Can Also Limit Its Growth. While Cutting of Shoots promotes New Branches & More Buds. You Can also Cut Off Your Hibiscus Shoots, But doing It in a Proper Way is also Very Important.

For Example, Making Such Type of Irregular Cuts Can Cause An Infection, So Make Sure Your Cutter is Sharp & Disinfected. You Can also Watch a Step By Step Guide of Hibiscus Pruning from Here.

6-Locate It Properly…


Another important Thing For Growing Hibiscus Plant Fast is To Put It In a Good Location. Hibiscus Plant is a Flowering Plant That’s Why Sunlight is Very Beneficial. But as a Tropical Area Plant, a little Humid Can Also Work as A Growth Booster For Hibiscus Plant.

What is The Best Spot For Hibiscus Plant?

To Choose a Good Spot For Hibiscus Plant, Make Sure It Have a Few hours Of Sunlight. & Some Humidity. Means a Semi Shaded area Can Work well. Remember Deficiency of Sun Can Cause Less Blooming, More Pests & Many Other Problems So locate It Properly. & Check Out This Guide, To Know How You Can Correctly Prune Your Hibiscus Plant.

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