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5-Causes of Peppers Leaves Curling Problem & Their Solution.

5-Causes of Peppers Leaves Curling Problem & Their Solution.

If Your Pepper Leaves Are Also Curling Like This, Keep Following This Post, Because Here i am going to Show You 5 Most Common Causes Of Pepper Leaves Curling Problem & Their Easy Solutions.

1-Leaf Curl Virusโ€ฆ

Pepper Leaf Curl Problem

In The Leaf Curl Problem, Commonly The Younger Leaves Starts To Curl Up Or Down. This Happens When Pepper Plant Is attacked By A Virus, & This Virus Causes The Curling Pepper Leaves. Infected Plant Grow Really Slow, & Depending upon The Severity Of The Viral Infection, Sometime Pepper Plant Can Die As Well.

The Leaf Curl virus Can Get Into The Plant Through Different Ways, But They Are Majorly Transported By The Pests. White Flies, Mealy Bugs & Thrips All Can transfer Leaf Curl Virus.

How To Cure Pepper Leaf Curl Virus?

Pepper Leaves Curling Problem Caused By Viral Infection Can Be Hard To Cure, But Reducing The Effect Of The Pests Can Help alot. & Its Important as Well, Because This Can Spread From Plant To Plant.

The Easy Solution is To Use a Pesticide as Early as You See Pests on Your Pepper Plants. You Can Also Make a Pesticide At Home, With The Help of Neem Oil, Detail Guide on That is Added here, Must Check It Out. & Apply It On all Your Pepper Plants Throughly, Every day at The evening Time.

2-Nutritional Deficiency?

Blossom End Rot On Peppers

Another Cause of Peppers Leaves Curling Problem is The Defciency of The Nutrients. Pepper Plants are Heavy Feeder Plants & Requires Relatively a High Dose of A fertilizer. So Here Less Fertilization Can also Cause Curling of Pepper Leaves.

A Deficient Plant Have Weaker Immune System & Here It is More Susceptible To Pest attacks & Viral Infections. But In an Other Way, Deficiency of Only Calcium Can Also Result Curled Leaves. In The Both Ways, You Should Provide It a Good Fertilizer.

How To Overcome Pepper Leaf Curl problem?

Rock Phosphate Powder

You Can also Use a Dose Of Rock Phosphate On Younger Pepper Plants, To Prevent Leaf Curl Problems & To Promote Root Growth. Rock Phosphate Can Be Really Beneficial For Pepper Plants, A Detailed guide On Rock Phosphate Is also Added Here, So Must Check It Out.

Other Wise You Can also Use Egg Shells To Provide Some Calcium To Your Pepper Plants.

3-High Humidityโ€ฆ.

Curled Leaf of Night Jasmine

Another Reason of Peppers Leaves Curling Problem Is The Humidity Level. If Your Pepper Plants or Seedlings Are Placed In Between Of Plants Or In a Shaded Area, This Can Increase The Level Humidity Around The Plant.

High Humidity Causes Leaf Curling problem In pepper Plant Specially In The Seedling Stage. Excess Of Moisture around The Roots Also Counts Into High Humidity, & This Thing Also Causes Leaf Curl Problem.
To Overcome This Issue, You Need to Place Your Pepper Plant In a Sunny Area. As Peppers Have To Produce Flowers, Sunlight is Very Important For That As Well. Sunlight also Prevents Pest Upto a Level, So Make Sure Of That.

4-Stress & Shock!

Pepper Leaf Curl Problem

Peppers Leaves Curling Problem Can Also Be Caused By Stress & Shock. & This Stress Condition Could Be Due To Transplantation, Or Change Of Season. But This Is a Normal & Temperaory Thing. As Soon As The Plant Recovers, The New Leaves Would Not Curl.

How Stress Causes Leaf Curl Problem?

Stress also Weakens Up The Plant & Again The Chance of Pest Attack Increases. So Here You need To Be Very Careful, Dont Get Panic & Just Let The Plant To Deal With it.

5-Infected Soilโ€ฆ

Loose & Moist Soil Mix

An Infected Soil Mix can also Cause Peppers Leaves Curling Problem. Soil Mix Plays a Really Big Role In The Whole Life Cycle of a Plant, & It Shoudl Free Of Harmful Pests & Insects. If You are Using a Soil mix from an Older Pot, It Will Be Very Optimum If You Strelize It First.

How To Strelize Soil Mix?

For That You Can Simply Put It a Sunny Area For a Few Days, as The Moisture Evaporates all The Germs Die As Well. Another Thing About Your Soil Mix Is That it Should be Loose & Well Draining. As I told You Earlier, Excess Moisture Can Also Lead to Leaf Curl Problem.

Compact Soil Mix

A Compact & Hard Mixture Can Also Take The Pepper plants Under a Stress Condition, That is again Not Good. Your Pepper Pant Soil mix Should Be Well Draining, Loose & fertile. For That You Can Make a Good Soil Mix At Home, Using Very Simple Ingredients, Detail guide is Linked Here To Show You The Whole, So Must Check it Out.

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