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How to make aBest Fertilizer For Adenium Plant at Home ?


A powerful Fertilizer is Extremely Important for the Faster Growth of Adenium Plant. Therefore In this Post, we will Discuss About making the Best Fertilizer For Adenium Plant. Also it’s Benefits, best Season To apply Fertilizer & every Thing you need to know.

Adenium Plant Fertilizer;-

Adenium Plant is a desert area Plant & Requires a Wide Range of Macro, as well As Micro Elements to Grow well. And Deficiency of These Nutrients also causes many Harmful Problem like Yellowing Adenium leaves, Brown Tips, & a Stunted Growth of Buds & flowers. So it Became Necessary to apply a Good Fertilizer In it’s Growing Season.

What is the Best Fertilizer For Adenium?

Adenium Plant Requires a Nutrients Enrich Fertilizer With Lot’s of Micro Elements, like Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Copper, etc. If You keeps on Adding Such Nutrients in soil, Then the Adenium Roots also Grow fast & Produces More Buds & Flowers.

Therefore We have to use Multiple Organic Ingredients in Order to achieve A Powerful Fertilizer. And This Fertilizer Works Really Well, to Keep Adenium Growth Healthy & Consistent.

Benefits Of Adenium Fertilizer;-

First Let me Describe You Some Benefits Of Using This Organic Fertilizer on adenium Plant.The Regular use of this Fertilizer Gives us Following Results;-

  • Keep Roots out of fungal Issues
  • Make Them Grow Fast,
  • New Buds & Shoots Appears
  • Plant Became resistant of Diseases.
  • Less Effect of Shock & Stress
  • No Yellow & Brown Leaves
  • Makes the Soil Softer

How to make The Best Fertilizer For Adenium Plant?

So Keeping all of these Points In Mind, it became Very Important To apply This Fertilizer on Adenium Plant Regularly. You might Be Wondering With so Many Benefits of Using This Organic Adenium Fertilizer, so Here let’s Know, What are the Ingredients That make it So beneficial.

Cow Dung Compost;-

Cow Dung Compost – 30g

The Most Important Ingredient in this Recipe is the Cow Dung Compost, that have a frequent amount of Nitrogen, a good Combination of other Micro Elements like Calcium, Copper, magnesium etc.
Use of Cow Dung Compost in our Plants Soil Regularly can Boost Their Growth On A next Level. A detailed Video on its Benefits & uses is Here. Adding it in our Fertilizer keeps the Nitrogen Content very Ideal, also The fast Growth of Leaves & New Shoots Appears.
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Banana Peels Powder;-

Banana Peels Dried – 4-5Tbsp

The Another ingredient to Make best Adenium Fertilizer is The Banana Peels Powder, They Have lots of Benefits, & uses In Our Garden. you can dry them in the Sun for Some days, And Crush them in such form for Faster Absorption.
Using Banana peels in Adenium Plant Fertilizer provides a good amount of Potassium, that is extremely important for the Faster growth Buds & Flowers. They not only makes the soil fertile, but also available very frequently.

Mustard Cake Powder;-

Mustard Cake Powder – 4-5Tbsp

Moving towards our next Ingredient of Adenium Fertilizer, that is mustard cake powder. They have so many benefits to use in Flowering Plants, like more Buds production, vibrant flower Colours etc. You Can also Crush Them in powder form for faster absorption.
Mustard cake takes Time to Show its Results, but works Very amazing to make the Soil Fertile for the Adenium roots.
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Bone Meal Powder;-

Bone Meal – 4-5 Tbsp

The last ingredient for making this fertilizer is a rich Source of Phosphorous & Calcium, that is Bone meal. Bone meal is a Slow Release, organic Source of Phosphorous, that it also available in the market.
A good Source of Phosphorous is very beneficial to use in adenium fertiliser, as it promotes the growth of new fibrous Roots. and a Stronger Root structure is very important for adenium for faster absorption of nutrients.
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Making This Adenium Fertilizer;-

After Mixing all ingredients…

So now lets make it, all the ratios are added on the screen, mix these ingredients well. & our Fertilizer is ready to use.


What Is the Best Time To Fertilize Adenium Plant?

You can use this fertilizer on your adenium Plant In all around the summer days, Because is the growing Season of Adenium plant. & plant already requires more nutrients for more Blooming.

Avoid using this fertilizer in winters, as it is the dormancy time. You can also add this Fertilizer in Younger Seedlings of adenium Plant.Applying it after a recent Transplant, Can reduce the Shock & enforce new Growth on the Plant. But After all that, Right Way to apply this fertilizer Still matters.

How to Apply?

Dig soil..!
  • So first dig the Upper layer of Soil, Let it dry for some Time.
Mix 4-5 tbsp of This Fertilizer…!
  • Take a Dose of This adenium Fertilizer & Mix it with Soil.
Add Frequent Water..!
  • Instant Watering After this step Helps much faster Absorption & definitely Faster Results.
  • Place the Plant in a Sunny Spot & Water carefully.

It Will help the Plant to overcome any Stress. You can also Check out a Video on Adenium Plant fertiliser here!

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