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6-GROWTH HACKS: Vinca Plant Care Guide!

If You Follow This Post, Step by step Your Vinca Plants Will also Grow Really well & Produce Hundred of Blooms. we Will talk About the 6 Most Important Things For Vinca Plant That works as Growth Hacks, so Keep Reading.

1-Understanding The Seasonโ€ฆ.

The First & The Most Important Thing in Vinca Plant Care is understanding Its Season. Vinca Plant is a Summer season, permanent Flowering Plant. Its Likes a moderate Temperature of around 30 degree celsius of high.

What is The Growing Season of Vinca Plant?

Vinca Plant Flowers

In Such Type of Environment, Vinca Plant Grow on Its maximum Speed, It Will Produce New Leaves, Buds & Flowers. If You Live in a Temperate region, You Can Grow Vinca Plant in Starting Springs Upto late Summers days. In a Colder region, The Growing Season of Vinca Plant is a little Short, But Still You can get Hundred of Vinca Blooms, In summers.

How To Protect Vinca Plant in Off Season?

Vinca plant Likes Rain & a Little Moist Environment also. But The Days of winters are The Most Challenging days, at this Time You will See a Stunted Growth & Yellow Leaves. Its The Effect of Temperature.

But It Can Bear Upto 10 degree Celsius Very Easily, But Below That You Should Consider Moving Your Plants under a Shade, In order to Keep Them Alive. Jusr Have Some patience & as The Sun shines Again, You will see The new Growth again.

2-Using an Ideal Soil Mix!

Loose Soil Mix for Vinca

The Second most Important Thing In vinca Plant care, That works More than a Growth Hack is its Soil Medium. In general, Vinca Plant is a Hardy Plant That Can Survive Very Easily in Variety of Soil Mixes. But Providing it The Most Ideal Medium can Really Boost Its Growth. Vinca Plant produces a lot of Roots, That Might Grow in limits if You are using an ordinary soil mix.

What are The benefits Of Using a Good Soil Mix?

While Using a Loose & well Draining Soil Mix, With a level of fertility Can Double The Growth of Vinca roots. & More Roots Growth Means More Leaves Buds & Flowers too. So This Way You can Get a benefit from This.

Loose Soil Mix

Some Of The simple Soil Recipes That You can Make at Home & use For Vinca Rosea are added Here, Must check out that. Other Wise You can Also add some Cocopeat & Sand In Your Existing Soil Mix To make It atleast well draining. The motive Is To Make The Soil Liveable.

3-Pinching & Pruningโ€ฆ.

Hybrid Vinca Flowers

Another Growth Hack For Vinca Plant is its pinching & pruning. Vinca Plant is a fast Growing Plant & Keep It pruned, Can Help You Get a Lot Buds & Flowers. At The Younger Stage, Cutting of The Upper Shoot can Give a Way To New Branches & This way Multiple Branches Can Result in More Flowers.

How To Prune Vinca Plant?

Pruning Vinca Plant

Its Very simple To Prune Vinca Plant, Just take a Clean & Sharp Cutter, You Can Rub Some Hydrogen Peroxide On It To make It Germs Free, its also Linked Here To Buy. Simple Cut Of The Upper Growing Shoot around an Inch.

You can Prune It every 20 days Or as The Plant Grow Long. Just Avoid The pruning in The Winter days Or when Plant is Under a Stressed Condition. Otherwise Pruning is very useful & Must be Done Time To Time.

4-Where To Place The Vinca Plant?

vinca Plant in sun

Another big Thing in Vinca Plant care is to place it in an ideal spot. Its a Summer Season Flowering Plant, So Its Obvious that the Sunlight is Very Impotant. Sunlight Helps in Better & more blooming, as well as The Pests stay away. So Choose a Suuny spot, With plenty of Direct Sunlight.

Can Vinca Plant Grow Without Sunlight?

Hybrid white Vinca Flower

If You Dont Have That Much of Sun, Make Sure The Plant is atleast Getting 2 to 3 Hours of Sunlight, Otherwise The Growth will be Slow & dull. Serious Problems will appear If Your Plant is not even Placed in a bright Spot, so Atleast make sure of That.

Deficiency of light Not Only Effects blooming But also The Leaves starts To Get pale & Yellowish. Vinca Yellow Leaves are very Common & Can be A Serious Problem, so a Detailed article is Linked Here To show You their Treatment, Must Check that Out.

5-Making The Best Fertilizer For Vincaโ€ฆ

Vinca Rosea Flowers

Another Thing in Vinca Plant care is To understand its Fertilizer Requirements. so Vinca Plant is a light feeder That Requires very minimal nutriton. But Providing it a Good Soil Mix with a good Fertilizer Can Work as a Growth Combo. You can Provide Vinca Plant a Really simple fertilizer.

What is The Best Fertilizer For Vinca Plant?

Best Fertilizer For Syngonium Plant

Just Mix a Table Spoon of Rock Phosphate with 30 to 40 g of Cow dung Compost. & Our Fertilizer is Ready To use. Apply Once or twice a month for better growth. Rock Phosphate is a very useful fertilizer For Promoting root growth & Should must Know Some of Its other uses, complete Guide is Linked Here, must check it out.

6-Roots Bounding Issueโ€ฆ

Hibiscus Roots

As I Told You Vinca Plant Is a Fast Growing Plant That Produces So many of Roots, So here You might face a Big & Common Problem That is The Bounding of Roots.

Vinca Plant Suddenly Stops Its Growth, The Flowers Size Reduces Drastically, even When The Soil is Good, Pant is placed at A Good Spot, with regular fertilization. So This Happens When The Roots Have Grown So much & It Need To Be repotted.

What is The Best Pot Size To Grow Vinca Plant?

White Vinca Rosea Flower

You Can Grow Vinca plant in a 5 to 6 inches of Pot, But When the Roots are Bounded, You have To Provide It a Bigger Pot, Otherwise The Plant can Dry out as Well.

Repotting Vinca Plant
  • Simply choose a Big size Pot.
Repotting Vinca Rosea
  • Put The root Bowl In & Add More Soil Around it.
Watering Vinca Plant after Repotting
  • Water well & That’s it.

After That The Left Out leaves can Fell off Too, But Thats Normal Just Give It some Time. Make Sure its not In Full sun until It Grow Some New Leaves.

So Its all about Vinca Plant care, This way You Can Grow Your Vinca Plant at Its max Speed, These are The Some important Thing You should must Take Care of & Everything else Will be Ok, Here Is The guide On Rock Phosphate benefits For Plants, Must Check it out.

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