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How to Get Maximum Flowers on VINCA Plant? (7-STEPS)


How Far Apart To Plant Vinca Flowers: Getting Vinca Plant On Blooming is Very Easy, if You Follow Up This Method. In This Post, I am Going To Show You 7 Care Tips For Vinca Plant, That Will Definitely Give You Lots Of Blooms.

Vinca Plant Care:-

Vinca Plant is a permanent Summers Flowering Plant, That have not Any Smell. But They Looks Really Beautiful & are Easy To Grow.

1-Season of Growth:-


The Most Important thing to keep In mind While Growing Vinca Plant, is to Grow It In Its Season. Vinca Plant is a Summers Plant & Growing it in Winters is not A Good Choice. Their Season Starts As The Springs Comes Up & Last Upto Late Summer Days.

In This Time period You can Grow Their Seeds, Or Get a New Plant From Your Nursery. In The Winter Days, Their Leaves Became Yellow & The Plant Becomes Dormant. So Let the Vinca Plant in Shade For Winter Days.

2-Repotting is Essential:-


The Another Thing is To Check for Any Root Bounding. Vinca Plant is a Fast Growing Plant, & bounding of Roots With The Pot Can Slow Down Its Blooming. An Yearly Repotting Of Vinca Plant can Work as a Growth Booster, So Must Give It a Bigger Pot.

For The Pot You Should Choose at Least an 8 to 10 inches Pot, & a Grow Bag or Clay Pot Works Much Better Than a Plastic Container. This Thing Keeps Vinca Roots Growing & In Results, The Plant Keeps on Blooming.

3-Use Fertilizer Regularly:-


Another Thing To Keep The Vinca Plant Growing is to Apply Fertilizer Regularly. In General, Vinca Plant is a Low feeder, & Doesnot Requires so Much Fertilization, But Deficiency of Nutrients Can Come Up In The Form of Yellow Leaves, So It Will be much Better If You Fertilize It Regularly.

For The Fertilizer You Can Use any Good Fertilizer, Cow dung Compost Can Work Well. Otherwise a Ready To Use fertilizer for Your Flowering Plants is Added here, you can Check That Too. Just keep The Plant Fertilized Every 15 to 20 days.

4-Put it in a Bright Area:-


Providing a Good Amount of Sunlight is also Important, Vinca Plant is a Flowering Plants & Proper Amount of Sunlight is Very Important For Its New Growth. So You Should Place Your Vinca Pot in a Sunny area, Especially In The Season. This Helps In More Bud Formation & a vibrant Flowering Of Vinca.

5-Master Watering:-


The Another Thing in Vinca Plant Care is Watering. Vinca Plant is a Tropical area Plant That Likes a Frequent & Deep watering. In Summers, The Soil <ix Dries Out Much Quickly, That’s Why You Should Add Water on Regualr Basis.

But This Can also Cause Water Blockage, So It Will be More Better If You Check the Upper soil Layer & then Water. Some Soil mixes Dries Faster & SOme Takes Time, But You always Have To Wait For The Upper Soil Layer To Dry & Then Water.

Too Much Moisture In The Soil Can Also Cause a Stressed Condition On The Vinca Plant, Which Results Yellow Leaves. A Complete Guide on Vinca Yellow Leaves is also Added Here, You can Check That Too.

Soil Mix For Vinca:-

But For The Soil Mix, You Should Use a Well Draining Mix, So The Moisture Keeps On Draining. & To make The Soil Well Draining, Take a Part of Cocopeat, Sand & mix With Your Regular Soil Mix. Otherwise A Ready To use Soil Mix For Vinca Plant is Added Here, You Can Buy From There. Just Make Sure The Soil is Not Staying Wet For a Long Time.

6-Keep Pruning:-


Another Flower Booster For Vinca Plant is Pruning. Vinca Plant Grow Fast, That’s Why If You Keep Pruning its Younger Shoots, The Plant Will Keeps On Producing More Branches. This Thing Ultimately Promotes More Buds & Flowers On The Vinca Plant. So Keep Pruning The Upper Shoots Of Vinca Plant Very 15 to 20 days in The Season. Just Make Sure You Are Using A Clean Cutter.

7-Pests & Disease:-

Overall Vinca Plant havenot many Problems, Sometimes Pests like Aphids & White Flies Can Attack On The Vinca Plants, So it Will be Better To Use a Pesticide once a Month. A Complete guide on Neem Oil Pesticide Is Linked Here, You Can Check It Out To Prevent Pests From Vinca.

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